Where were you when you heard the news on this day in 1974?

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    Andy Brown

    On this day in 1974, Richard Nixon, the most evil U.S. President to ever hold office resigned. I was working the all nighter at WSAN in Allentown, PA. I got to work and having slept all day and not having watched the news did not know. I got to the station and the AP wire machine had gone nuts. The special alert bells were ringing all Friday evening after his announcement at night and into the Saturday wee hours. For years (until it was stolen) I had the piece of wire machine copy that read something like this:
    Alert: Nixon
    Alert: Nixon Resigns
    Nixon Resigns:

    President Richard Nixon announces resignation.

    You get the picture.

    The phone in the control room was jumping off the hook. Friends and listeners called in, jubilant and excited that the vermin living in The White House was finally exterminated. There was little to no sadness over the blow to the American political system nor the national and international shame the Republican Party had dumped on the country. Many described Gerald Ford as a casper milk toast kind of politician that would be the place holder until the next election cycle. So many people from all walks of life called in for any details I might have (I didn’t) beyond the headline itself.



    I was crawling around on the floor, as I am sure that I had not yet learned to walk.


    Backyard BBQ with another family in Seattle. Us kids, all between 12 and 15, thought it was hilarious. Old enough to be interested, young enough to make fun of it.

    Andy Brown

    I still have my music log from that night.

    I was so busy trying to clean up the paper overflow mess at the AP machine, I heard Dave Foxx’s voice “Seeya” as he headed out the door after doing the ID and going into the NBC net news. I ran into the CR trying to figure out what to play first on such an auspicious occasion, knowing that Nixon had announced his resignation but had not yet actually resigned (which happened later that day which was now Saturday AM the 9th.

    First set:

    Heartsfield: Racin’ The Sun
    Sutherland Brothers and Quiver: Have You Had A Vision
    Allman Brothers: Wasted Words
    Grateful Dead: Eyes Of The World
    Argent: God Gave Rock and Roll To You

    It took a few sets more to dig up some even more appropriate stuff like the third set:

    Kathryn & Duffie & The Enemies List: Nixon’s The One
    (a single we had, I should have played the ‘B’ side titled ‘Pre-Impeachment Blues which had guitar by Waddy Wachtel and Lindsay Buckingham).


    Arlo Guthrie: Presidential Rag
    David Frye (comedy): Richard Nixon Superstar
    Robert Klein (comedy): Mind Over Matter
    Kinks: Celluloid Heroes
    (Larry Coryell & The) 11th House: Lo Tee Tah
    Atomic Rooster: Death Walks Behind You
    Andy Robinson: Needs Somebody

    Other songs that morning included ‘Framed’ by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, ‘Whale Meat Again’ by Jim Capaldi (“Mr. Politician, can’t you see
    You’re gonna kill everything including you and me
    So while you’re talking in your expensive clothes
    I think somebody’s going to shove something up your nose.”) and ‘Helpless Dancer’ from The Who. The rest of the show that morning fell back into my normal rut after a few hours of buzzing on the news. Perhaps one more song I normally did not play, ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ by Jimi Hendrix got a spin, though.


    I was working as News Director at KVAS Astoria and the UPI wire dinged so I went and checked and it was quite a shock.


    Where, praytell, is Herb?


    “Where, praytell, is Herb?”

    Burying his head in the sand probably.


    Or, perhaps, Herb is at Burger King.

    P.S. I’m not Herb.

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