Why does KY Clerk still have a job?

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    Modified licenses are an act of deliberate obstruction.

    Yeah, back to jail.

    I thought the brewing compromise where an executive order by the Governor allowing staff authority had some potential. Didn’t agree with it. She should perform the civic duty the people elected her to do.

    But, there was some interesting wiggle room there.

    Now, that’s off the table entirely. She really isn’t just about her conscience. A path was suggested where she could keep that intact. No, it’s about two things now:

    1. Making choices for other people

    2. Political statements, and you bet your ass she got advised to do this.

    I think it’s a potential mess now! Does she have the authority to modify the forms? Should she have made a public announcement as to those changes, given those could invalidate marriages and violate the public trust?

    Are there two licenses now? One “good” one, and another one for “those other people?”


    And the statement is a path back to martyrdom. That’s really sparkly and it’s good PR for the bigots, who really, really don’t want this to go away.


    This is pretty much how Sarah Plain ran Alaska during her brief term as governor.

Viewing 3 posts - 76 through 78 (of 78 total)
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