Who Does Michael Convery and Mary Loos Work?

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    KATU or iHeartMedia?


    Mary Loos is still listed on the KATU website as weekend weather and weekday reporter.

    KATU is currently operated by Sinclair.


    Mary Loos is a full time employee at KATU. Michael is paid by both KEX and KATU. KEX has an agreement with KATU to use KATU Audio for its newscasts. KATU weather folks also record forecast information for use by all the Portland I-Heart Stations but they are not I-Heart employees nor do they receive any compensation for appearing on the I-Heart stations. KPAM has a similar agreement with KOIN as does KXL with KGW-TV.


    Doesn’t Michael Convery technically work for Total Traffic (iHeartMedia)?


    Somewhat off topic, but related; a few years ago several on this board noticed what appeared to be pre-delay KEX audio around 450.7 MHz. Speculation at the time was that this was possibly used for IFB for Convery and perhaps others for remote broadcasts.
    For grins, I tuned this frequency in today and noticed just a carrier with no audio. Is it still in use sometimes, or just a left-over artifact of the past that should be turned off?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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