Why does Cruz come off as so angry?

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    Is it just me, or do recent soundbites of Ted Cruz sound angry, not only in content, but in tone. He makes Trump look like a conversationalist. I don’t care for his “televangelist” like approach, his deep pauses between sentences, and his somewhat pompous look, IMO. Some say he is a great speaker, but I don’t get it.

    Perhaps he is worried that his eligibility is going to be challenged in several states, or maybe he is just frustrated and angry that Trump is beating him over and over. I’m not a Trump fan either, I have gone on record as saying that I think Rubio is the best shot for the GOP.


    Ted Cruz is an absolutely horrible person. The worst of the worst of the worst.

    But let’s face it, all the GOP candidates at this time are nothing more than angry white males (Dr Carson included because he forgets he’s black).

    As for Rubio, best of luck. The guy is an empty suit. Hillary will bury him.

    darth talon

    The sad thing is Cruz’s supporters think and believe he’s one of today’s best orators. I’ve even been told Cruz is just as good as Winston Churchill.

    It’s when people say crap like that. I wish I could zap them with a cattle prod behind the ear.


    Cruz is dangerous. I have disagreements with many of the candidates, but Cruz doesn’t even have any endorsements from this allies if he has any. Even the GOP doesn’t like him.


    He comes off as amgry, because he is. Completely toxic person.

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