YES! Bernie throws down the gauntlet!

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    Finally! Here it is, an overt recognition of the massive corruption as root cause for so many growing problems.

    What you need to know is way too many progressives to ignore are going all in on this.

    Sanders now stands well differentiated from the rest of the Dem field. I am extremely curious to see what, if anything, Warren chooses to copy here.

    For people under 40, that TYT segment represents dominant opinion on the matter.

    It is a rapidly growing sentiment in older age voters.


    There are few things that can match this where it comes to getting out those no voters. Watch them come right out of the woodwork.


    I’m sure Sanders is a shoe-in to win the nomination now.


    Unknown. He definitely has the machine, message and people to make his best effort.

    Really, this announcement carries big impact. Will affect the rest of the primary season. Excellent.

    It will also bring plenty of people in to the process who were not going to be otherwise.

    I think he can win. Whether he will remains to be seen, obviously right?


    I had hopes for Tulsi Gabbard, the only one with an interest in stopping the spending on wars that should go to infrastructure, healthcare, and education, but she was vilified right off the bat by MSNBC and the like.


    me too Randy. Similar thoughts. For what it’s worth she’s got a couple of really big signs on I 80 in Iowa.

    She has been very good, and Frank about war.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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