White House Defies Courts – Chaos, Protests, and Lawsuits Erupt Over Immigration

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    Andy Brown

    Federal judges in New York, Virginia, and Massachusetts, among others, issued emergency stays blocking officials from removing people with valid visas and asylum claims. But the Trump administration seemed determined to press ahead despite the court ruling.

    White House Chief of staff Reince Priebus appeared to walk back parts of the hastily-prepared order, and said people with green cards from the seven countries will not be prohibited from returning to the United States. But he also further muddied the waters, noting that border agents still have “discretionary authority” to detain and question travelers. The administration will “apologize for nothing here,” Priebus said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    Still, current and former senior officials in the State Department and Department of Homeland Security told Foreign Policy that U.S. immigration and national security policy has been reduced to utter chaos. DHS officials are struggling to keep up with civil rights complaints pouring in, and guidance on implementation remains hazy, haphazard and even contradictory.

    White House Defies Courts as Chaos, Protests, and Lawsuits Erupt Over Immigration Ban

    The only good part of this is that drumpf and the Republicans own this debacle 100%.

    Not to mention the fact that the seven countries banned have never been the problem. The three countries drumpf left out of the ban are where the problems are but he has investments there.

    These conflict of interests are going to hurt him soon enough, but the instant chaos is making his administration look dumber then a box of right wing rocks.


    The courts can’t force the administration to obey court orders. Only Congress can. What are the chances this Republican Congress would impeach over this? Pretty damned low in my opinion. But if the transgressions add up – who knows?

    If we want Congress to put pressure on the administration to obey the law and the courts, we’ll need Republican lawmakers to feel the heat. So far, most of them are ducking the issue by refusing to take any position the immigration ban:


    Locally, neither Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA – 3rd) nor Rep. Greg Walden (OR – 2nd) has issued any statement about the ban. Their constituents who oppose the ban need to put the heat on them: WHERE DO YOU STAND? “No comment” is not a position!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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