Without evidence, Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping him

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    I’d love to hear the tapes. I’m sure they’d be 100% honest like the grab them by the pussy tapes where.

    But, they don’t exist. It’s an effort to distract from the real issues. This is Psych 098.


    So Obama requested The Fisa Court to allow him to wiretap The Trump Tower to see if Donald Trump had ties to Russia. After he asked a second time, they said YES and they found NOTHING!!!! Can’t wait for this snake OBAMA to get exposed for the dirty rat that he really is.
    Even Fake News CNN actually had guests on defending Trump, saying if this goes down Obummer could be in some Hot Water. https://youtu.be/uHD2wycHNPA


    It’s more clear every day how dangerous Trump is, and how he is ruling as a dictator rather than as a constitutional president.

    We’ve had two top officials caught lying in less than two months. They’ve been treated differently however, one was fired and another is still on the job.

    Flynn lied about Russian contacts, but he lied to Pence. That he lied to Pence was unforgivable, and he’s out on his ass. Sessions lied to Congress. Apparently lying to Congress is ok, just be loyal to your dictator in chief and his minions.

    God help us.


    dork, you are full of shit.

    1) Presidents cannot arbitrarily order wiretaps. It’s against the law.

    2) If the wiretaps happened, only the Justice Department can request them, so then the question would be “on what grounds?” Why is the independent Justice department investigating Trump?

    3) Let’s assume Obama requested a FISA wiretap warrant like you claim. Why would FISA approve such a wiretap? What evidence of possible crime would they be looking at? Again, not good for Trump.

    dork, you and your fellow Trumpsters are going to pull a muscle trying to backstop this president. He’s in hot water and he knows it. And the funny thing is, he’s the one that keeps digging himself in deeper.


    We are all going to pay for this man’s mental disturbance.


    Langston – who’s mental disturbance – Trump, or Radiodork?


    Dork is entertainment. Trump is as serious as a heart attack.

    Andy Brown

    dork is clueless.

    drumpf is desparate to deflect the Russian connection debacle and will do anything to keep prying eyes from continuing to explore that relationship and/or force drumpf to reveal his taxes.

    It will probably take a year for this to play out. By the time the midterms come around, drumpf will either be in an impeachment process or will have resigned. More importantly, his already shrinking support will be heavily diminished and GOP turnout will be decimated.

    bacon will come along shortly and try to play this down and/or play up the faux wiretap b.s., but the writing is on the wall. drumpf is done. It’s no longer a matter of whether he will last four years or not, it’s about when his resignation will happen.

    Until then, the world will continue to be on edge.

    Also, an even scarier situation is happening on Wall Street. The timing of the drumpf bubble bursting is a serious matter.

    The media has celebrated the financial rallies of the past few months. It seems there isn’t a week when the Dow Jones Index fails to reach a new record. Equity is on full-automatic climb mode. But the air has rarified and the engines have little oxygen left to keep up the pace. Most investors are too distracted in financial La-La Land to notice we’re in a stock market bubble.

    This is not a clear case of overvalued stocks. It’s more than that. It’s about stock market valuation in general and the failure to absorb the lessons of the 2008 recession. As it happens, President Trump will likely sign a decree that will terminate the mechanism financial regulators adopted to better recognize the signs of a crash and a U.S. stock market bubble 2017.

    Economic collapse 2017? If his advisors recommend it, President Trump will scrap the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and the entire regulatory apparatus that comes with it. Before getting a bit deeper into what the Dodd-Frank implies, the ultimate effect is to reset the level of risk back to where it was before the 2008 recession.

    But, given the lofty heights of the current bubble, the risk of financial collapse is greater than it was when Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. cracked. So, what is the Dodd-Frank? It’s a set of rules dated 2010 that were designed to help mitigate, if not avert, the next financial collapse. The Act also includes provisions to strengthen the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA).

    The CFPA has ensured that financial institutions do not abuse the rules governing matters related to credit cards, debt, and real estate mortgages. Indeed, its goal is precisely to monitor stock market bubble indicators. In other words, the CFPA has protected American investors, making sure the financial industry avoids the temptation to increase the financial risk borne by the American taxpayer.

    The longer drumpf holds power, the worse the implosion is going to be.





    Also, remember Putin can bring this all down quickly if he wants to.


    Scott J

    I think it’s just the beginning of a disaster waiting to happen at The White House.

    For love of country, former presidents USED to be kept healthy

    Trump is certainly NOT



    Shut up, you mindless parrot.


    Can Obama sue Trump for slander?


    Yes, as a private citizen he can. But he won’t. And that is because he is above the fray, and would not waste his time with such a ridiculous charge.

    Trump is a train on the wrong track and the end result won’t be pretty.


    FBI Director Comey Asked Justice Department to Reject Trump’s Wiretap Claims.


    FBI Director James Comey asked Justice Department officials to publicly reject President Donald Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower, The New York Times reported Sunday. A senior U.S. official confirmed the newspaper’s reporting to NBC News.
    The Times reported that Comey requested that the Justice Department publicly rebut the president’s allegations — which he posted on Twitter without evidence — because the claims are untrue and suggest that the FBI broke the law. Comey’s appeal pits him against the president.

    But, The Times added, Comey is having difficulty knocking the story down because there are only a few politically appointed Justice Department officials who could approve a statement, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from anything pertaining to the government’s investigation into alleged connections between Russia and the Trump campaign.


    Another diversion tactic by Trump to keep us from pursuing the Russia story. Classic gaslighting.

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