Where Do We Go From Here?

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    Notice the framing here? Positive, VOTE FOR, people powered politics.

    A lesser evil conversation, however good it may be for some of us, remains an evil conversation. A common, public good is implied.

    Progressives are having explicit good conversations. Vote for conversations.

    Sanders got more youth votes in his primary than both Clinton and Trump combined.

    That’s the future. My politics for sure.



    Nope. Bernie Bros influence is marginal just like the Freedom Caucus.

    Lots of bark but no bite and no sack.



    missing_kskd: “Notice the framing here? Positive, VOTE FOR, people powered politics.”

    Sounds like a recipe to seal Trump’s second term.

    Yes, people hate negative campaigning…but IT WORKS. Especially against an unpopular incumbent. Trump is surely going to smear and trash his 2020 Democratic opponent daily on Twitter. We need a candidate who can stand up to that – not talk trash back but HIT BACK. When Trump calls you a horrible, weak person, respond that Trump is trying to take away your health care. Over and over again. Remind people of all the awful things Trump has done…and yes, of course, say what you’ll do too. But let’s face it: the media soundbite will not be the positive stuff.




    Failure to really understand that is a recipe for Trump second term.

    I will tell you right now, if she runs again? I won’t vote for her.

    Lots of Dems I will vote for though, so maybe we do not have to worry about it that much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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