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    Radiodork come to San Francisco Bay Area and let me know what do you think about the radio dial. It’s too…..(fill in the blank).



    Dissapointed but not surprised to see this. KFLY was the best rock station around as far as I’m concerned.

    The people running radio continue to prove over and over again that they don’t really know what the hell they are doing.

    Alan Craig

    Sorry to be a contrarian & go rogue here, but in my estimation this was less about format than it was about reducing payroll. Last two book average for Men & Adults 25-54 showed KFLY more than holding its own in am/pm drive with numbers even surpassing their sister jukebox down the hall, KODZ. There were no consultants involved that I’m aware of and no market research either. And if memory serves, I don’t believe BC has hired a f/t programming staffer since they took over from CC in ’07. Bottom line: A salary dump for BiCoastal somewhere in the neighborhood of $100k+/- for the 3 talents was the sole driver of this “flip.”


    I can certainly understand why they would want to cut costs but what does that have to do with a format change? If it works, don’t fix it. When was the last time a station successfully switched to AAA? Even the “legacy” stations aren’t holding up very well anymore.


    Still laughing at Alfredo’s “crusty old Gen-Xers” comment!


    Face the FACTS smoochie- KFLY was getting great ratings in all the major dayparts, it has NOTHING to do with poor ratings and everything to do with POLITICAL Bullshit. I wish someone would pull their head out of their asses and bring this format to portland since there is a MAJOR void in this format in the portland Market. In my opinion there are a ton of great new rock albums out that no portland radio stations are playing
    like new music from
    Five Finger Death Punch
    Slash and Myles Kennedy
    and those are just off the top of my head.

    RIP KFLY- one of the best rock stations in the country, BY FAR! I remember the first time i heard KFLY. I was sitting at Woodstock’s Pizza in Corvalis. The workers had the station BLASTING at full volume in the back kitchen. Had to listen closely so i could figure out what radio station they were listening to because it was AWESOME!


    What everybody is leaving out is how hard it is to sell a current rock format today. There are few advertisers that covet the 18 to 29 male demographic. Because they simply don’t have money in general. You can argue about the format and how you like rock all day but these business truths are the real problem.


    Apparently, you’re not addressing my most recent post, Radiodork. Politics have nothing to do with radio. If they changed format, it had to be because they couldn’t sell the previous one or saw a better opportunity with the current one. All I have are the total numbers that show KFLY near the bottom of the ratings. With that in mind, I cannot believe that 25-54 Adults could be holding its own, unless we’re talking about being among the bottom dwellers or itself. I haven’t listened to KODZ for a long time. Is it possible that their appeal has moved away from 25-54 and more into 35-64?


    Radiodork is arrogant and ignorant when it’s comes to $$$ and demographics. Lots of millenials don’t listen to active rock. Most of them listen to EDM, hip-hop, or Indy music. Plus, records labels haven’t release lots of Rock music lately. Most of the active rock stations have to rely on recurrent hits of the past decade.


    There was a time when KUPL had a 10.2 share, but they had difficulty selling the older demos that “Beautiful Music” or “Easy Listening” drew at the time. They made a decision to switch format to “Country”, and they found a way to sell airtime like crazy to 25-54-year-olds…


    I can see how a company could pull the plug on a format if they weighed the cost of actually marketing the station to get more numbers/revenue and then determined that it wasn’t worth it.

    But at that point, why even be in the radio business if you are just going to throw in the towel?

    Aren’t these BiCoastal people experienced radio pro’s?

    Anyone on here actually ever worked for them? Are they in over their heads with all these small market properties and low cash flow?

    If they can’t even compete in Eugene they should maybe consider selling the whole company.


    Many years ago, somebody explained on this board that a metric called a “power ratio” is used in the radio advertising world to rank the desirability of different radio formats. The explanation said that formats with high “power ratios” are those that have the chance of making the most money for radio stations. Various different audience demographic factors go into the calculation of power ratios, though it is mainly about the disposable income of the listeners to a given station.

    The power ratio discussion explained that Smooth Jazz was abandoned as a radio format because its power ratio was too low. Why was the power ratio low? It was low because the wrong people were listening. Smooth Jazz created a perception of prestige on the air. One would think that this was a preferred radio format among white collar professionals. However, the format was received as a “soft R&B” style format by the listening audience.

    I think that maybe we should be asking:

    • What is the power ratio of active rock today (compared to other formats)?
    • Who listens to active rock today?
    • Whose commercials are running on KFLY?
    • What happened to the the people who made up active rock’s listener base during the format’s heyday?
    • Is the active rock audience growing or shrinking?

    There were so many Beautiful Music stations at that time that I didn’t realize KUPL ever had a 10.2 rating but it must have been behind KGW. The only #1 rating I’m aware of for KUPL was just before the format change to Country, which was 8.8. At the same time, the Music of Your Life AM had 5.7. Both stations were gone almost immediately.


    Not to get off topic or anything but their Medford station just did the same thing! This from Radio Insight: https://radioinsight.com/blog/headlines/93948/kzze-medford-or-drops-active-rock-for-aaa/#more-93948

    Andy Brown

    “Whose commercials are running on KFLY?”

    Best question in the thread, so far.

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