Why DXer 1969?

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    Why the sudden appearance of me? I loved this forum! Read it for 5 years! Kept me going through hard times. So lately, I thought the forum was dying. And I did not want to see that happen. So I had my grandkids set me up. And I truly want to see this forum come alive again! I will do my part to prop up the radio side. And a warm welcome back Lurking Grendel!!! And now that you are back let’s shake this board up again, shall we!
    I will explain myself on why it took 5 years for those who inquire about. Let’s just say my life wasn’t pretty.


    @ Broadway. I must apologize to you. I will be big enough to do it right here. My bad. Your Thanksgiving thread was not the place. So please accept my apology. I have read your posts for over 5 years now. And I will give you this. You are who you are. At least with you, we all know where you stand. Unlike others. And in a way, I will give you respect for that. You are who you are. You have been a member of this board for a long time. And I know you don’t mean to be mean. Unlike some. Like a fool who was kicked off. Like I said, I want to like you, so I”ll promise you this. No more negative posts. That just isn’t”t me. Sorry.


    What happened?

    Hard times… been there, done that!

    Sometimes it is good to share. Maybe we can get you to a place where you can look back and feel better, maybe laugh.


    Thank you so much! That means a hell of a lot coming from you, sir!


    Well, sir. Since you were the first to ask. I will explain as best that I can. This will take many posts though. All I can say to start with is: You did things right. But you also had a supportive misses. You still love your misses. And I wish you and your family all the best!

    Me? It started going. Got married in the islands. Had a cool place to stay. Lots of support from family and friends. Actually was married twice. 2nd time was at the Hi Hat Chinese Restaurant Banquet room for family and friends who couldn’t make it to Hawaii. Life was all good then. This was 2001. Before 9/11.

    But let me side track. The forum. You know. I kind of miss Deane. And Skybill. And even Herb. Not Jerry 1949 though. Dux recognized him first. Glad he is gone.Just wanted you to know where I was coming from before I begin. You may wonder, why Herb?? Cuz he had a sense of humor. Hell, he was just trying to yank our chains is all. Hope he didn’t die. Maybe he did. Don’t know.
    At least with him I felt it was sort of humurous. Not blatent assholery like Jerry or the freaking Pope! Jeez! What an asshat he was! Ok. Now I’ll begin my story.


    Before you do, let’s take it to the radio side. I see this conversation has the potential to go on for a bit, and that’s fine, but we don’t want to keep popping up on the wrong side for it.

    Others may chime in, and that’s all the more reason to continue there.


    Agreed. I was an idiot. Just was overzealous is all. Just trying to make up for lost time. Sorry I picked on Broadway. Sorry if I offended anyone. I was out of line.


    Met my 1 and only wife in 98. Dated for 3 years. Good times! Marries in 5/2001. We worked as courier drivers. Then bought a house in tigard 8/1/02. And then her diabetes gets worse. And on 4/29/03 she can’t see. Can’t drive. We lose half our income and shit really hit the fan!!


    Ouch. Let’s take it to the other side. 🙂

    Edit: looks like Dan took care of us.

    Hey, I don’t know that I did it right. Truth is, I’m still on a long road to get back what 2as lost when Mrs got sick. Wiped us out.

    What I can say is I try very hard to look at good thing I’ve got and not to dwell on the past too much.

    We can only move forward. We may live differently, but that isn’t always less or bad. A while lot depends on what we value. Her diabetes really hit her hard. I’m sorry that happened. It’s damn tough.


    OK, this is one of those weird threads that started out with radio, but turned into politics or other things.

    Dan, thanks for staying on top of this one, and it is now defintely in the right place. And the poster brings up some important points that need and/or should be addressed.


    Thanks, Paul! On radidio it shall be.


    Naw, Dxer1968 – I’m not dead. Thanks for asking.

    But too bad for the uber-leftists, as it now looks like Mrs. Clinton has now morphed far beyond Nixonian.

    Only one year left of this national nightmare.


    And on cue ….

    Hi Herb!

    Andy Brown

    “But too bad for the uber-leftists”

    I don’t think so, Herbanator.

    The average of all polling shows Clinton +2.5 vs Trump
    and Sanders +5.3 over Trump.

    And if you think that douche wad Crud is going to win, you’ve been off your meds for too long.

    The real bad news for the conservatives is that unlike 2014, in 2016 a lot of red Senate seats are in play and many of them are in blue or swing states.

    Your party of idiots, Herb, is in trouble.


    OMFG Herb is back. And the stock market is in turmoil. What’s the third sign of the apocalypse?

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