Why drumpf Can't Let Go

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    Andy Brown

    Anyone that thinks drumpf is going to put the nation’s needs before his own really needs to read the complete article, but here is what former business associates have said recently about that:

    drumpf’s personal identity is virtually synonymous with his professional interests. His name … is his brand … is his business. And beyond the evident, ongoing concerns about the temperament and overall disposition of the 45th president of the United States, or the nature of his relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia, or even his volatile Twitter feed, this underscores maybe the most fundamental question heading into his administration: Whose interests is he serving, first and foremost—his or ours? Who, in other words, is he working for? Never before has this been such a question because never before has there been a president remotely like Trump.

    “I think he’s incapable of seeing himself as anything other than the CEO of his company,” said Trump biographer Wayne Barrett, who started writing about him in 1979 with a two-part investigation in the Village Voice. “He can give up titles, but he just can’t disengage from that. It’s his identification—it’s his self-identification.”

    “He’s like a boy with his marbles,” fellow Trump biographer Tim O’Brien said. “He just can’t let go of a single marble in his collection.”

    “More than any person I’ve ever met, he’s focused on how things impact him,” said Bruce Nobles, the former president of Trump Shuttle, Trump’s short-lived, ill-fated airline.

    “He’s like a pig hunting for truffles,” said Gwenda Blair, the author of The Trumps, a biography about him, his father and his grandfather.

    “He’s never worked for anybody but himself,” said Barbara Res, a former vice president at the Trump Organization who was a Trump Tower project manager. “I think he wants to keep everything he created because he created it—and why should anybody else get rich off it?”

    “He can’t let go of his assets because that’s his life,” Barrett added. “I mean, he’s spent his whole life creating this business, and I think he expects it to double in value in his first term even as he pretends to lay back in some ways.”


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