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    Word Brian!

    That is the best way to play it. Over the last several years, I have seen good people I have known for years support Trump.

    That is hard to process.

    So what I did was ask them why. Those answers are not pretty.

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    Hey Dark, nice post. 😀

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    The history on this conflict runs much farther back than 2016.

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    The GOP… Trump…

    So, you are saying the party is incompetent, ineffective?

    yeah, agreed


    More seriously, it’s not my responsibility to carry water for Biden.

    If he’s really got the mojo, this will all be fine, right?

    If not, there is plenty of help available. It comes with terms.

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    Totally. They actually did fire the police, and there is an investigation.

    They are angry about the pandemic, and the increasingly brutal scenario it presents, not to mention Trillions going into markets, while ordinary people get a one time scrap.

    Lots of tinder here, some building for years.

    This is what happens when the nation gets run like some banana republic.

    People don’t really believe they’ve got legit channels, and once that happens, this kind of thing happens.

    Trump: When the looting starts, the shooting starts, thank you.

    LOL, like that’s going to end well.



    Mrs Joy presenting in a way that looks to the future of politics

    , or

    the arc of history trending left.


    Do tell.

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    It’s crazy!

    Been following reports on Twitter for a little while now.

    One precinct completely trashed. People basically took it over, drove the police out, and all but torched it. Might be torched now, who knows?

    Here’s what I think:

    I think all the talk about riots, the damage being done, and so forth, are distractions from two things:

    1) Nobody should die in police custody. Too many do.

    2) Why are people acting out?

    You will see a ton of talk about the what, and the who.

    Almost nothing about why.

    And that’s precisely why we are going to have that rough 12-14 months.

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    Yeah. Clusterfuck, 2.0

    The options are:

    Vote Major
    Vote other
    No vote

    Because we do not mandate votes, those are all votes.

    In places where they do mandate votes, they tend to spoil ballots or write names in to no confidence vote, which is what voting “no” for POTUS basically is.

    Last POTUS election in the US, 46 percent no voted.

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    Why continue to actively trash Biden with the intent to harm his campaign?

    Oh, I think I finally understand.

    You actually think our little guilty pleasure is relevant?

    Dude, friend, it is not.

    I speak completely freely here among people I know and love because we can do that with pretty much zero overall impact.

    Now, if you are worried about your own Biden vote, well? Can’t help with that Obviously, other than to say I quit judging people for their votes years ago. Around Obama’s second term.

    I have a lot going on online. Trust me, this is the very last place I would invest anti Biden efforts into with any expectation of a return.

    This is my place to discuss realities as I see them.

    Actually doing activism, campaign work, etc. is an entirely different thing.

    I have and will do none of that for Biden without a tangible policy commit of some kind.

    At present, I am not doing any work against Biden.

    There are quite a large number of Bernie campaign people, none of whom were ever approached by the Biden team, same as the Clinton team, who are making the push to get Bernie enough delegates to make the convention fun.

    My intent here is simple:

    The party is a long way from where it needs to be to both win elections and make progress.

    That should be cause for alarm.

    Interestingly, it appears to be cause for denigration.

    Like I said, it is not my mess to clean up.

    Who would after this kind of treatment? You claim to know what is better for me, because Trump. Ok fine. Please proceed.

    Think about that and the suckers who actually did sign up to try and do Biden GOTV. (There are not many, and that has down ballot implications few of us like.)

    Oh, and on this thread?

    Got what you either asked for or insisted on blaming me for. I hate good credit gone to waste. Happy to deliver!

    Had that been done, we would be having a media chat, farts, how things have become so different, etc… The fart was hilarious! Best part was that other guy. He is there, and out of nowhere, there it is! He did pretty well.

    I would have been inclined to post that from anyone.

    Imagine if it were Trump, Bernie, Amy?


    Hope this helps.

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    **I won’t be a member of a party more committed to work against my own interests than they are the guy they say must be defeated no matter what.

    Like I said. Full stop.

    I won’t get in the way, thought about it, but am happy to watch the carnage.

    Not my mess to clean up.

    To the party: Want my help?

    Get behind a major policy plank, and it is game on.

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    Missing, If you don’t think a Biden presidency would be better than a Trump presidency, then there’s just no reasoning with you.

    What I said was just a bit more complex than that.

    So, let’s review:

    First, I do not believe there will be a Biden presidency. Either he will be replaced, or managed into office, then replaced. I like to know who I am voting for. That is difficult with Biden, who would make a terrible nominee.

    Second, for me personally, Biden has some marginal benefit over Trump.

    More importantly, Biden does not offer a benefit to enough people to win. Where that may be inaccurate, he and the DNC pissed off enough to seal that fate.

    I would love to get rid of Trump. Biden is a terrible candidate, high risk, low reward proposition.

    We can do better.

    None of that includes Bernie, BTW.

    Now my vote is on principle. You clowns thought you could fear, blame and shame me. Lol, no. No harm, no foul. I was doing the same thing not too long ago. I know better now, and will take this moment to apologize to others for having done it. Unwise.

    The party conspired to beat Bernie. That is a priority above beating Trump.

    **Full stop.

    Frankly, all those of us voting for Joe, despite very considerable risks own that shit.

    None of it is my mess to clean up. So I won’t.

    Biden advocates know better, but somehow are above doing GOTV WORK, running on fear, blame and shame, because Trump?

    Please proceed. Go right ahead and show me how wrong I am.

    I will wait.

    Clear now? Hope so.

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    Well several members of my family will remain priced out, because of Obamacare.

    Yeah, it does suck.

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    in reply to: The Crappening #46553

    Yes, and losing over 1000 seats during Obama expresses “the voters” perfectly.

    Failure to win against a carnival Barker, in a national election where 46 percent of voters did not vote is leaving people behind.

    There is no economic left in American politics, and the impact of that is getting severe.

    Biden is not economic left AT ALL. And some clowns were trying to invoke FDR? That’s gonna fall ultra flat.

    As an economic lefty, I have no reason to vote Biden, nor be a member of the party.

    That is not what they do. And that is toxic to me and mine, simple as that.

    And the way I see it?

    All those people who went and picked Joe can go bring him home. They know best right? Go get after it.

    Let’s see that happen, assuming he is nominated and actually does face Trump.

    Lol, the guy who suspended has 40 percent of the delegates. Does not speak well of Biden and his ability to garner votes, does it?

    I have got one for him. Millions do.

    Policy, policy, policy.

    If all those Biden voters believe in him that much, surely that’s worth actually doing some work to make it happen?

    Oh yeah, that’s not what they do either. You know, if they did, I would be inclined to give that consideration.

    Because Trump.

    Got it.

    I’m totally willing to rewind back to the funny part.

    Or, happy to deliver this too. Understanding just how high risk Biden is should also come with a replace him chat. Won’t be Bernie. We all know that.

    Making sure it was not Bernie took priority over beating Trump.


    Either way is fine with me.

    Policy, policy, policy.

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    Which is it?

    If people like me have no sway, what is the worry?

    Biden has got this, right?

    Or, if he does not got this, then people like me DEFINITELY HAVE SOME SWAY.

    Pick one. Both together does not compute.

    So, which is it?

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