Where's the ISIS issue headed?

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    Deane Johnson

    Right now, it appears the ISIS issue is a growing one. The news reports are loaded with stories on how barbaric their actions are. Surprisingly, they seem to have a lot of supporters scattered around. And, they are expressing their intent to take over the world. They currently seem to have some momentum in that direction since so many countries are slow to wake up to the issue. Remember a fellow named Hitler.

    Where do you think this is headed. Any thoughts on what is going to happen in the future.


    How about where is it BE-headed?

    Dark humor.

    That said (and maybe best not said), I don’t see the level of appeasement that was given Hitler.
    There are many nations involved in fighting them.

    Their notion of “taking over the world” is absurd.
    They’re scary guys, but not world class scary guys.


    Remember, ISIS is a byproduct of the Iraq War. Had we not gone to war, ISIS probably would not exist.


    After a weekend of terrorism in Libya and Denmark, beginning today the White House is hosting a three-day “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism.” I am perplexed as to why our President will not acknowledge the truth and call Islamic extremism what it is. In a statement the White House even called the 21 Christians who were beheaded “Egyptian citizens,” refusing to identify them as Christians. The truth is–their barbaric murderers openly said they killed them because they were “people of the cross.” Why is the President seemingly continuing to protect Islam and refusing to open his eyes to the truth?
    Franklin Graham

    …more from Graham



    I think they should call it “religious terrorism”.


    Focus on the Family is a hate group.

    Andy Brown

    “Had we not gone to war, ISIS probably would not exist.”

    Perhaps not under that name or leadership, but the problem would still have emerged, if not in Iraq, somewhere else.


    This is heading towards American boots on the ground. It will become unavoidable when one of our allies is victim of some horrendous ISIS led attack.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    The only way to eradicate ISIS is militarily. Having said that, I do see the tremendous issue invading sovereign soil before the aforementioned horrendous act has occurred.

    Although the President has the authority, he won’t increase the heat until Congress gets on board. That may be playing politics, but I think that would be best for all political hopefuls. They all have to show their colors, so to speak.

    Andy Brown


    Tread lightly. The Crusades were pretty ugly and included many massacres. Some historians see the Crusades as confident, aggressive, papal-led expansion attempts by Western Christendom; some see them as part of long-running conflict at the frontiers of Europe; and others see them as part of a purely defensive war against Islamic conquest.

    The truth is, religious zealotry of all flavors is evil. War won’t solve the core issue. Eliminating ISIS is a temporary solution, not a permanent one. In their eyes, they aren’t doing anything wrong. Their fight is not just against Coptic Christians, so painting it that way would be misrepresenting the problem. Hitler didn’t just kill Jews, either. You seem to want more labels. I don’t think that helps define the issues.

    Deane Johnson

    Andy, I agree with the post you directed to me above.. This is a widespread enough issue facing both the U.S. and the World that Congress needs to step up and state their wishes.

    My view is that they should give Obama complete authority to deal with it. It’s a moving target and tip-toeing into handling it will be counter productive.

    It will probably result in boots on the ground, but I wish the countries from the area and Europe would take on that responsibility for a change. They are much more vulnerable to immediate ISIS activities than is the U.S.

    I wish Obama would stop playing word games and man up to what is going on. The ISIS is telling us that it’s a religious war. Why try to dodge that. Frankly, I think it’s just as much a “thug” war as it is a religious one.


    If we label extremists who blow up machinery over environmental concerns ecoterrorists then calling these people religious terrorists makes good sense.

    I would love to see religious
    leaders worldwide all stand against the methods. Nobody anywhere needs people to be cruel and to justify it with religion.

    Obama needs to see support. Given how his opposition has been aggressive and opportunistic in how they present their proposals and attempt to lay blame, it’s entirely reasonable for him to expect them to commit their ideas prior to some executive action.

    The world will unify in general opposition to ISIS, but it is taking time.

    There will be the usual outliers and those who basically ignore it all.

    As this unity builds, it should be easy for our parties to also unify and suggested common sense action.

    Obama is right to let this play out for some time.

    Our opposition absolutely needs to be in tandem with others also making significant investments. Should we prevail, the resolution should be more of the same.

    Personally, every single day we do not see the world’s religion condem this group and how they are bending faith to justify terror is a day I think that much less of it overall.

    ISIS is completely unacceptable.


    I agree with Andy that this will eventually end up with boots on the ground for us.

    I agree with Deane that Obama needs to be given the entire set of keys for this. Congress needs to give the Commander in Chief the authority to act.

    I also think that Obama is being prudent here. He is not going to rush into some rash decision, nor is he going to act alone. Whatever he does, it will be as a part of a global coalition, including members of the Middle East.

    One nice thing that ISIS is doing here (if you want to call anything they do “nice”) is that they are making some longtime adversaries of the United States and our allies much more sympathetic to us. Jordan and Egypt are all-in. We know we have the support of the Saudis. It affects Iraq, as ISIS is making a huge foothold there.

    Andy Brown

    The military has been gearing up for this for a while.


    The politics of all this aren’t entirely clear-cut. On the one hand, there is little enthusiasm in the country, or in Congress, for another extended war in the Middle East. In a recent poll carried out by researchers at the University of Maryland and the research firm Gfk, fifty-seven per cent of respondents opposed sending ground troops to fight ISIS, even if air strikes fail to dislodge Islamist forces. That isn’t the entire story, though.

    Given the widespread revulsion at ISIS’s murderous tactics, and the group’s apparent eagerness to bait the United States and its allies, the public is eager to see it destroyed. Indeed, the same poll that showed that fifty-seven per cent of respondents were opposed to a ground war also found that fifty-seven per cent of respondents said that the United States should “do whatever is necessary” to defeat ISIS. (Thirty-nine per cent said that the United States should “stay out of the conflict.”) Seemingly, most Americans agree with Republican Senator Mark Kirk, of Illinois, who told the Times that, despite having some reservations, “I think it’s the right thing to do to take these guys out.”



    My friend Rick Dancer says…
    Watching OPB News Hour and my jaw is dropping. Do we really understand how to respond to terrorists? These people are criminals, crazy and need to be stopped. You can’t “Educate” them into niceness or make them feel better about themselves….these are people who are far beyond that. They are extremists. OMGosh it’s like the media is not asking questions and just lining up, holding hands and “Giving peace a chance.” If my son were the Jordanian Pilot who was burned to death by thugs I would be so pissed

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