When People Laughed at the Idea of Trump Being President

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    This is a fun video, especially if you supported Trump. If you don’t have a huge ego and can laugh at yourself, you might enjoy it even if you voted for Hillary. If you were of the opinion that Trump was a buffoon, and emphatically declared that he had absolutely no chance to be president, as well as that anyone who entertained that possibility was a credulous boob or worse, then you probably should NOT watch this video, because it might make you feel like a stupid idiot.



    America has a lot of angry people (due largely to years of antagonism courtesy of right wing media) and Trump is a shrewd opportunist that knows how to play to the emotions of angry and gullible people. If you want to give kudos to a con artist being a good con artist, go ahead. I’m more worried about the people he duped, and those he didn’t (the NeverTrumpers and the left). We all have to deal with this pig in a poke.


    Yep…us terrible deplorables…winning!


    Broadway, are you a white supremacist? A racist? A misogynist? Do you mock the handicapped?

    If none of the above, then you are not one of the “deplorables” that Hillary (inarticulately) was referring to. But there are large swaths of Trump supporters that fit these descriptions.

    Are you in league with these kind of people?


    “Those who can make you believe absurdities will be able to make you commit atrocities.”   –Voltaire

    “The misuse of language induces evil in the soul.” — Socrates


    Although I did not vote for Trump, his talk is softer of late. Today he stated that he was not going to tamper with Same Sex Marriage, as it the law. However, he may advice of some restrictions on Abortion. What those are is anyone’s guess. But the GOP is concerned about the protests. Even Ryan, speaker of the House stated there was nothing to be concerned about as they want to get America back to work and fix Obama Care. So there is hope.


    At no point during his campaign did Donald Trump actionable specificity of any kind on any issue. In point of fact, he routinely contradicted himself as well as his surrogates on a wide array of issues. In some cases even on the same day. There’s not a single Trump supporter on this board that could point out anything specific or actionable he’s ever said or outlined, either.

    He ran on a whole lot of hyperbole, vitriol, and very broad and deep red meat conservative talking points which connected with just enough people to eke out an Electoral College win while ultimately losing the popular vote. I mention that now, and no doubt will do so again, as a simply reminder (for some) that while he did in fact win the Presidency he did not do so in a commanding fashion and certainly not in any way that indicates he has a sweeping mandate. The fact of the matter is, more people voted for his opponent. By definition, the country remains deeply divided. He and others would do well to keep that in mind if he wants to be a successful President.

    So, now what? Well, nature abhors a vacuum. (Science!) In the early days of President Elect Trump we can already see a wide cast of Washington D.C. insiders, including both Republican career politicians and corporate lobbyists, swooping in to surround the new leader of the free world. It’s far too early to tell for certain, but if pressed to make a prediction today I would suggest Donald Trump’s administration is going to end up looking a lot like that of George W Bush. (Or at the least, as frightening as it is to type out the following, that’s the glass half full perspective.)

    How’s that swamp draining coming along, Republicans?

    As for President Elect Trump’s campaign rhetoric, he’s already abandoning a host of issues he ran on.

    • The Affordable Care Act will likely be altered. Not fully repealed, nor fully replaced. Apparently it’s not quite so terrible and awful?
    • The Wall will never be built. Now, it’s being talked about as a fence, or perhaps even something more metaphorical than that.
    • There will be no national deportation force.
    • There will be no uniform ban of Muslims entering the United States.
    • I actually support Donald Trump’s call for a massive infrastructure spending plan. You know who doesn’t? Republicans in Congress.
    • President Elect Trump had a phone call with the President of China already. He (Donald Trump) was warned about the impact upon the U.S. economy if he engaged in any kind of trade war with China, and Donald Trump in turn had (by all reports) had nothing but kind and conciliatory words to offer the leadership of China during the call. He’s quite the tough guy.

    Donald Trump will likely as not just go on being Donald Trump. Mike Pence and the aforementioned life long career politicians and lobbyists of Washington will be carrying a great deal of the weight of actually keeping the government running as Donald Trump likely has not the intellect or the interest in actually doing so.

    Based upon Donald Trump’s own statements since being elected, I get the strong impression that he’s beginning to realize the very same thing I outlined from the beginning of this circus: the effective governance of the United States is an extraordinary complex job and there are no simple solutions for any problems you could name. Donald Trump at the moment looks more humbled, and borderline overwhelmed if not out and out frightened, than at any time I can remember.

    As for the OP, yes I laughed at Trump. Many, informed people laughed at Trump. How could the United States possibly elect someone to the most powerful office in the world whom possessed no discernable qualifications for it whatsoever, who lies with seemingly every breath, who is a thin skinned bully, and who espouses racist, bigoted, misogynistic speech on a regular basis?

    I’m not laughing now. I’m scared for our country.

    I credited Republican primary voters with greater intelligence than that. I was wrong.

    I credited more general election voters with greater intelligence than that. I was wrong about that, too. As a Trump supporters you can go right on ignoring all of those assertions; even though every single one of them is factually supportable and should alarm you regardless of your political ideology.

    Here’s a genuine question for the Trump supporters here about: Does it even matter to you that almost none of the things he ran upon are actually going to come about?


    “I’m not laughing now. I’m scared for our country.”

    My feelings exactly… it will be interesting to see if the OP will have the same opinion after a year or two of Trump in the white house.

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