Why do anarchists love Oregon?

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    It seems the violent protests in Portland last night were from anarchists. I still maintain most of these protests are non-violent (if you check around the country) And while I agree that they have every right to protest, I still don’t understand what they are protesting. The only reasonable conclusion is they are not happy they lost. And this coming from someone who never supported Trump and voted as an Eastern WA resident for Clinton. I was in the minority in the region where I live, and in the country where I live (excepting the actual vote), and I accept that.


    We should do an initiative to change the state motto from “The Beaver State” to “The Anarchist State”. We tolerate everyone*. Oregon is so inclusive.

    *Except university professors who go to a Halloween party in blackface. Woe unto you who do something that. The prof instead should have torched a Starbucks. That would have been far more acceptable to her professorial colleagues.


    Do these anarchists live in Portland, I wonder. It is just pathetic that they would trash their own city, no matter how angry they are about the overall state of politics. Bastards!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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