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    If you go back and read “those good things” the current mess and my position on it makes a ton of sense.

    It is the little things, like not being about sane healthcare policy during a global pandemic that tell the story.

    Number of people in the modern world losing health insurance during a pandemic = 0.

    USA = 30 plus million now.

    Fact is, the party continues to move right during a time when that economic direction is not well aligned with the massive and growing problems we face.

    The only real difference, snark aside, is the party leaving people behind.


    LMAO, hardly.

    The other thing you will read is being about those problems, policy, things improving.

    For two decades they have simply not improved.

    Don’t expect me to be on board with incremental failure.

    We do not need more austerity.

    Did you see the latest? Job skills program, as if!

    Skills are not why so many lost jobs. Skills do nothing but place blame on people who do not deserve it.

    Blame and shame… like that’s going to GOTV.

    Frankly, you guys on what appears to be a hair trigger tells all.

    I am not on one of those because I have zero need to defend Biden.

    Now that could change! Say he decides to get on board with some policy people can get behind.

    New game! Let’s play that one. I am game.

    The orange man bad game isn’t any fun and that is mostly because how bad the orange man gets has zero to do with how bad the feeble man is.

    Notice how he got squat from Sanders donors? Couple, few percent?

    Good policy = people going to the mat.

    No empathy = good luck with all that.

    I hear he really needs the donations and activism. Well, those donors really need to see some policy.

    Funny how that money in politics actually works, isn’t it?

    Sure glad it isn’t me shitting bricks over this one, trying like hell to pretend we aren’t stuck with another shitty nominee.

    We are.

    in reply to: The Crappening #46548

    Oh there is way better than that! The only reason Biden is a topic is the fact that it is his pooperpowers on display. Could have been anyone. Really!

    Truth is, this was just hilarious. See the other guy? Managed it fairly well. He let a little out. Not bad!

    Now, if you insist… trust me, I can shit on Joe, mind if I smell your daughter, Biden all day long, easy sleazy.

    That is if he even runs. No fun if he does not. Truth is, I am just gonna watch. Thought hard about actually doing work against him, if you want to know. Not worth it, but was close! Damn close.

    Remember, I care exactly as much about the Dem party, nominee and critics as they do about me and mine. (And let’s say I definitely am not feeling the love, but I am feeling how hard up for cash they are! 10 requests in a week!)

    Trump getting more bat shit is orthogonal to how big of an asshole Joe, I have no empathy, Biden is. All part of why “Because Trump” is very high risk!

    The kind of candidate that shrinks the party type risk.

    I mean why not go for it when I am apparently going to get all the negatives anyway? (No worries on that)

    It isn’t like he is actually for anything that matters during a pandemic no less, except definitely not being Trump. (He checked)

    But maybe you could reconsider that insist and we can rewind to the, “hey that is funny” part and call it good?

    in reply to: Oregon primary a rebuke to Bernie Bots #46452

    For the record, I did not cast a Bernie vote in this primary.

    He is not running. Party opposition is fundemental and that’s that.

    For a time, I am going indie, labor class focused. That party choice to only entertain left social policy is unacceptable, and harmful. Won’t be a part of it.

    Now, yes Brian. I do not have a good feel for what the numbers are, but some fraction of that 20 percent is not having Biden.

    Here in Oregon, those numbers are low. In some rust belt places, it is much higher.

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46379

    Want to bring some clarity?

    Go right ahead, I’ll read it.

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46377

    So is this.

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46376

    Well, it’s in response to the same shame and blame, so there is that.

    And yeah, policy, policy, policy.

    I personally find all the attempts to speak for people many of you know nothing about quite amusing.

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46372

    Now, because you won’t read that, preferring instead to call me new and interesting things, here’s a TL:DR;

    What anyone about the policy, myself included, will say, is MAKE IT ABOUT THE POLICY.

    It is about policy. Policy, policy, policy.

    Do that, and we are going to defeat Trump.

    Don’t do that, and we are extremely unlikely to defeat Trump.

    Do that, and there is no need for Bernie either. In fact, Bernie, all of us will gladly help.


    Decades of more Americans struggling every year add right the fuck up and here we are.

    Too damn many of them are unwilling to support more of the same politics that got us here, because we are here.

    So which is it?

    Policy, or more Trump?

    There is your narrative right there.


    For the future:

    The next move will be increased unrest coupled with an increasingly authoritarian time. To a degree, that is already going on, but you won’t see it on the TV, because that’s not a story they want to talk about.

    Should be obvious as to why.

    Trump is a super shitty fascist. We are lucky in that regard.

    What you should be worried about are the Tom Cottons of the world, who actually will be far more effective.

    The doors are opening for those people. Getting wider now.

    Closing them means presenting the people with things and people to vote for, that stand to improve their lives.

    In other words, give a shit.

    Blame and shame is not giving a shit. If we don’t figure out how to do that, this is all going to get super ugly.

    Don’t say someone didn’t speak up.

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46371

    She’s actually got nothing to do with that. Tara is Biden’s own deal. His history, record, all of that.

    No absolution needed.

    Here’s the raw, hard truth:


    That adds up.

    Last election over 40 percent of people stayed home. That’s why Clinton lost.

    Wasn’t Stein
    Wasn’t the russians
    Wasn’t Bernie, who busted his ass for her, outperforming her own work on that front.
    Wasn’t Bernie supporters, many of whom went to bat for Clinton

    Was her. Didn’t do the work needed to garner a winning number of votes.

    Now, in this election, nothing has changed! There are still way too many Americans unwilling to continue supporting a party that doesn’t actually represent them in a meaningful way.

    They aren’t wrong by definition! That’s what an election is. That’s what voters are.

    I’m telling you all Biden is going to lose and it’s because Biden isn’t doing anything to actually win!

    To do that requires actually garnering those votes. Means actually communicating people about how their lives will be improved with their vote, or they simply won’t bother.

    Blame and shame?

    All that does is help you personally cope with the mess. It does absolutely nothing to improve the politics, nor the chances of a party win.

    Anyone who wants to get rid of Trump needs voters to help them do that.

    We had a guy out there super good at organizing and a ground game capable of defeating Trump easily, but that came at too high of a cost; namely, getting behind policy that people would be excited to vote for.

    That’s not in the cards now is it?

    Don’t blame us. Or do, but don’t expect it to carry any real weight.

    I personally have zero fucks to give. Know that right now.

    The party very clearly wanted to defeat Bernie more than defeat Trump.

    Well, the defeating Bernie part is done now.

    How are they doing on the defeating Trump part?


    And that’s not my, nor Bernie, nor any Bernie supporter about good policy, mess to clean up.

    The DNC thinks it knows better. Thinks it has all the power.

    And it does! Let us be clear. We made a huge campaign, movement, historic, and it’s not enough to even make them budge.

    OK fine.

    Their show man. Lock, stock and barrel.

    The way I see it, they don’t care whether Trump gets defeated so long as we don’t go against the wealth looking to continue policy that results in more Americans struggling every year.

    80 percent of workers are paycheck to paycheck now.

    Over 20 million more have lost health coverage during a pandemic. That brings the total number of Americans with inadequate health coverage pretty damn high now.

    And they are behind the guy who is very solid for profit health care and who has an anti labor record, including respectable minimum wages?

    Won’t be our fault they lose. Theirs.

    At some point in this, representative government has to include meaningful representation, or it’s not going to work.

    And the cost on that?


    We’ve seen it before all over the world, and it’s gonna happen here, unless we figure out a way to actually give enough of a shit about ordinary people to get the votes needed to avoid facism.

    ALL of the Trump people are going to show up. ALL of the hard core Biden people are going to show up.

    Right now, there are more Trump people, more excited than there are Biden people excited.

    I can’t help with that.

    Say I wanted to phone bank for Biden. What the fuck would I even say on the phone?

    Because Trump?


    He could pick one of those two things, nom a VP who means it, or who at least can do the sell job, and garner winning votes.

    Clinton had the same damn choice, didn’t do it.

    No my friends, this is not on me, the russians, Bernie, et al.

    Decades of poor governance favoring profits over people is why we are here today.

    We don’t really have a middle class anymore, and that’s why we are here today.

    Failure to even recognize that is why we are here today.

    All I can do is talk about realities. And the reality is Biden is a shitty, uninspiring candidate, feeble, poor record, poor policy vision, the whole nine.

    Defeating Trump very likely means replacing him, not fluffing the turd with lame messaging campaigns like “Biden is the next FDR” garbage going on right now.

    The people needed aren’t paying attention to that shit. They are busy trying to make it, jaded on the politics going poorly for them for decades on now.

    “the bros” aren’t a thing even.

    They are majority progressive women 18-45. Fact.

    “Desperation” is something Cable News will invent because they literally can’t talk about it any other way.

    If they did?

    Most of the people behind good policy would welcome that, because actually understanding this shit, why it’s going the way it is would be BIG NEWS.

    Bring that on.

    Otherwise, nobody is looking for any of your validation, myself included.

    This is simple:

    Post up policy people can get behind, and the whole thing goes to work STAT. Let’s defeat Trump.

    Don’t do that?

    Well, go defeat Trump then. It’s not like any of us are going to lie, or contribute to people who are toxic to us, and ours, is it?

    Of course not!

    And there it sits.

    Can’t make people vote. Can’t tell them they have to sign on for more of the same, because Trump is worse.

    For many, Trump no Trump, doesn’t even matter.

    Matters to you though. At least you say it does.

    Somehow I find that just a little hard to believe.

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46362

    Did you read it?

    I will go back to my earlier post:

    Basically, on one of these people will believe or not.

    Percentages who do are non trivial.

    You don’t. Others don’t.

    I do. Others do.

    People who really believe in Biden as a candidate are going to poo poo this.

    People who stand to gain with Biden as a candidate are definitely going to poo poo this.

    People who don’t think much of Biden are likely to promote it.

    Some people are going to completely ignore it.

    Percentages who do are non trivial.

    I don’t think much of Joe Biden at all. That’s true apart from Tara.

    From my point of view, put this on the stack of things that indicate running Joe Biden is a bad idea. And it is a bad idea.

    I also think the more stories that run on the mess, the worse it actually is for Biden.

    It can get worse for Biden.

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46360

    Okie Dokie

    You do realize that has ZERO impact right?

    in reply to: I need a little help with… #46359

    Maybe you can distribute this problem some?

    Got, say 10 friends and family with space to store these things?

    Seems like there are two core problems.

    One is knowing what’s there. Surely it won’t make sense to digitize all of it.

    The other is preserving what’s there so the decisions can be made when there are time and resources. Or maybe even someone in the future doing it, or going excavating. (someone may really appreciate your choices right now)

    No matter what, keep the family stuff in a good space. If you know what that is. We did that in our family. Everyone held on to things. For the most part that worked.

    I actually ended up with the only copy of a recording made off one of those record cutters. Great grandfather singing some anthem from Ireland. We did lose some items. Losses, heat, the usual.

    Back in the 90’s I had captured it to cassette while visiting in Texas. They thought it was hopeless. But, I captured it anyway.

    Figured noise reduction tech would only improve. (and it has) I did the best I could at that time and distributed those copies. They were enough to make people who knew him cry.

    Amazingly, all of that recording was lost. Just a couple weeks ago, I was going through some boxes and the original capture was there on cassette. Here in a bit, I’m going to apply today’s tech to it. And get those out to people.

    Think different. You know this matters more than you might want to believe right now.

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46355

    Re: That feeling?

    Didn’t have it. Clinton was super shitty, and the Trump win was NO SURPRISE. Remember I was the one saying she was going to lose, and said why and was not far off the mark.

    Edit: Hell, I was the guy telling you her own staff was being ignored. (among many other things, but that one is primary. Had she listened to her own people, she would have very likely won)

    But she wanted the pop vote total more than she wanted to defeat Trump. (among other things)

    Sorry to disappoint.

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46354

    Yes Andrew, of course I do.

    #MeToo wasn’t just a politically expedient tool.

    Apparently the DNC disagrees, right along with a bunch of people willing to ignore pretty much anything so long as they can also say, “Because Trump.”

    Katie Halper did a fine interview that tells the story well.

    And if we are going to go for character?

    LOL, Biden has YEARS of just the kind of behavior that reinforces this kind of thing! Literally the only reason I’ve got to ignore Tara?

    Because Trump.

    We need to get rid of Trump. Would be damn nice to see real efforts toward that end.

    So far, no joy.

    Back to Tara for a moment:

    Truth is, the very worst they have on her is she chose to speak up now when Biden is on the rise. Frankly, that argument rings absolutely true, and who would want to see someone who denigrated them so badly rise to the Presidency? (If it were me, and I had tried multiple times in the past? Bet your ass I would. )

    Yup. She did that. Don’t blame her one bit. There are reasons why we have basic codes of conduct as men and Biden frequently ignores those. It’s likely to cost him.


    It should.

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    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46353

    Where have I expressed anything about Bernie getting the nom in weeks?

    I was ultra clear a while back. Bernie isn’t getting the nom, and I said why too. (apparently calling me various things trumps actually reading what I have to say. Noted.)

    For review:

    The establishment base of power is committed to a neoliberal path. And it’s strong enough to get it done too.

    OK, fine. Got the message. (which is what I wrote last time)

    Now, despite all the claims of me being mental, Trump supporter, and on and on…

    …despite those things, I would really rather not see another Trump four.

    To that end, the best move is to replace Biden at convention where avoiding Bernie as #2 is most possible.

    I believe they will do that too. I believe that because some signaling has already happened and I bet the majority of them will realize running Biden is profoundly irresponsible if they really are about removing Trump. If they don’t?

    I am absolutely going to make the argument they were more about defeating Bernie than Trump, and it’s gonna stick with a ton of people. (great labor organizing tool, BTW, so there is that)

    Biden is a mess, and unlikely to win. Extremely high risk.

    Really, it comes down to whether Biden wants to run for POTUS more than he wants to defeat Trump.

    Twice in a row we’ve got a shitty nominee. I’ve cast my primary vote and will go indie from now on. Great timing too as my party voting position expires about now.

    I am a leftie, solid labor class and there is a lot to do on that front. If we can’t actually make progress within the party, the alternative is clear.

    Time to make avoiding long overdue policy one hell of a lot more expensive than it currently is.

    Anyway, as an independent observer, my advice to the DNC would be to ditch Biden, settle on someone willing to do the sell job and win the election. That is entirely possible to do, while avoiding Bernie, and they better do it, because Biden is extremely unlikely to win.

    Because Trump.

    Hope that helps 😀

    in reply to: PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations #46349

    Well, being an opponent of Biden is understandable. Pussy grabs tend to result in that kind of thing, right?

    Warren support trends standard Dem. Williamson support doesn’t.

    Once she saw Biden was going to get the benefit of party influence, of course she got active. Tons of people did.

    Personally, I think it went down just as she said. Biden has a long history of inappropriate behavior around women, and girls for that matter. And he’s pugnacious by nature too.

    All reasons why the best move would be to replace him. I think they will at convention when it can be easier to avoid Bernie being #2.

    Add up all the defense needed and tepid positives, and he’s a lousy candidate.

    We can do better and should if removing Trump is top priority. Nobody has been nominated yet.

    Is it?

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