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    I realize fly is not a Portland station but I am really concerned because Kfly is one of the last great rock stations in the country. When I click on the website( which is under construction it says up in the corner “world class rock” WTF???? Please say it ain’t so. Kfly has always been my station of choice when I’m in the Corvallis area. A great station with s great variety of rock and newer rock. I wish a REAL rock station would come to Portland that sounds like KFly!! Ok insiders what’s going on at Kfly??


    See posts under “Eugene Radio Happenings”. Either “Active” or “Mainstream Rock” only exists in 20 of the top 50 markets and in only 12, does it score in the top ten stations. It is no longer the music of choice for the average young male and there lies the problem.


    I want a REAL rock station in Portland that plays bands like Rage against The Machine, Rob Zombie,tool, Velvet Revolver, Buckcherry and a lot more of the newer bands. None of the so called rock stations in Portland play any of these bands or any of the harder edgier rock. There is a huge gap in the Portland market for a great rock station that is not being filled. why not? These tiny markets around the country have awesome rock stations that put on a much better product than any of the so called rock stations in Portland. 1059 the brew does a terrible job with the music. I feel like I’m listening to a soccer mom rock station, half of there format are songs that charle fm plays. The variety on 1059 the brew is terrible. That station needs a musical enema. It’s far from a rock station.


    Just off the top of my head, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco don’t have one either. Whey should we have one when they don’t?


    Wow RIP Kfly. A sad day for rock fans like myself. Hopefully World class Diarrhea won’t be around very long


    Why shouldn’t Portland have a rock station smooch? Just because LA or San fran doesn’t have one, doesn’t mean the Portland market wouldn’t support one. And I find it hard to believe that a 20 to 30 year old guy would not be interested in a rock station. Top 40 is filled with crap like Justin Beiber and artists that appeal only to a 12 year old girl. A greatly programmed rock station would succeed in the Portland market. Kufo had great ratings for years. It was only until the last couple of years that there ratings really started to tank.

    Matt Jones


    Your best option.


    …or a phone app for Pandora. If you must hear commercials, most major market rockers do stream.


    Rock station doesn’t work here in San Francisco because of the demographics and lifestyle. Hey, we don’t have a single country radio station in the Bay Area. San Jose got 2, SF got 0. Most of the music station in San Francisco are rhythmic, urban, and pop. Alternative, AAA, and classic Rock are struggling in the ratings. Just look at the numbers for KITS, KFOG, and KSAN.

    Andy Brown

    I can boil it down to a few “problems” for you. Most (all in the major market) music stations employ a Top 40/CHR format of one sort or another. Whether it be country, classic, pop . . . whatever . . . it’s all executed and programmed the same way. The target (and this is pivotal) is females 18 – 34 years old.

    “These women are generally very busy. Often they’re trying to balance career, kids, appointments, etc. They’re in the car a lot but for relatively short periods of time. In order to keep their interest, we try to keep things very fast paced content-wise. We’re also doing our best to make sure that as soon as they turn on our station, they’re going to hear a very popular hit song. We don’t waste time with a lot of “filler” on these stations. Thus, most of the music you’ll hear is relatively new – released within the last two years or so. The DJs keep their breaks quick. We know we don’t have a lot of time to reel in these women.”


    Not to mention that all these commercial stations are likely to be owned by one of four corporations (in the big markets especially). The truth is you could drive through seven different states and find yourself having to change stations almost every half-hour and still can’t tell the difference between any of the radio programming you heard.

    IMO payola isn’t really dead, and corporations now own a lot of the music they play. It’s not a level playing field. It’s hard to remember when it last was a level playing field.

    Over 90% of all commercial stations are competing with one of the top 5 formats and what you want, radio dork, is not even close to being in those top 5. Portland stopped having “great” radio stations in the 80’s when the deregulation of ownership began and the new pay for play-ola came to town. Some college stations and some LPFM’s are all that is left that are on occasion worth listening to. If you have discerning tastes of any kind, if you search you can find one that matches up. Oh, and as far as Pandora or any other streaming service, you will never find true satisfaction there, either. Not to mention how they are the pariahs of non payment to artists, far exceeding the radio biz in cheating performers out of royalties.


    Well the closest thing to a real rock station is the brew, but they are far from it. Since just about every format targets women can’t we have 1 rock station that targets guys???? We do exist. I think another Kufo type of rock station needs to come to town it would do well because it’s filling in the gap of a much needed format


    The real problem is that it’s too small of a niche’. Large groups of people can’t rally around the format anymore because what some people really like, others can’t stand and vice versa. When baby boomers were young adults, AOR was huge, sometimes having three to four stations in the top ten and aimed directly at 18-24 year old men. Today’s 18-24 year old men didn’t grow up on Rock and are not passionate about it. E-dawg, I understand that the zip codes where Country is viable are covered rather well, even if San Francisco itself is not.


    You need to get in this baby and set the dials to somewhere between 1993 and 2005. Andy would probably suggest that you not set the dials any higher than 1996.

    Your ticket to active rock

    Seriously, though, I think that the answer is that active rock is on its way to the format graveyard because it is no longer mainstream enough to support itself. For the last 10 years or so, rap has been the music of choice for young men, not active rock or “alternative” rock. Active rock and “alternative” are for crusty ol’ Gen-Xers who like to reminisce about the “good old days” of the 1990s.



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    Master of Disaster

    The Master of Disaster concurs with what Matt Jones, Randy, and Alfredo said.

    Not only have tastes changed in demographics where the cohorts are far different than they were even 5-10 years ago, and more often than not find it on distribution mediums that aren’t traditional radio (To put it bluntly, “Alternative” had its heyday 20 years ago, and thinking that anyone would prefer to listen to the music from the time period they were conceived is crazy). Even a technophobic family member of the Master of Disaster who swears they’ll never touch online services for ‘privacy reasons’ found stations playing music they like–on their satellite TV subscription.

    Edit: Okay, someone broke the forum; if it was this post, chalk up another “winner” for the



    Disaster! XD

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