Will Brian Williams return to NBC, and should he?

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    Williams needs to own up to it, Letterman style.

    What he did really sucks, but it isn’t something I would doom somebody from. Jesus, how many times does the likes of Newt, Brooks, et al. end up on TV after being very seriously wrong over and over again?

    The worst any of them get is a little vacation, then a quick polish up, maybe book deal for some quick cash, and out they go again like none of it ever happened.

    Hell, they never even have to own it. Papa Bear just waited his out, and oh yeah, he does entertainment…

    Williams can do the right thing, then figure out what makes sense from there.

    Lots of people did a lot worse, don’t own it, and are just fine.


    And I hope he does. At least I can deal with somebody who will own their mistakes.

    That is great, compared to seeing so many who never do and who seem to always get back on with few worries.

    I like Williams, this mess aside. If people can’t redeem themselves, then what are we doing giving any of it our attention? I largely don’t anyway.

    And if they can’t redeem, move past, or otherwise do the work needed, what of the clowns and assessment hardly questioned?

    Just what does it take to get even a solid question asked, or a reasonable call out on so much garbage?

    If we actually did have some standards, and The Daily Show, John Oliver, and others have standards better that the majors do, and are fucking comedians, denying Williams might make some sense.

    But we don’t have those expectations in play. Not really. Not to anybody paying attention.

    Maybe that is part of it. Just the discussion gets to ugly places quick.

    Stewart should interview Williams and get it out there. Would be a great setup for the new guy, might help Williams, and would seriously chap the majors asses.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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