William Shatner’s Blue Origin flight

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    Anyone watch the landing and Shatner’s reaction? Here’s a 90 year old man who was moved to tears by this experience, trying to convey in words what it meant to him.

    At first Jeff Bezos turned his back on Shatner and left him standing there alone while Bezos popped champagne corks. Finally Bezos came back to Shatner, who was very emotional and trying to explain what a profound experience this was for him. Bezos acted like he was trapped in a stuck elevator with a 90 yo senile geezer who wouldn’t shut up.

    I felt bad for Shatner. But Bezos was kind of revealed for what he really is.


    i watched it, not surprised that bill was that emotional about this, considering most of his life hes portayed a captain on a space ship, to actually go into space that would be very special to anyone, but maybe more so to captain kirk. im happy to see him go.

    Andy Brown

    This ad-venture is getting way too much coverage considering we did this in the 1950s on 8 bit technology. There is no connection to real consumers, you know, the ones that have made Bezos a billionaire. This is like 21st Century polo for the Royals.

    Having said that I do understand Bill’s emotions. I read that Bezos was trying hard to ignore Bill and all the cameras 🎥 and attention he was getting until he couldn’t anymore.

    Dan Packard

    Quite an emotional moment for Captain Kirk as he offers his thoughts to Admiral Bezos at touchdown,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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