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    Deane Johnson

    Obama says he may go back to Community Organizing. At least he knows best what he is qualified for.


    Yeah, because going back into the community and helping people to learn how to make a difference really sucks bad.


    I hope he does.

    Obama can reach younger voters. Building party, organizing, mentoring and in general, sharing that talent out so it can be well distributed and potent is a great thing to be doing.

    With all the dollars and their obvious negative influence, getting people organized is a great way to answer the question, “How come you didn’t vote?”

    And it’s resonant with another reality, and that is we must use the system we’ve got to improve. There are no resets, no “if it were this way…” kinds of discussions that are even close to productive without sufficient numbers of people consistently voting.

    Republicans have made a big deal out of “community organizing” and didn’t we see near constant Alinski references for a good long time too?

    Of course we did.


    Because the crazy party knows damn well if it all goes ugly, they will lose out on that front, which is why they near constantly talk down efforts to empower people and call for “civil” discussions. The reality is simple:

    Say both parties decide to call the other crazy, whatever. What happens?

    People evaluate that critically. The one that actually IS crazy loses!

    Ugly, painful, but real. And it works. This is why the First Amendment is important too. Ugly speech is still free speech, and where there is a lot of free speech, we tend to get to the realities of things.

    Now, play that same scenario out with enforced civility. What consequences are there really for liars, crazies, and other ugly sorts of people?


    In that scenario, which is the majority one in play right now, due to most media refusing to actually address some basic things, the same people can be wrong over and over and over, and they still get their TV gig.

    Why is that? Who actually keeps putting them on the air?

    Stuff like this isn’t ever going to be addressed by a basic rational argument. There is no incentive to do it. If there were, we would have seen it play out long before now.

    So then, votes can. Organizing can. Educating and empowering all can.

    Just look at the current election!

    On one side, we’ve got a seriously large clown posse! How many GOP hopefuls are there? I’ve lost count!

    And the party overall? Get real. They invited the crazy, bigots, asses, clowns, all to the party. Was fun winning and getting some power, but the cost is high! Now, those people are in, and they want stuff.

    Anyone actually interested in making it better can’t realistically validate that shit, meaning votes for Republicans, even if they are good ones, don’t mean much, because the party itself is a complete mess.

    Organizing ordinary people along their common interests will be good for everybody, even Republicans. We need more votes and more consistent votes for anything meaningful to happen.

    If we don’t get those, this logjam mess will continue, with us in the middle being gamed for big bucks.

    Nobody really wants that.

    Votes can break it, and we can then take a move in a direction and actually advance.

    Think of it this way. We are all in the car, headed to happy land.

    And the car is an ordinary car, needing service, maintanance, etc…

    We vote to head to happy land, and to get there, we invest a little in the car.

    Republicans want a whole new car! So they poke a hole in the tire, and push for a new car.

    We vote again to fix the tire, and continue toward happy land.

    Republicans scream, “but we need a new car, and we want to go to big money land!”

    So they pull the wheel toward a cliff and floor the gas!

    Just before the car plunges over, saner heads prevail, and we get the car stopped.

    We vote again to fix the brakes, get some fuel, and continue to happy land, but the whole time, Republicans are yelling about a whole new car!

    And they never do show how their destination is better, just that they really want to go there.

    So, it’s one or the other for us. Strengthen Republicans, and they will take the car off course, sabotage it, and do whatever it takes to stop, and take it all apart, get that new car, and they don’t care if that means going all the way back to the dealer, only to get the new car, and still have to debate on where it takes us…

    Or, strengthen Democrats, and we take the car we are in, continue toward progress and do the maintenance and service needed to get there reasonably. But the whole time, Republicans are going to be there, pulling on the wheel, lying about the directions, popping the tires, sugar in the gas tank, whatever, because they just don’t want to admit the car runs and drives and can get us there, and they don’t like where we are going either.

    That’s what it’s like, and that’s why organizing matters. Obama knows this.

    He got two years with some ability to get stuff done, and he did. Dems did pretty well.

    Since then?

    Complete mess, unproductive, and never once did we see a positive, fact based, data driven policy vision from the clowns in the Republican party. Not once.

    And we still won’t!

    This campaign will go ugly. They will be anti everything, unable to articulate a positive vision that people can connect to a better future.


    BTW, he’s totally qualified to be POTUS. Did and is doing a fine job of it.

    Frankly, given the amount of racist and overall diminutive and hateful shit treatment he’s seen, despite being duly elected TWICE, I’m quite impressed with his performance overall.

    His opposition isn’t able to make anywhere near that kind of claim and hasn’t been able to for a very long time.

    Nobody on the clown ticket right now comes even close.


    Obama is apparently smarter than we thought!

    Don’t be thrown by the Bell Curve Deane.

    It’s been discredited.

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