Who does Trump not attack on the Twitter?

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    Stormy Daniels and Vladimir Putin.

    Because? Kompromat. It’s Trump’s dinner.



    He’s at least generally bright enough to know when a tweet topic has potential upside for him, and when it doesn’t.


    Master of Disaster

    One could consider adding “twitter.com” to their computer’s hosts file and pretend it doesn’t exist.



    Who couldn’t give 2 shits about this story? 99% of America, that’s who. Trumps numbers are actually going up ever since these stories broke. (Just heard that on the news today) Nobody gives a shit about an affair that may or may not have happened 12 years ago. So trump fucked a lot of hot skanks, we get it.



    So, Radiodork, you completely give Trump a free pass, while condemning Bill Clinton for his affairs.

    You can’t have it both ways, slick. Either you’re outraged by both, or you’re not outraged at all.



    dork, did I just hear you call our First Lady, Melania Trump, a “hot skank”?



    I believe Mueller gives a shit, dork. He doesn’t even have to work very hard. Trumpy is tweeting himself to a jailhouse.



    Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin’ to say
    But nothin’ comes out when they move their lips
    Just a bunch of gibberish
    And motherfuckers act like they Forgot About Dre



    The cheating is not a concern for me. A lot of good people cheat on their marriage. The difference is when someone LIES about the cheating. Trump would be better off to just come out and say what the truth is, and that is he cheated.



    Um, they didn’t start attacking first.



    One could consider adding “twitter.com” to their computer’s hosts file and pretend it doesn’t exist.
    DING! DING! DING! We have a WINNER!



    You can’t have it both ways, slick. Either you’re outraged by both, or you’re not outraged at all.
    I can. Bill bedazzled, intimidated or raped his women. Donald did it the old fashioned way. Ms. Clifford claims a man in black warned her in a Dallas suburb WalMart to keep quiet long before the NDA. She also says he threatened her baby daughter. Bill’s “trailer park” women had house windows broken with rocks, parked cars smashed and dogs killed.



    A lot of good people cheat on their marriage. The difference is when someone LIES about the cheating.
    Multiple web searches with multiple search engines reveal Trump never lied about the affair. He is silent.
    Question is, who is doing the lying?
    If anyone here actually read the Daniel’s In Touch magazine 2011 interview, she and he are discussing her appearance as a contestant on The Apprentice, among other things.
    Unfortunately, Ms. Clifford is in breach of contract. Argument contract is invalid because it lacks Donald’s signature has no standing. It’s a contract. Legal representatives can sign for respective parties and often do. $130,000 is going to come out of her pocket.
    Current Hollywood attorney, Michael Avenatti, petitions the Federal Court for permission to depose the President and his private attorney Michael Cohen. He appears on TV talking head shows making his case. Yesterday, the Court denies the Petition.
    Unfortunately, Ms. Clifford is being under served.

    I don’t care. There are bigger problems in this world.




    It’s actually twitter.com. You got it backwards. There actually is a case of it working in the format you described, older versions of Mac/OS IIRC pre-System 8 did it that way (because Apple being Apple) though this usage is very obsolete now.


    FYI, here’s a hosts file that I’ve been using for years.

    BUG: Since WordPress is a piece of shit, it does not correctly read plain URLs as text, inappropriately parsing them as links if they contain a “www” suffix. Durrrp. You MUST strip all “http://” prefixes from all domains in the list when adding it to your hosts file for it to work correctly.

    ============ CUT HERE ============ localhost google.com http://www.google.com google.ca http://www.google.ca google.co.uk http://www.google.co.uk google.ie http://www.google.ie

    ### rubbish from Google
    # google.com
    # http://www.google.com
    #note: the above two domains are commented out because they would otherwise interfere with redirection to Startpage above sassets.vevo.com 2975c.v.fwmrm.net m.v.fwmrm.net .fwmrm.net redirector.googlevideo.com #seems to have somethiung to do with how Youtube is handling commercials now {{date=20171021|user=rixter}} pagead2.googlesyndication.com googlesyndication.com ads.googlesyndication.com http://www.googlesyndication.com adwords.google.com googleadservices.com http://www.googleadservices.com googleanalytics.com ssl.googleanalytics.com http://www.googleanalytics.com google-analytics.com .google-analytics.com ssl.google-analytics.com http://www.google-analytics.com http://www.googletagservices.com ssl.googletagservices.com .googletagservices.com googletagservices.com doubleclick.com .doubleclick.com gan.doubleclick.net doubleclick.net .doubleclick.net ad.doubleclick.net ad-g.doubleclick.net googleads.g.doubleclick.net ad.ie.doubleclick.net static.doubleclick.net partner.googleadservices.com googletagmanager.com http://www.googletagmanager.com fls.doubleclick.net .fls.doubleclick.net *.fls.doubleclick.net

    #other Google components – don’t uncomment unless necessary for troubleshooting
    # ajax.googleapis.com #} commented out for dependency hell on sites that
    # apis.google.com #} use resources from these servers
    # maps.googleapis.com #}
    # ajax.microsoft.com #}
    # s0.2mdn.net #} break Youtube if blocked-leave commented out
    # static.2mdn.net #} unless you don’t need to use Youtube
    # s.ytimg.com #} accounts.google.com support.google.com http://www.gstatic.com csi.gstatic.com ssl.gstatic.com maps.gstatic.com maps.google.com youtube-nocookie.com #}not sure what this is for, but here it is http://www.youtube-nocookie.com #} s.youtube.com s1.youtube.com s2.youtube.com ytimg.googleusercontent.com #} needless graphic clutter for Youtube-related sites i0.ytimg.com #} i1.ytimg.com #} i2.ytimg.com #} i3.ytimg.com #} i4.ytimg.com #} i5.ytimg.com #} ads.youtube.com files.adform.net translate.google.com plusone.google.com groups.google.com fusion.google.com goo.gl youtu.be plus.google.com clients.google.com clients0.google.com clients1.google.com clients2.google.com clients3.google.com clients4.google.com clients5.google.com clients6.google.com clients7.google.com clients8.google.com clients9.google.com gg.google.com html5shiv.googlecode.com b3.caspio.com buttons.googlesyndication.com googleusercontent.com lh0.googleusercontent.com lh1.googleusercontent.com lh2.googleusercontent.com lh3.googleusercontent.com lh4.googleusercontent.com lh5.googleusercontent.com lh6.googleusercontent.com lh7.googleusercontent.com lh8.googleusercontent.com lh9.googleusercontent.com s.googleusercontent.com s0.googleusercontent.com s1.googleusercontent.com s2.googleusercontent.com s3.googleusercontent.com s4.googleusercontent.com s5.googleusercontent.com s6.googleusercontent.com s7.googleusercontent.com s8.googleusercontent.com s9.googleusercontent.com chrome.google.com checkout.google.com .ggpht.com lh1.ggpht.com lh2.ggpht.com lh3.ggpht.com lh4.ggpht.com lh5.ggpht.com lh6.ggpht.com yt0.ggpht.com yt1.ggpht.com yt2.ggpht.com yt3.ggpht.com yt4.ggpht.com yt5.ggpht.com yt6.ggpht.com fonts.googleapis.com gp1.googleusercontent.com gp2.googleusercontent.com gp3.googleusercontent.com gp4.googleusercontent.com gp5.googleusercontent.com gp6.googleusercontent.com gp7.googleusercontent.com chart.apis.google.com themes.googleusercontent.com #} Graphic bloat for Google-hosted Web logs {{added-date=2014 Feb 04|host=.blogspot.com|user=fox}}
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    # fuckhole teen-aged twits with cellphones twitter.com http://www.twitter.com platform.twitter.com a0.twimg.com a1.twimg.com a2.twimg.com a3.twimg.com dev.twitpic.com twitter-badges.s3.amazonaws.com t.co abs.twimg.com pbs.twimg.com gravatar.com http://www.gravatar.com #} Now considered a major security threat — see 0.gravatar.com #} http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/12/crypto- 1.gravatar.com #} weakness-in-web-comment-system-exposes- 2.gravatar.com #} hate-mongering-politicians/ (2013 Dec 26) 3.gravatar.com #} 4.gravatar.com #} secure.gravatar.com # 2016 Jan 05

    ============ CUT HERE ============

    Here are a couple more you can add:



    Face it. Trump cheated and is lying. Don’t care about the cheating but care about the lying. Looking forward to Trump being deposed.

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