What the Left Doesn't Get

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    Various surveys have shown that nearly 40% of Trump supporters are silent. This has a double effect.

    First, it prevents engagement between those with differing political views, thereby minimizing any chance of their being persuaded otherwise.

    It also messes with pollsters’ predictions.



    Getting in the face of Trump supporters only emboldens them. Violence and scare tactics are actually helping this administration, as is the ‘caravan’ footage that shows MS-13 rock throwing gang members. Same thing with accusing a SCOTUS nominee who already successfully passed six background checks and a ‘letter’ is withheld until the final days before confirmation.

    Hillary said not to be civil.

    Yet when the left loses its crazies, expect Democrats to be taken seriously.

    The radio ad has been running over the past week in Missouri and features two middle-aged men having a conversation about the hotly contested Missouri Senate race, CNN reports. McCaskill’s Republican challenger Josh Hawley has targeted her for her liberal positions, but the ad presents her as a centrist who bucks her party.

    “Claire’s not one of those crazy Democrats. She works right in the middle and finds compromise,” one man says.




    What the Left Does Get: the House of Representatives. Welcome back, Speaker Pelosi.

    Nationally, 8% more voters of the total voting for Congress voted for Democratic candidates than Republicans.


    Republicans picked up seats in the Senate because Democrats running in red states like Missouri, Florida, and Indiana had to defend their seats; Republicans had to defend only a small number of seats. Had they had to defend every Republican seat this year, with that 8% gap in votes for Democratic House members over Republicans, the Senate would look very different.


    Andy Brown

    This election will definitely go in the books as a fail for Republicans, a shrinking party that is moving more and more to the right. The supporters are loud but a shrinking minority.

    The GOP not only lost the House, losing at least 17 incumbent seats, they also lost at least 6 governorships.

    Conservative driven ballot measures in Oregon all lost.

    What the right also loses is the ability to end the Mueller investigation (unless drumpf wants to trigger impeachment which probably wouldn’t happen otherwise since the GOP retained a small majority in the Senate).

    Spin away, Herb.

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