Xmitter troubles at KNHC-FM Seattle

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    Scott J

    The station is now asking for money to fix their transmitter –
    Isn’t this a Seattle Public Schools issue? They still own KNHC-FM giving the station ‘some’ support; do they still care?
    For years C89 has received ‘plenty’ of donations from their pledge drives.
    They’re saying a new transmitter will cost about 60 grand lasting 20 years. Odds are this investment won’t even last by 2037, let alone the station/program itself.
    This burn-out can only disrupt local home/car FM radio listeners when they ‘could’ afford to listen online.
    Many know this station has come a LONG way, for many I know – for Paul & Dan that are on this board -and countless others. Radio won’t last forever, even though many believe in their hearts that it truly will.

    Master of Disaster

    Isn’t this a Seattle Public Schools issue? They still own KNHC-FM giving the station ‘some’ support; do they still care?

    Back in 2005, the Seattle Public School District considered selling the station to ‘balance the budget’ to the point of including it on a public website survey:
    http://www.seattlepi.com/ae/tv/article/Survival-of-KNHC-FM-is-still-up-in-the-air-1173702.php (Again, article is from 2005.)


    According to Wikipedia, Seattle Public Schools only pays for part of the salaries and benefits of two employees at the station. The situation has been this way since about 2002. Since 2015, some of the station’s expenses have also been covered by a community service grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

    Scott J

    Right: re funding the station gets- 11% from CPB,
    76% is from community support –
    – the other 13% is from Seattle Public Schools.

    Republicans in Congress and the White House for many years tried to eliminate CPB funding altogether;
    Trump recently proposed phasing out their funding,
    but Congress won’t let him.


    I’m no accountant but their 2015 balance sheet looks dismal. $13.4K in cash? Over $1M “due” from Seattle Schools? So sssets exceed liabilities by $1.1M. Why can’t they afford a new transmitter? A wild guess is the school district has no intention of paying any part of what the books say they owe. Not even 6% of it.


    Tiny KRVM had $112K in cash in their 2016 audit. Nothing in receivables from the owner of their license, 4J Schools. Assets exceeded liabilities by $290K.


    Having said all that blah blah, public radio stations always need to be aggressive about asking for support, i.e. money.

    Scott J

    RIGHT – The School District really does NOT care anymore,
    even though they still own it..

    Word anyway is SPS might try to sell KNHC before too long..

    They have a new woman General Manager that took over from
    Gregg Neilson a few years ago (who in the late 80’s took over GM duties from the station’s brainchild when KNHC first started in 1971 Larry Adams, still living at 77) and their program director is now some pompous ‘making a name for himself’ social networker who posts his flamboyant trips to Hawaii, totally unrelated to his job at Nathan Hale but gets paid anyway, and poses for pics with dance music stars like he’s part of and responsible for every group’s FAME because of the station (e.g. Lady Gaga, Kim Sozzi, Periscope, etc)

    So the real question is: Is KNHC going downhill
    and ‘withering on the vine’? Who’s to say, but I’ll BET
    they are.


    Wow! Somebody doesn’t like the PD. Flaming him with no knowledge of the facts.

    Scott J

    Do you even know who we’re even talking about? – Guess not..


    Wow just wow. Troll on.
    I actually maintained this transmitter back in the 90s’. AIR, an ancient Gates, RCA, et al with an all tube back-end donated by then Fisher Broadcasting KOMO-FM. There was no manufacturer support back then.
    C98 provides a valuable community service. Walk into any local car stereo store or display and KNHC is on. It is commercial free with a great niche music format. Station provides exposure and training for future radio broadcasters. Something the industry is in desperate need of.
    Washington State Constitution and recent State Supreme Court decision restates the State cannot be in a business in direct competition with private business. SPS pays for manager and staff salaries provides the class room at Nathan Hale High School, insurance, security and little else.
    It’s ain’t Oregon, where OPB gobbles up 10-15% market shares.

    Scott J

    The station got their $$ – end of thread:


    Yes I know who you’re talking about. He has family on the Big Island. C895 was also the first station to be tracked playing Lady Gaga. His relationship with the labels helps him collect ‘thank you tokens’ for supporters who donate during pledge drives. Not everybody has work and personal social network accounts. Sometimes it’s easier to just have a single account per platform. I’m not sure how a person can have a “flamboyant trip to Hawaii”. Seems like a bit of projection to me. 😉

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