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    Exactly what? Everything he was he owed to Republicans, but he stabbed them in the back. Skin color was more important to him than loyalty.


    He’s a reasonable voice within the GOP that was savaged when he refused to compromise his integrity.

    (I can just feel your good old Christian seething hatred)


    “Colin Powell is a RINO and a traitor.”

    “Stabbed them in the back?” After a cadre of rich white guys set him up to take the fall over Iraq, sending him to the UN with a pack of lies that he then broadcast to the world? A black man that rose to the rank of Lt. General, and it was the GOP that did for him? If anything, the GOP sold him down the river.


    Everything he was he owed to Republicans, but he stabbed them in the back.


    Fuck yes, he pushed back on that shit. Damn near ruined him, and unlike the war criminals in charge, Colin Powell actually cares about that stuff, takes it seriously, and was pissed as well as mortified at how Iraq played out.

    As he should be.

    The real traitors, you know the ones who lied to us, “fix the facts to fit the policy” style, are being let off very, very nicely, and I believe doing that is a mistake.

    It’s a mistake, because there now is no penalty at all for lies.

    …which is why I say politics is just advocacy now, not debate. Facts don’t matter to one party, so now they just don’t matter as much overall.

    …which is also why ridicule and other ugly means and methods make perfect sense these days too.

    If we don’t actually call out the bat shit consistently and with force, we will have to live with the bat shit.

    Powell is a solid person with a good record and who understands public service, military policy, and all that can mean for ordinary people.

    And they used him, trashed him, and to what end? Billions spent, families broken, people dead, and the costs of taking care of those who didn’t die ignored, or marginalized.

    I worried about Powell, until he did finally decide to return to the basics and just get past that garbage.

    And fuck clowns like you can somehow say, “stabbed them in the back?” with a straight face?

    …clearly demonstrating how and why calling out bat shit, not being nice about it makes sense. Apparently a few too many Americans don’t have what it takes to sort this stuff out proper, and they make for a base of power easily exploited to ill ends.


    UF&UB said>>>
    Everything he was he owed to Republicans, but he stabbed them in the back.

    Absolute HORSESHIT!!

    Other way around hypocrite. Shows how much loyalty you have to America my friend. YOU were 100% behind the lies that he sold to the UN which makes you a traitor. Colin woke up and couldn’t live with himself.

    You UF&UB, are a psychopath!

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