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    A black male, who was unarmed and had his hands in the air is murdered by a cop, and it’s all caught on video.

    There was no threat to the officers. And you can tell by the commentary by the cop in the helicopter that racism is the cause. “He looks like a big bad dude” says the cop in the helicopter.

    And even worse, none of the cops make any attempt to help him as he lay bleeding to death in the middle of the road, after being shot with his hands up and being unarmed.



    He did have his hands up but refused to be complicit, returned to his car and appeared to be reaching for something. His hands were not up when he was shot. She probably thought he was going to get a gun.

    How is “big bad dude” racist, btw? That could apply to anyone.

    His hands were NOT in the air when he was shot. Look at the video again. Funny, that’s what they said about Michael Brown when he tried to kill a cop. “Hands up don’t shoot” never happened, but that lie is still repeated and that race card has been played over and over.


    Once again you prove that you are not pro-life. In fact, you’re one of the least pro-life people here.

    This guy was unarmed and car broken down. He had committed no crime. Why did they need to show up with guns drawn? Would a white 70 year old grandma be subject to the same approach?

    And yes, the guy in the helicopter said it. He looks like a “big bad dude”. How can the guy in the chopper make that judgment? Skin color. Duh.


    It takes a special kind of asshole to react to this with anything other than disgust. It takes a world class, grade A, fucking asshole to rush in to defend the police in this incident or somehow rationalize the end result as being the fault of the victim.

    He was unarmed. No-one’s life was in danger. No crime had been committed. He’s now dead.

    Yet again, the victim was black. Yet again, the officers were white.

    Nope, nothing to see here. Everything’s fine. It’s not at all like the same kind of thing keeps happening over and over and over again.


    The officer who did the shooting was black.

    It is reported that the victim had a gun.

    It takes a special type of person to incite riots based on incomplete information or false statements.

    But the truth doesn’t matter any more. The narrative is what counts now, just like in the Michael Brown case.

    I think we should judge by the facts and not let wishful thinking get in the way. Let’s not have a riot unless it’s really justified.

    “big” means size. Not color. Duh.


    Mixing apples and oranges. Black man allegedly with gun shot by black officer occurred in Charlotte, NC and not in Tulsa, OK. It is easy to be confused what with all the black men being shot by police.


    My apologies. I’m confusing two different shootings. I have to go sort this out.

    However it still makes no sense to me that the victim in the video did not comply and went back to his vehicle. Resisting arrest is never a smart thing to do.


    He was not resisting arrest.

    What were they going to arrest him for? His car was stranded in the middle of the road. He was unarmed. No crime had been committed. No physical contact between them occurred. He had his hands up and his back turned. I won’t be surprised to find out he was shot in the back.

    And yes, it’s easy to confuse things when it’s a daily occurrence of black men getting shot and killed for no reason.

    One last thing, the guy in the chopper said “big, bad dude.” Yes, he was big. But why was he bad in the mind of the cop in the chopper? Because he was black. That’s why.


    Apology not accepted. You’re a fucking asshole: You’re , literally and directly, blaming the victim. (What a surprise!)

    The man was unarmed, did not break any laws, and is now dead. There are not two sides to this.

    Unless, of course, your’e a dick.

    The outcome was 100% uncalled for. Deadly force should be the last resort; not the first.

    “I felt threatened”, or “I thought he was about to _____” is not a valid defense. Nor is saying “he looks like a big bad dude”.

    Pro-life, indeed.

    When they’re white. Or conservative. Or ideologically predisposed to your neanderthal mindset.


    Police: Officers warned suspect to drop gun before shooting. Sep. 21, 2016 – 6:10 – Police Chief Kerr Putney speaks at press conference on fatal cop-involved shooting


    Good to see the other pro-life loser is hear to prove my point.

    Fuck both of you assholes.


    I will write out the implied question in this thread: African-Americans only make up 12.2% of the US population; even in Southern states, they only make up about 30% of the population. Yet, the majority of these people that are being shot by police are African Americans. What is going on here?


    “Apology not accepted. You’re a fucking asshole: You’re , literally and directly, blaming the victim. (What a surprise!)

    The man was unarmed, did not break any laws, and is now dead. There are not two sides to this.

    Unless, of course, your’e a dick.

    The outcome was 100% uncalled for. Deadly force should be the last resort; not the first.”

    Try disagreeing without being disagreeable sometime. It’s possible, and it makes for a better discussion.

    I’m just trying to judge this fairly. Remember what happened in Ferguson? There were riots because of the false narrative that an innocent young man was gunned down in cold blood. Later, we found out that he robbed a store, manhandled a clerk, and attempted to kill a police officer. Nice guy. But the truth didn’t matter. The excuse to be indignant and start a riot had already been established. Think of what our president could have done to set the record straight, but he did nothing and let the rioting happen.

    The man in Tulsa had PCP in his vehicle. He could have been under the influence and would have been dangerous. He was ordered to stop and he didn’t obey. At that point he’s a possible threat and danger to the officers who are out there protecting white and black people. After all the pot shots taken at police officers recently it’s understandable to be cautious about a man who could be reaching for a gun. What should she have done? What would you do in that situation? Wait there hoping he produces a bouquet of flowers?

    Note the dishonesty of the OP. He said the “victim” had his hands in the air. He most certainly did not when he was shot. That’s the same story manufactured by the Michael Brown apologists. He also used tortured logic to make his day and turn this into a racist incident because a cop referred to the man’s size.

    We don’t know all the facts of this case and shouldn’t string up an officer or justify rioting until we do.

    Andy Brown

    Vernon, your antics on this board are deplorable. Your political savvy is non-existent. Your understanding of current events is so lack-luster you come across as being less informed then an insect.

    Your ridiculous call for ‘better discussion’ belies the fact that no one here really wants to discuss ANYTHING with you. We tolerate you, nothing more. There isn’t a capable bone in your body that can carry on a real discussion let alone informal debate. You really need to learn to hold back until you’ve got some backing for your insipid opinion and ridiculous claims. If you don’t, you fall further into the knuckledragging trollosphere.

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