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    I’m curious what other Game of Thrones fans thought about the season 6 finale and about GoT in general.

    I caught a few episodes of seasons 1 and 2 while on the road and found it very intriguing, which led me to read the book(s), but I got bored with it when I got to the part about the drowning gods.

    Recently I got caught up with all the TV episodes I missed via HBOGO, and binge-watched about 40 or 50 episodes in a very short time. This is one case where I can say that the movie is better than the book.

    I have enjoyed the series very much though I find it to be dark and depressing at times. I was very frustrated with the Hodor time-travel scene which caused me to almost abandon GoT forever. I thought the finale was spectacular and tied up a lot of loose ends, but there were some frustrations as well. For example, I didn’t want the High Sparrow to just go up in flames. I wanted him to be cornered and I wanted to know if he was sincere in his beliefs or if his religion was just his way of wielding power. I did find him to be obnoxious and worthy of a fist in the face, and I grew very tired of that dirty burlap bag that he wore. At least he wore a clean one for the trial.

    I’m very bad with remembering names of characters and there are some things I just did not get and had to have my son explain some things to me that I missed. I might go back and watch it again at a slower pace.

    I wish they had not killed off Rickon and I wish he at least would have run in a zig-zag pattern.

    I think there were too many gratuitous sex scenes in GoT. They weren’t necessary for the story, and I’m happy they seemed to have toned that down the last two seasons.

    So what do you think? What are some of your favorite episodes and scenes?


    Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows. The finale? Spectacular! The Freys were killed by Arts!
    That monster Ramsay Bolton was eaten by his own dogs! Yaay! Grand Master Pycelle was stabbed to death! Region was made hand of the Queen! Ferrari swore her revenge and got her revenge, but at the cost of losing her last living child. But Cersei sits on the Iron Throne! The Starks took back Winter fell! The hound still lives! John Snow is declared King of the North! Awesome episode!


    There was a higher body count in 6:10, then in the Red Wedding episode.


    Have never watched the show. And yes, I do find myself in social situations not following the contour of conversation when G.O.Ts is brought up.

    The cross I bare.


    And yes, Qyburn. The mad doctor. Scientist. Alchemist. And sorcerer? Is Cersei’s hand. With the Mountain as her personal bodyguard!


    Chris. It is an entertaining show. It doesn’t exactly bash religion. But most of the characters do real bad things.

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