Where are you investing today?

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    What a wild investing world. Nothing is sure. Stocks have been great, but some say a bubble is near. Real Estate is slowly growing, but some say it can’t last. Traditional instruments like bonds and CD’s, offer stability, but not much growth. Opinions?

    I have diversifed big-time. Some stocks, some CD’s, even a long term annuity. Nothing feels really good right now.

    Am I alone wondering where my money will end up? This is almost walking into a casino. What has worked for you, and can you depend on that to continue?


    Paul- the only “safe” investment IMO is Real Estate if you own it free and clear. If we have deflation, leverage will eat you up. If wild inflation ala Germany after WW1. Your paper assets will be good only to wipe your ass. IMO.


    Yeah, I get what you are saying. However, free and clear real estate still destroyed many back in ’08. Hopefully, this is a once in a 50-year anomaly, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


    We’re not on any bubble now, so I’d say residential real estate is still a good investment at this time. And location matters — the cheapest house on an expensive block being the key.

    The house must be habitable so you can draw income on that if you’re not going to actually live in it yourself.

    But if you’re not up to picking up a hammer or shovel, scratch real estate off your list. The math doesn’t work if you have to pay people to do your shovel lifting.

    Bare land and commercial real estate investment is best left to those already rolling in dough.

    Steve Naganuma

    Paul, Check out the DH Unplugged podcast. It is a weekly free download podcast discussing the financial markets. I find it interesting to hear their views on the markets.



    I’m shedding debt and getting my current home paid off so I can live lean and maximize my opportunities to make money later in life.

    That “Just go to the emergency room” plan I got caught up in really did some damage.

    Reset to negative at 40 basically. Ugh. At least the ACA will help many others from having similar experiences.

    I do not plan to quit working, but I will roll off the amount of work, as well as stop some types of work.

    So the other investment is in various things and companies I can add value to and profit from. The nice thing right now is sweat equity is possible and can pay well.

    Assuming I stay on track, I will have some modest 401K type investments, as well as some annuities from various things I’m doing right now.


    Good for you Missing. I think you are on the right track.

    Steve, thanks for that link.

    Right now, I am doing catch-up contributions to some stock funds. They call it catch-up for a reason, and it is a real life, real time lesson to younger people. Unfortunately, many in their 20’s can’t even imagine themselves at retirement. I know I couldn’t, but now it is almost here. Wow. Don’t want to sound like an old curmudgeon but the years DO speed up as you get older.


    They do, unless you seek new experiences. Mine slowed with all the changes this year. I like it.

    Yeah, I think so too. An older friend / mentor of mine had some similar happenings. The “working retirement” wasn’t originally in his plans, but he got dealt some tough hands.

    Really, what we’ve found out as we work on various ventures together, is that people generally do operate on a use it or lose it basis.

    So, the work, or doing some work, isn’t in and of itself a problem. Staying active tends to keep us alive in a basic sense. Nothing wrong with any of that.

    Really then, it’s about making sure work, life, fun blend together. One has the benefit of long experience, ideally a great network of peers, and some qualifications that continue to add value and bring opportunities to select from.

    Where that’s true, one can work, live, enjoy without the more painful pressure of full time work. And, depending on what people do, they may well be entrepreneurial in these efforts, which can pay very nicely, just not so regularly.

    We shall see. If I need a change up, maybe I’ll be in a better place in the near future.


    The Dow at 18K by the end of the year. There is a lot of talk this will come to fruition, as the S & P and Dow hit record highs today.

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