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  • in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46345

    Thing is she is not a Burner. Party Dem from way back when she was a Biden staffer.

    But, it does not work that way. Basically, on one of these people will believe or not.

    Percentages who do are non trivial.

    Biden: If I believed Tara Reade, I would not vote for me.

    Biden in response to critics: “You oughta vote for someone else”


    in reply to: Is Biden’s silence good political move? #46338

    Sleepy Joe is Biden’s best move right now.

    As for Trump making a great case for Biden, sure!

    Biden making his own case would be preferable. His most recent?

    “If I believed Tara Reade, I would not vote for me.”

    A return to the politics that lead to Trump, because Trump, is at best a small reprieve. That’s a transition from even more Americans falling into struggling every year back to just the ordinary increase in Americans struggling every year.

    Millions will take that deal, and sleepy Joe minimizes his own potential to undermine his own election.

    On that basis, I approve!

    None of this is actually good, mind you. Just less shitty.

    For now, it’s popcorn bowl time. I remain unconvinced Biden will actually run against Trump.

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    Absolutely. Ripples are just first order right now.

    Second order impacts are going to hit over the summer. I expect my own scenario to be impacted at that time. Likely severe too. Not good.

    The policy choices will have some impact on the carnage, not whether it will happen, in my view.

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    It is actually going to take more than that Andy. Say, just for shits and giggles, we see a Dem majority.

    They won’t do it. Money in politics is why.

    They were not going to do it with Sanders as POTUS either. Everyone knows that.

    The original plan was to pull the discussion left, which happened nicely, then drive citizen action and policy proposals together to pull Congress left.

    A Sanders admin would have worked one way. And a favorable cabinet and ability to set the agenda are attractive.

    But the DNC simply will not go there. Reasons. They don’t matter.

    So, the go forward plan is to… guess what?

    Drive citizen action along with policy proposals!

    Same as 2016. Nothing changed on that front. Both campaigns mobilized a ton of people. Worth it.

    However, between 2016 and now, labor has gotten more involved. CoV19 has created an environment where labor and the left see advantage.


    BTW: There is no meaningful far left in the US. Sanders is center left. Solid. “Far left” is a Cable News distortion most of the modern world finds laughable.

    Many feel it is now time to repeat the 30″s. Make it more expensive to continue on this path than to shift toward a more functional social democracy. This view was prominent before, but d8d defer to the idea of giving electoral politics one solid go. Did that and it will not play out well enough to be the primary focus.

    I agree.

    Voodoo Doughnut just saw a union form in much the same way Burgerville did a while back. Great! There will be a lot more of those happen.

    We totally won the policy discussion. That’s a great thing to build on. And that win dominates under 45 too.

    I have zero interest in supporting people who continue to be a material threat to the well being of me and mine. And I harbor zero shame or fear about that.

    They lost me on the ACA. That path will not work. I thought it would. But, it will not.

    And we can totally afford to do better by our own people. How many trillions just got dumped into the big players pockets?

    Fact is, there is a solid, growing body of people challenging Dems from the left. They trend young, and are the future.

    That too is great.

    You can say whatever you want about the current party leadership and it is little more than a sell job. I won’t be buying.

    That’s the plan. Ratchet up the cost. Nobody will be happy, until labor is happy.

    Every organizer worth their salt is out there right now building class awareness and solidarity. And they are doing that because they have to.

    Same reason they did it last time. Had to.

    Without that, we would never have seen the New Deal, and since that time the same economic oppressors have been working hard at eliminating that state of affairs too.

    That’s personal. There is no way I’m good with that. Nobody here should be.

    “But KSKD, Trump is…”

    Yes! I get that. No judgement. Millions are going to go there. And that is OK.

    I personally do not believe enough of them will, unless we have at least one great policy plank to build on.

    Sanders agrees and is working to actualize that.

    We shall see who and what we are voting for. Maybe that makes sense. At this time?


    But, time remains, and I see Biden being either replaced shortly after his nomination, or he will run with someone who may be President shortly after he wins, assuming he can win.

    So, who are those people? What are they about? Why?

    All completely valid questions during this primary time. By law. By design.

    Flat out, anyone who wants better is encouraged and expected to mix it right up. Again, by law, by design, as intended.

    That, plus the fact that Indies are over 40 percent of voters, is precisely why I find all the angst over my very low and unlikely to improve opinion of Biden laughable.

    It is.

    Some of you declaring I’m not needed? More laughable, because I know damn well my point of view runs rampant where it counts. And trust me, anyone wanting to defeat Trump definitely needs those people.

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    Given that is true, why all the angst?

    Proceed with confidence, no worries.

    Trust me, I have none.

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    in reply to: The All-New PDX Radio Corporate Deathwatch #46243

    That was said last time. She lost.

    in reply to: The All-New PDX Radio Corporate Deathwatch #46240

    >Please do it again

    Maybe! Let us see who we end up voting for. That’s no joke.

    Central Oregon is seeing closures. Family there are flirting with no jobs to return to.

    Small niche manufacturing. The niche served is shut down hard. Oregon can open wide, and there is nothing to be done.

    Bet there are a lot of these out there, just like the smaller stores.

    in reply to: The All-New PDX Radio Corporate Deathwatch #46234

    Nice repeat on inane blame Vitalogy. See how that works?


    Dish out shit, get shit. Neither is necessary and I won’t be bullied into unwarranted fantasy blame and shame.

    No self respecting American should. Its abuse during a time of crisis.

    The way I see it, we both are expressing common views. More than a few Americans are done with this cycle of failure, as are more than a few seeking to blame and shame.

    That’s painful, but real.

    in reply to: The All-New PDX Radio Corporate Deathwatch #46225

    “Deliberately annoying”

    Disneyland politics = More Trump

    I am not going to pretend at all. Gets me, us nothing. Been there, done that, seen the movie, got the T shirt.

    Blaming “those other people” rather than a greed laden, corrupt party leadership more interested in their own financial gain than your well being helps you cope.

    That is as understandable as it is impotent.


    Because Trump, that’s why.

    in reply to: The All-New PDX Radio Corporate Deathwatch #46224

    Blaming me won’t help. In fact, doing that is chicken shit denial, and I know better. Besides, I went ahead and cast the hold my nose vote last time and for what?

    Clinton to lose her ass to an idiot?

    You can deny until your grave, but the hard truth is her loss is on her. Voters are not wrong. They are voters. It is on those believing they can lead to garner a winning number of votes, and the way they do that is to convince a winning number of people electing them makes sense.

    That is how elections work. Expecting votes is not how elections work. Gotta go get those votes.

    Clinton did not do that work. Lost. Could have won too.

    Now, with the basic reality housekeeping out of the way:

    Frankly, you should be asking why Obama did not work to undo the changes W made to cause this outcome now. There was plenty of time. He found time to propose cuts to Social Security in his Grand Bargain. Surely going to bat for the Post Office made sense right?

    Apparently not a priority.

    Nobody thought prepaying 75 years of benefits made any sense, and neither did the rate changes, which forces the post office to deliver big publishing at a loss.

    Go back in the archives. I was writing about it then.

    So here we are today and now it is a priority?

    Too little too damn late. Fact is big sonors want it private and they pay a lot, so… this is theatre, unless Dems actually step up and mean it. Get a clue!

    The GOP made it a priority. See how that works?

    Decades of party failure in progress… donor priority = More Americans struggling every year. That adds right the fuck up and here we are.

    The way to reverse that is to do the work to represent the people they need votes from, and to do that, they’ve to actually put the things those people care about on the agenda, or they just won’t get the votes needed to improve.

    A great example would be not shitting on the idea of Medicare for all during a global pandemic while people lose coverage by the week!

    Australia 0
    Belgium 0
    Canada 0
    Denmark 0
    Finland 0
    France 0
    Germany 0
    Greece 0
    Hungary 0
    Ireland 0
    Italy 0
    Japan 0
    New Zealand 0
    Norway 0
    Portugal 0
    S Korea 0
    Spain 0
    Sweden 0
    Turkey 0
    UK 0
    USA 15,300,000

    Pelosi suggested we sell health care to those newly unemployed people. That is not going to help Biden. Just saying.

    This isn’t on me. I am not corrupt. And I am not trying to shame and blame everyone I see into voting for a feeble liar, struggling against an increasingly solid rape allegation and toxic record, with no meaningful agenda for voters to get behind either.

    “Because Trump” is not going to win this. It won’t win because too many people will find themselves with nothing to VOTE FOR.

    Last election 46 percent, damn near half the nation, stayed home.

    No confidence.

    Was not Russians, was not Stein, was not even feel the johnson! And was not Bernie, nor Bernie supporters that lost it.

    Was Hilary Clinton. Blame her. She is, after all, the one with billions who did actually lose to an idiot.

    You should be pissed at her. I am. Because look at the mess!

    No excuses.

    And Biden?

    Ok, where is Joe? He should be out there right now standing right up for the people, the Post Office, and pointing out how he will get to work fixing Trump and GOP bullshit, why it needs to be done, and how he is the guy people can trust to make it happen.


    And that shit is why trying to blame me, the guy not pretending, keeping it as real as it gets, makes no real sense.

    You are just pissed someone dares to speak about it, as if!

    Not like the GOP and Trump won’t try and actually win their election is it?

    Of course! Damn right they will.

    Failure to discuss how poor our presumptive nominee is happens to be what we do right now so we have a shot at one that can do the job.

    Blame the DNC, who colluded with Obama and media unwilling to cover anything that matters, leading older voters to knee jerk for Biden, because Obama, because Trump!

    Did you see all the labor actions in the last couple weeks? Nope. Not if you were watching cable news. Does not mean they didn’t happen.

    Way too many people have had it. They need something and someone to vote FOR.

    Does not even have to be Bernie. Just someone who is not a two time loser, liar, toxic, feeble, and all they really need to do is give a shit long enough to win like Obama did minimum.

    Because Trump.

    And the fact that those people can’t be bothered to do that?

    Blame them.

    This mess is not something I have control over, and I do not feel like pretending.

    We are in a world of hurt and the Dems are bringing a total zero to the table?

    Not on me, that’s for damn sure.

    They have the power, money, media, all of it. Either they use it, or they are throwing the election, simple as that.

    Where is Joe?

    Blame him too. He is not POTUS material any more than Clinton was.

    It is as irresponsible to run him as it was Clinton.

    in reply to: The All-New PDX Radio Corporate Deathwatch #46218

    How exactly does that really happen?

    The Post is in the Constitution and it must be run by the Federal government.

    I can see it stopping to make a crisis, but actually eliminating it is non trivial. Should require a Constitutional amendment.

    That said, yeah. Started with Bush. Prepay 75 years of bennies, plus rate cuts for big publishers that actually act as costs did not do any good.

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    in reply to: Biden crushes Sanders in recent primaries #46151

    The voters so far are saying you are full of shit. Biden is getting all the votes so far. Deal with it. He’s the nominee.

    “The voters” = closer to 20 percent of all voters. Dems are nowhere close to half the nation. Indies are 40 percent plus, give or take depending on your source.

    Whether the nominee can win depends on whether they can present anything beyond “because Trump” and or whether they are competent.

    Millions will vote the nominee. This is about the large and growing number of no and “other” votes. Last election that was 40 percent or so.

    Interestingly, by percentage, more will stay home in the GE than will have voted for Biden in the primary.

    Not one word of my recent posts is about Bernie as nominee.

    The DNC has made it clear they value beating Bernie more than they do Trump.

    Got the message.

    Those posts are all about that “defeating Trump” part.

    The party appears willing to run Biden, who himself appears more about running for POTUS than he is about Beating Trump.

    So far, not good on the whole “beating Trump” thing.

    We can, should, need to do better than Biden.

    If we do that, we may successfully defeat Trump.

    Their move, assuming they really are about defeating Trump beyond a nice to have level of commitment.

    Just so we are clear. Hope so.

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    Re: SCOTUS

    Biden is pretty conservative. He won’t win. If he does, we can talk about how conservative his pick is.


    Yeah. Elections are a mess in much of the nation. Judiciary is conservative. How many times did Dems fight on that? Lol, not enough. Oligarchs write law, and we have legal bribes heading into an ugly gilded age.

    I know how to change how I live and am. Move to a best case scenario and call it good.

    The party did not perform. Appears unwilling to, and is flat out hostile to any meaningful social democracy.

    I get it. Won’t play ball on any of it again.

    The next move is a class war, strikes, citizen action like what lead into FDR and the New Deal.

    We are extremely likely to repeat those times. That’s where my time, advocacy and money is going.

    Make it more expensive to treat people badly than not.

    Ok fine. It is the hard way then.

    I’m good with that, ready. You?

    Or, should the party actually represent ordinary Americans, I stand ready to do all I can.

    Not up to me. I care exactly as much as they do.

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