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    GOP debate in front of Iowa caucuses: Ted Cruz being attacked from all sides, including Fox’s Meghan Kelly. I’m beginning to agree with the Donald, Kelly is awful, trying to debate the candidates instead of asking questions. Not classy at all. I think Rubio is winning.


    This debate is a shit show even without Trump.

    I also find it somewhat funny to see the Google and Fox News logos in one place.


    Dang, had to log in. Almost forgot my password.

    Anyway, it’s almost as if Fox is ripping Cruz a new one to get their frustrations with trump satisfied.

    I should have watched this debate. Looks like it’s the “best of” clips for me.

    Looks like The Donald got the best of Fox on this one. lulz

    By the way, just how bad is she? It’s not like the Republicans are doing anything meaningful for women, is it? I’m not sure I blame her one bit. What comes around goes around.


    From what I understand, Meghan Kelly was practicing law before she got hired on at Fox News. Not sure if she graduated or not. I think they hired her because she is a “saucey mama” not sure about her journalism integrity( if she even has any)What is Fox News demo? Men 60 years and over? Every damn commercial on that station is for “depends” or erectile dysfunction medication. No need for Viagra when you’ve got Meghan Kelly on the boob tube( no pun intended.)


    Well, dork, that is one crass way of looking at it, but I don’t necessarily disagree. BTW, I will correct the spelling of her first name on my post, it is Megyn.

    What really bothers me is she seems to be trying to gain on her earlier Trump attention by being argumentative tonight. This is not journalism. But then, when was Fox ever journalism? If anything, it proves that Fox can attack republicans too.


    How you judge her performance largely depends upon your view of what a successful debate moderator should look like.

    I would argue that two of the key attributes should be tasking participants to answer specific questions coupled with calling out and/or challenging statements made by participants that are factually dubious if not out and out untrue.

    I would prefer that every candidate were directly and if need be repeatedly challenged to answer the specific question posed. And that furthermore, the moderator challenge answers which are either vapidly unilluminating or simply false. Once upon a time, that was the media’s role; keeping the electorate informed and challenging authority. Not to idly sit by and let people say whatever they want no matter how divorced it may be be from reality.

    Meghan Kelley is being attacked by many people because she dared to point out that some of the things Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have said (over and over and over) are directly contradicted by their previous statements and actions. (In other words, they’re lying.) Asking them to explain and/or reconcile those conflicting positions *should* be the role of a debate moderator. T

    Her previously asking Donald Trump to reconcile his history of saying demeaning, disgusting, rude, and otherwise completely misogynist things with his claims that he would be “great” for women is also both appropriate and fair game. And his attacks upon her are entirely sexist. As recently as yesterday he was still calling her a “bimbo” on Twitter.

    You stay classy, Donald Trump & Republicans! (And you, too, Dork! Way to echo The Donald there with your keen Megan Kelly analysis.)

    Apparently there are many people who disagree and would prefer the “debate” simply be candidates blabbing out truncated versions of their stump speech while relentlessly avoiding answering any question with any kind of intelligible specificity. That’s clearly what the Trump campaign expects (and now demands) and it’s certainly the preferred forum for the majority of Republican primary voters. (Thinking is hard, yo!) None of this surprises me in the least considering whom were talking about, yet I still find it sad and depressing.

    The GOP “debates” are a bad joke. And the candidates are, without exception, gross. I thought I’d seen the bottom of hyperbolic fear mongering, ignorant race bating, and gleeful anti-intellectualism during the last election cycle. The GOP keeps finding new lows.

    Bobby Jindal once opined and warned, “We can’t go on being the stupid party”. Too late, pal. The GOP has spent decades courting the lowest common denominator and now they’re running the show.

    Republicans in general should be fucking embarrassed and apologizing to the rest of us for Donald Trump and this entire, pathetic, circus.


    Quoting them back is breaking one of the rules! How dare she bring up they, themselves said, and then ask about it?

    I’m no fan of Fox, but Megyn isn’t doing anything wrong at all.

    Frankly, she’s embarrassing the lot of them. Watch Meet The Press with Aw’Shucks Todd? It’s hilarious. They can say whatever bat shit thing they want, and then come back and say some other bat shit thing and what of old Chuck?

    He’s just there to warm the chair and encourage them to say it. If he does what Megyn is doing, “he loses access” and just what does that mean?

    No debates are happening at all. Not really. It’s more like sharing, cause that’s easy.


    Meet The Press (and Chuck Todd) are also a pathetic joke for all and more of the reasons you just mentioned. No-one is intelligently confronted about anything they say on that program, no matter how stupid, insane, or untrue, and it largely goes unchallenged. Or at least ineffectively challenged.

    (Most of) the “news” stopped being about actual news two decades ago. You can break it apart and/or parse it out a number of ways, but I’d suggest the main headlines include:

    • Deregulation
    • Corporatization
    • The loss of editorial control and an independent news room
    • The search for dollars over the search for truth and accuracy, which in turn led to:
    • The conservative media including Fox News
    • The search for eyeballs and clicks over factual data
    • The aggrandizement of sizzle over substance
    • And, the overall dumbing down (and celebration thereof) of the country.

    Is it any wonder a wooden headed, loud mouthed, ignorant, sexist, bigoted reality TV show star is the front runner of The Republican party? Most of “the media” is already a bad reality TV show program. Who better?

    These “debates”, which of course are really nothing of the kind, are the perfect apex of the stupid curve.

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