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    The Cincinnati Enquirer has endorsed the Democratic presidential nominee for the first time in nearly a century, publishing an editorial on Friday titled “It Has To Be Hillary Clinton.”

    Though the conservative-leaning newspaper criticizes Clinton’s record regarding “truth and transparency,” it describes Donald Trump as a “clear and present danger to our country.”

    “Our reservations about Clinton pale in comparison to our fears about Trump,” the board writes.

    “While Clinton has been relentlessly challenged about her honesty, Trump was the primary propagator of arguably the biggest lie of the past eight years: that Obama wasn’t born in the United States,” the board wrote.

    “Trump has played fast and loose with the support of white supremacist groups,” they continued. “He has praised some of our country’s most dangerous enemies – see Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and Saddam Hussein – while insulting a sitting president, our military generals, a Gold Star family and prisoners of war like Sen. John McCain. Of late,

    Trump has toned down his divisive rhetoric, sticking to carefully constructed scripts and teleprompters. But going two weeks without saying something misogynistic, racist or xenophobic is hardly a qualification for the most important job in the world. Why should anyone believe that a Trump presidency would look markedly different from his offensive, erratic, stance-shifting presidential campaign?”

    The board also praised Clinton’s experience, leadership, inclusive campaign, and efforts on behalf of women’s and children’s rights during her 40 years in public service.
    The Enquirer joins a group of Republican-leaning newspapers that have broken with decades of precedent of backing the GOP candidate. The Dallas Morning News’ Clinton endorsement earlier this month marked the first time since World War II that the newspaper had backed a Democrat.

    Uh, duh?

    The *fact*, not opinion, that Trump routinely engages in language and proposals riddled in misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, and racism is clearly enough for some erstwhile Republican voters. Or perhaps it’s the *fact*, not opinion, that Trump is an incessant serial liar given to documented wild bouts of hyperbole, exaggeration, and willful falsehoods. Or maybe, it’s the *fact*, again not an opinion, that his business dealings raise innumerable troubling questions: The thousands of lawsuits, the bankruptcies, the settlements, the willful nonpayment to vendors, the outrageous conflicts of interest, the lack of transparency regarding his taxes and alleged charitable donations. Could it be the *fact*, no opinion, he’s a thin skinned and easily provide blustering bully who’s default mode is insult and attack? From mocking a disabled reporter, to attacking a Gold Star family, to every manner of childish name calling of detractors of every level; though often punching down in a way that’s simply appalling. It could be the *fact*, not opinion, that the level of gleeful know-nothing ignorance he often evokes, along with the unwillingness to educate himself about a given subject or defer to expert opinion, combined with utterly frightening level of narcissism, gives honest and thoughtful people (whatever their political identification) nightmare inducing pause.

    He’s not in any way qualified for the office of the Presidency.

    His supporters care note a whit for the facts of the matter, and routinely refuse to acknowledge much less cogently defend, any of the aspects of Trump which are utterly disqualifying. Oh, and at the same time continue to fling about lunatic accusations about Hillary Clinton that range from sort of/kind of accurate, to flat out untrue (the second largest grouping), to utterly unhinged from reality and owing to insane levels of paranoia, closed bubbled thinking, and conspiratorial/Alex Jones level coo-coo, theorizing. (The largest amount)

    Thus the anger and vitriol.

    I’ve reached the same space as Vit and tens of millions of other Americans. Dear Trump Supporters: FUCK YOU.


    We’re not happy about your choice either, but we have manners and class and believe in your right to your misguided beliefs and in your right to vote for a greedy serial liar, so please go ahead and vote your conscience. We’re not going to lash out at you.

    But why waste the anger and vitriol (that you seem to have all the time anyway) on Trump. Hillary is a slam dunk. Right? All she needs to do is show up and it’s an electoral landslide.

    Thankfully my younger son in his 20’s who sadly voted for Obama twice is going for a third party candidate this time. Many of his friends and associates are going to do likewise. His generation doesn’t seem to be all that into Hillary. (Gee, I wonder why). I wish he’d vote for Trump, but I see this as step in the right direction.

    “I’ve reached the same space as Vit and tens of millions of other Americans. Dear Trump Supporters: FUCK YOU.”

    I don’t think you speak for anyone other than your fellow rude, intolerant, and closed-minded internet bullies.


    Per the usual, you’re incorrect.

    All you have both earned and deserve is rudeness and disrespect; entirely by virtue of your own actions.

    Ergo, eat a dick.


    Good news for Trump. Lyin Ted has decided not to vote his conscience.

    Andy Brown

    Bacon bits #43:

    “but we have manners and class and believe in your right”


    You do not have manners nor any class whatsoever. Also, you do not believe in rights at all. You don’t believe that people if they are female have the same rights as males do. In fact, you do not believe that women are equals nor do you believe that blacks, Asians, Arabs or Jews have the same rights as you. You are classless and a boor. Your idea of religious freedom is severely skewed. It’s only OK if it comes from your religion, your politics, your social rules.

    There is little you say that is genuine. You don’t want big government except when you need it to enforce your religious beliefs on others. Face the truth. You don’t want the government to be involved at all in the economy except if it is to give big tax breaks where they aren’t going to do any good. Your beliefs in free market economics has been disproved time and time again yet you cling to them like a maggot on a rotting corpse.

    Every election cycle you come around here claiming to be a needed conservative voice. The real conservative leaders don’t agree with you on most things and have a much more tempered approach to all the topics I mentioned. No, Vernon, it is you that comes around with a my way or the hiway approach to conflict discussion. Fact is, you are unable to really engage in a discussion because when the going gets rough you revert back to all your faults especially your arrogant rejoinders implying the problems of this nation have all been spontaneously generated when a Democrat takes office. Most of what you post here is just drivel, largely untrue, always circumspect to accuracy and just plain wrong.

    You need to go away and get a life.

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