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    But CNN is fake news at its most fake! Anything you don’t like or that’s unflattering to you personally is fake.

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    By Alexandra Petri

    No, Sarah Sanders is not leaving and, frankly, you should be ashamed for asking.

    It is bold of you to assert that Sarah Sanders will no longer be the press secretary after the end of the month, and, frankly, you should be ashamed to ask that question.

    I think millions of Americans — some of them mothers, some of them with families, hard-working — would be ashamed to hear that question. You should go home and rethink your life, as Sarah Sanders assuredly will not. What gives you the right to question the perfect, golden judgments of this administration? You have no right. You should apologize.

    Sarah Sanders does not have any information on where she might or might not be going, but she will get back to you on that.

    In fact, Sarah Sanders was just dropped here from a hole in the sky by mysterious forces and has absolutely no information about anything that is going on in this administration. But, listen, she’s not going to get into a back-and-forth about whether she’s leaving or not.

    To the best of her knowledge, Sarah Sanders is not going anywhere. There is nowhere outside this briefing room. There is nowhere inside this briefing room, either, or she would have been there more than once in the past 95 days. But she will let you know if anyone is going anywhere.

    Honestly, Sarah Sanders was never the press secretary. There was never any need for anyone to provide answers, because the questions were all stupid. Ninety-four days ago, she held her last briefing, but even that was more than you deserved. You should be ashamed. Or maybe she has been holding press briefings every day, but you blinked and missed them. Maybe she’s holding one right now. This is a press conference. Anything can be a press conference. No cameras, though.

    In a sense, every day has been a press conference with the most important press of all, the true American people, who are disgusted that you would ask questions about the current administration.

    Do not weep for Sarah Sanders. If Sarah Sanders were leaving, it would be to pursue her longtime dream of guarding one of the two doors in a logic puzzle. (Sure, ask which guard! You can ask!)

    She would be retiring to spend more time with her family, refusing to answer their questions about the actions of the administration. She would be returning to Arkansas to live in a mansion and be governor or work in a pasture and cry wolf. She would be pursuing her dream of appearing on cable news to deliver fusillades of falsehoods, nonanswers and misinformation to the public as a private citizen rather than an administration official.

    Mostly, if she were going, you would notice the countless FBI agents she numbers among her friends mourning her departure.

    She is hurt and insulted that you would suggest that she is leaving.

    Hush! She has spent too much time with you already.

    Maybe she is going. You do not need a press secretary if you never intend to answer any questions from the press.

    Ceci n’est pas une press conference. What is a press conference?

    Sarah Sanders has no idea who she is or what she is doing here.

    You should be ashamed.

    Sarah Sanders was never here.

    She will get back to you on that.

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    I don’t think Kellyanne is finished yet. I see her fighting until the bitter end (whatever that turns out to mean). I could be wrong.

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    “The fidelity is better than FM”

    Not in my experience. It varies from ok to terrible. The digital artifacting due to limited bandwidth is horrible at times. Talk stations get the least b/w. Classical seems to get the most b/w.

    See what happens when you drive under a bridge or into a parking garage or on a street with a heavy overhead tree canopy.

    Having said that, if I did a lot of long-distance driving, I’d subscribe.

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    Tim Conway and Don Knotts were great together.

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    Interesting video. It also led me to a good one about the history of KFI’s transmitters. Over the years they’ve gone from a building full of ancient RCA gear to their current Nautel transmitter that’s about the size of a refrigerator.

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    One of KRVM’s longest-serving volunteer DJs passed away May 8th. He will be missed by many listeners, myself included.

    KRVM mourns the passing of “Professa Pete”

    May 10, 2019 By KRVM

    “Professa Pete” Peterson, the host of Bump Skool and an alternate host of Grooveland, passed away suddenly on May 8. Professa Pete, known for his love of “all things funk”, entertained KRVM listeners each week with tracks from his extensive music collection. He loved the FUNK out of life and would remind listeners each week to “Love one another.”

    Pete came to KRVM in 2000, looking to express his love of FUNK — and justify his music collection. Nineteen years later, and over a thousand shows (Bump Skool and Grooveland), he still found DJ-ing “a blast.” Pete liked to quote Bernie Worrell: “FUNK is its own reward.”

    When not volunteering at KRVM, Pete enjoyed retirement. He retired from a 25 year teaching career in 2017.

    He thought KRVM was the “greatest station in the universe,” and – with a wink – dared you to prove him wrong. He was a kind man and will be missed dearly by the listeners, volunteers and staff at KRVM.

    Thank you, Professa Pete, for helping make this world a better place.

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    John Frederick was there this morning. I dunno.

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    HD Radio Penetration Nears 50% in New Car Sales

    Here’s the latest data on HD Radio-compatible vehicle sales for last year

    SAN JOSE, Calif. — Now that we’ve made it almost two months into 2018, we have data to share about HD Radio sales across the US for 2017.

    A couple of salient facts for you to consider:

    All 40 major automobile brands offer HD radio in at least one model

    Nearly 250 different car models come with HD radio

    More than 50% of those car models sell for under $35K, and 75% cost less than $50K

    While the growth in HD radio penetration seemed to level off a bit in 2014 and 2015, it has grown as of late, now reaching an impressive 48.9%.

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    Has there been a shakeup or something at KZEL? Mark Raney and John Frederick have been doing the morning show for years. Yesterday Cyd was doing the morning show. Today (at least from 6 to about 8:15) nobody was there. And there were no regular commercials. The web page says the morning show is hosted solely by John Frederick now.

    EDIT: I guess I can at least partially answer my own question.

    “Longtime CUMULUS Classic Rock KZEL and News-Talk KUGN-A/EUGENE, OR PD and KZEL morning man MARK RANEY is exiting the station.

    OM ALL SCOTT tells ALL ACCESS that the stations are seeking a new PD who can also handle an air shift on KZEL. Day to day duties for the position will include programming, an on-air shift on KZEL, sales and programming promotions, web and social media direction and maintenance, live appearances, and live remotes.

    Applications for the job can be filed at CUMULUS’ corporate careers website: CUMULUS is an EOE.”

    The Cumulus site says they’re recruiting for a Chief Engineer in Eugene. No mention of a PD or other open positions.

    Chief Engineer Job Description

    Cumulus Media | Eugene, OR is looking for a Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer manages the installation, maintenance and repair of studio, transmitting and ancillary equipment in order to maintain competitive signals in the market while complying with all FCC technical requirements. Includes responsibility for telecommunications, computer and networking systems.

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    Everyone hates on IBOC and iBiquity and its successors, for some valid reasons. But love it or hate it, the market is seeded with millions of mobile IBOC receivers. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of new mobile HD receivers are sold daily. If AM stations want to roll the dice on full digital IBOC, and the FCC has no other definite plans for that space, why not allow broadcasters to go for it, voluntarily?

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    I was able to pick up that KRKO digital test broadcast in Eugene using a simple $10 loop antenna. I don’t recall if the audio quality was different from hybrid IBOC AM though.

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    The DRM proposal seems a little ridiculous.

    Anyone know if IBOC AM in full digital mode sounds any better than in hybrid mode?

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    KZEL seems to be back to full power and in stereo even.

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    If I’m reading the referenced articles correctly, the applicants are petitioning the FCC to allow AM stations to voluntarily convert to all-digital. The stations would be assuming 100% of the risk by doing so. No?

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