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    You’re in my prayers, Civil Discourse.

    There are few areas where government control provides a superior outcome. Rather than socialize, a more effective course might be holding insurance companies more accountable. It’s often too easy for them to deny coverage.

    For those without coverage, there should be a safety net.

    One important item the current administration favors is allowing pre-existing conditions to be covered.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Once one realizes that they’re not really into civil discourse but ramming their agenda down our throats, Civil Discourse, it all becomes clearer.

    It explains the Portland Mayor’s impotence against antifa.
    It explains you will bake the cake.
    It explains confiscatory taxation.
    It explains taking away Second Amendment rights.
    And so much more.

    Many on the left profess atheism, or at least hostility to faith. To them, politics is their religion. Worship the state, because the state knows best.
    It explains a lot.
    Plus when one believes we were not made by a Creator, but share a common ancestry with apes, it’s also so much easier to support euthanasia and abortion.

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    “You don’t get ugly from Deane or Broadway or Herb or me or any of the other conservatives…If you only consider expletives as “ugly” you’re even more out of touch with reality than we think you are. The entire notion of controlling women’s reproductive systems is extremely ugly to a majority of Americans is a good example. There are many more. Separating immigrant families at the border is ugly. Lifting environmental directives in the fossil fuel industry is ugly, very ugly. I can go on, but hopefully you get the point.”

    The entire notion of stopping a pre-born baby’s heart is extremely ugly to a majority of Americans. Especially since our founders first treasured life, before even liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anyone who thinks they support late term abortion first better research it, then check their soul.

    A 2019 Gallup poll showed most Americans support abortion limits.

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    All well stated as usual, Civil Discourse. It would indeed be equitable for this board to hold all sides to the same standard.

    What we see in the meanwhile is how insufferable and viciously intolerant the left truly is. You will bake the cake and allow men in the women’s restroom, not to mention in women’s athletics. Meanwhile, female athletes are relegated to ‘also rans.’ So much for women’s rights.

    As such, it’s a Exhibit A why they must not be trusted with the reins of power.

    Exhibit B is Spygate, which shows how the left behaved when they held all three branches of government.

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    “It wasn’t that long ago, Dan, that Vitalogy called Herb a “f*ckface.” How disgusting and demeaning. Is that “civil discourse”? Why would you allow that? How would you like it if someone called YOU that? I bet you would ban them and I wouldn’t blame you. He was also called an “asshole” by someone else. I can’t remember who at this time, but one thing I do know is that you won’t find Herb being abusive or bullying or heckling others. And speaking of heckling, Herb makes meaningful posts, answers questions in good faith directed at him, yet does not receive the courtesy of a legitimate response and is instead heckled about Nixon, regardless of what he posts.”

    Thanks for underscoring the facts, Civil Discourse.

    It’s a longstanding rule here that free speech, no matter how aberrant, is primarily reserved for those on the intolerant left.

    Yet it isn’t limited to this forum. Witness the mainstream media, which is only spiraling into confusion about how Mr. Trump could have won, despite polls insisting with 90%+ certainty that Hillary would win. Much like here, they’re in an echo chamber.

    It’s hardly surprising. More than 90% of so-called journalists vote Democrat. As a result, the disconnect with those 63 million who put Mr. Trump in office is furthered by the inability of those on the extreme left to see an opposing perspective.

    That’s why they’re extreme, call much of the US ‘flyover country’ and even physically attack those who support this president. They behave childlike, i.e., swearing, because they can’t make a cogent argument that connects with voters. Take if from their own Morning Joe: “Democrats don’t know how to fight.”

    This only makes them appear more extreme, ergo, by voting for a socialist like Bernie and policies like abortion at all cost, despite a Democrat plurality SUPPORTING certain abortion restrictions. Factor that into Mr. Trump’s strong showing among both Republicans (92% approval) and Independents. The splinter among Democrats is wide.

    This disconnect will only come back to bite them even harder in 2020 by appearing out of the mainstream to the average voter who simply wants to live his or her life and get ahead. Especially terrifying to Democrats are the inroads Mr. Trump has made into the African-American & Hispanic communities.

    For all his faults, one thing Mr. Clinton had was an ability to relate to the common citizen. This is exemplified by Democrats being called out by none other than one of his advisors, James Carville:

    The record is clear to likely voters. Historic low unemployment among minorities. Bringing jobs back to the US. A record stock market. An anti-globalist agenda that puts Americans first. A stronger defense posture. No apology tours. These concepts are despised by the left and they can’t figure out how they were defeated by someone so opposed to their values. Now the movement is growing, with even the Brits getting the message, as exemplified by Brexit.

    But get your popcorn ready. Rather than figure it out, watch them kneecap each other as Mr. Bloomberg buys his way into the nomination by siphoning off Bernie’s votes. That’s a prospect the Bernie Bros. are likely to find intolerable.

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