Without evidence, Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping him

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    Go CNN. They need to keep pushing this deplorable administration for their antics. At some point, Trump’s anti-media attacks will backfire, if they have not already.


    I would trust 99.9% of all vlogers on the internet over the fake and biased reporting of CNN. Nobody trusts CNN and according to the ratings nobody is watching CNN. CNN The Leftwing propaganda news network or the Clinton News Network, AKA FAKE NEWS.https://youtu.be/rsIixQOSQS4
    Watch out liberals you might actually get some truth from this video, unlike CNN. This guy makes some great points.


    Seriously, shut up dork. You’re drowning in right wing kool-aid right now. Many here have tried to throw you a lifeline, but if you’re going to refuse it, to hell with you.


    It occurred to me that this situation is actually potentially worse than Nazi Germany because the world won’t have us to bail them out!


    I’ve been wondering …

    Somewhere I heard the POTUS is the only person with unilateral authority to declassify intelligence. If there was wiretapping, it would have to have been approved by the FISA court and therefore a secret classified operation. I would assume that there are written procedures for how POTUS can inform agencies that he will declassify something before blurting things out in public.

    Tweeting in the wee hours of the morning I’m sure doesn’t satisfy any such standards.

    Of course, if there was no actual wiretapping … then is SCPOTUS (so called) breaking the law by saying there was a secret act when there was none? Or is it simply well crafted fake news?

    Have we finally got an actual “high crime” for the House to begin impeachment proceedings on?


    Trump sounds like an utter lunatic.

    Not that this is a new phenomenon.

    By what many Republicans are saying, and more pointedly not saying (i.e. not even attempting to defend Trump) it’s not hard to tell that sentiment is now beginning to take solid hold among the many of the rank and file.


    You would think a President would know that a President can’t just order a wiretap.

    Oh wait,



    When one takes enough blows, there will eventually be permanent damage.

    Until now, I think many assumed Trump could still recover from his first month of missteps.

    No longer. This man and his administration are now permanently damaged goods. Things can only get worse for Trump.


    With his early morning tweets, he did manage to get the news attention off Jeff Sessions and the issues surrounding his involvement with the Russian ambassador. Trump is all about deflecting attention from one story and creating media attention around something else entirely.


    It’s not working. The real media is still all over the Russian investigation and Mr. Sessions. It’s only the true dopes and the true believers that are digging in.

    Andy Brown

    “It’s only the true dopes and the true believers that are digging in.”

    cue bacon and dork

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)
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