Will the Huckster run?

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    TV host and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he is leaving his Fox News talk show as he considers whether to seek the Republican nomination for president, a decision he expects to reach in the spring.


    Please Mike, run!!!

    Deane Johnson

    I don’t know why people like Huckabee never get the message they can’t win. All they do is muddy up the water.

    I doesn’t make any difference what Huckabee’s political views and solutions might be, he just can’t draw the votes. I think one of his problems is that he doesn’t present an image of being a power player.


    Huckabee comes across as an extremely likable character. Nice guy. Genuine.

    His issue is the message. He is simply too extreme to the right. His message rings with the fringe far right, but his platform is simply unelectable on a national stage.



    What I love the most is the twist he always does. You are in, thinking “Hey, the huck isn’t all bad…” Right about then, he delivers “the drop.”

    …leaving you thinking, “Never again…”

    But then it happens! He’s got great, basic appeal.

    Hope he runs. Maybe he will pick Herman Cain as VP. I love Cain. He’s as awesome of a communicator as Huck has that basic appeal.

    Deane Johnson

    Elections are getting increasingly more expensive by the day. It will boil down to who can attract the big bucks. That is not Huckabee. Jeb Bush will suck up all of the big cash and will get the nomination.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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