What's next for KGWZ?

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    Will we see new diginet(s) in November or at the first of the year? Tegna isn’t making any $$$ showing the PDX skyline 24 hours a day.


    My guess:

    As a sacrifice to repacking.


    If I were KGW, I’d be thinking about a relaunch of KGWZ on Thanksgiving weekend. Interesting that we’ve heard nothing about negotiations for channels or Comcast carriage at this point.

    And let’s add two more possible candidates. According to RabbitEars, a station in Las Vegas recently added a movie channel called Moxie and another called Oldie Goldies, which focuses on older mostly B&W titles.


    Well, no relaunch of KGWZ over Thanksgiving. We still have the holidays just around the bend.


    Are there any syndicate TV programs that aren’t available in the Portland TV market compare to other TV markets? I’m thinking if KGWZ could add some syndicate programs or more news that will be great.


    Do you mean Diginets that aren’t available OTA in Portland? Yes, there are many, Movies, Bounce, The Works, Heroes & Icons, Buzzr, etc. You can google a list of all of the diginet material on the air in the country and which TV markets has them. Of course markets like LA, Chicago, and NY has most of them with so many OTA channels.


    The RabbitEars site can give you a good idea of the diginets that aren’t available in PDX but should be. With at least one network expected to switch stations soon, MundoMax going dark tomorrow night, and the ongoing saga at KGWZ, I’d say that the coming weeks should see some moves being made. How Comcast accommodates those moves should be interesting, too. Your point about syndicated prograns is a good one, though. Popular ones like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” might be tough to get because of cable channels that have snapped up most of the good ones. Older series might be easier to get, though.

    By the way, the RabbitEars page is at


    No I meant syndicated program that’s available in another market, but not Portland market such as access Hollywood live or Hollywood today, etc.


    KOIN still has “Extra” & “Entertainment Tonight.” Haven’t seen an episode of “ET” in years. “Access Hollywood” ran out of gas a long time ago. I don’t think syndicated shows of that kind draw here very well these days. Older series and movie packages seem to be doing well (Antenna TV, Get TV, etc.).


    Doing some research on Portland TV market and other tv markets. Here are some of the syndicated programs not available in the PDX market.

    Pawn Stars
    Rules of Engagement
    Corrupt Crimes
    Forensic Files
    Just for Laughs
    Supreme Justice with Karen Mills
    Judge Alex
    The Verdict with Jadge Hatchett
    Raising Hope
    Hollywood Today
    Access Hollywood Live
    Who wants to be a Millionaire
    The List

    Also some of the syndication should be in daytime, not overnights such as.
    Steve Harvey Show
    The Insider
    Access Hollywood
    Right This Minute


    Might agree with you on “Millionaire.” EScape (now on KUNP after the MundoMax closedown the other night) runs “American Greed,” which was originally produced for CNBC. KGW now runs the TD Jakes show on weekday afternoons as promotes it on Facebook every chance they get. Steve Harvey is OK on “Family Feud,” but his talk show I can do without. “Pawnstars” might do OK on KPDX on late night weekends, but that show just isn’t my cup of tea. The rest of your list, I think, most people could do without. Old series and movies do better. After Trump, folks want something to watch with no chance of seeing his face filling the screen.

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