Wires Crossed? KGON and Charlie

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    Just wondering if anyone else caught the problem this morning?

    While driving back from PDX late this morning, I was listening to KGON. In the middle of a song, the song changed. I happen to look at the radio and the id logo said Charlie 97.1. I switched to Charlie and it was the same song but no logo. I switched back to 92.3 and about that time it was KGON again but both stations lost their ID logos and neither was in HD.
    Sounds like someone got some wire crossed.


    late last night was listening to 3840 kHz it Sounds like the ham boys got some wires crossed


    I’ve done that. Put the wrong frequency into the spare STL receiver. Stones on the country station for a minute or so.


    Yes. Today’s cluster operations usually pipe in all signals into each control board. If not clearly labeled this can create operator errors. I’ve done that too. Tech gone wrong, but usually human caused.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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