WH lies continue, from top to bottom

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    Never mind the lies from Press Secretary Sanders, the entire office has been built on lies from top to bottom.

    From the LA Times: “Yet here we are with a president who lies at will, surrounded by enablers and apologists, and whose ignorance of the importance of the institutions he is attacking is astounding.”

    The most astounding thing is they lie and don’t even try to pretend they are not lying. It is a tragic reality show that will likely be cancelled soon.

    Here is the full editorial:



    “These aren’t the actions of a president; they are the inane chatter from the loudmouth at the end of the bar.”
    You may not know many New Yorkers. Like Texans and Californians, folks from the Big Apple tend to extend the truth a bit. Never take them at their literal word.


    1300 times since Inauguration Day?


    All day every day. Even on Sundays. Hillary Clinton is a non-native New Yorker. I rarely believed anything she said, too.


    What 1300 things could a private citizen like Hilary Clinton say publicly since January 20th that are easily proven to be false? It isn’t just someone’s opinion that Trump has lied over 1300 times since taking office. It’s documented, often by him saying the opposite thing, in a previous statement. Even Fox News admits that he lies and they’re basically a propaganda arm of the Trump administration!


    Given that Hillary lost and is not president, I’m trying to figure out the infatuation that many Trump supporters have with her. Maybe it’s the 3+ million more votes that she had more than Trump? Benghazi? The whole email hubbub?

    Hillary shifted her legal residence to New York before running for The Senate. It’s legal, and happens more often than you think. She’s also not native to Arkansas. Does this hurt her credibility as well?

    The whole Hillary thing now serves as nothing more than a deflection of the sheer lies coming from the Trump administration.


    The right wrote their anti-President Hillary playbook years ago, and they are bummed that she didn’t win so they could use her as a punching bag. So I guess they are figuring, “Why not?” and just running it anyway.

    Nonsensical…but what do you expect from the Party of Trump?


    Hillary shifted her legal residence to New York before running for The Senate. It’s legal, and happens more often than you think.
    Not true. After her election victory and before swearing into office. She did rent rooms at the Manhattan Ritz-Carlton a week before the election. I was there.


    You were there?!?
    In her rooms?

    You could have a story to tell!


    The Rethugs just can’t quit Hillary. I can think of no other woman that has such contol over them.


    How can you tell when a politician is lying?
    When his/her/its lips are moving.

    What at times amazes me concerning all the inane hate and chatter is further ignited a year ago today when y’all went to bed Tuesday night assured Clinton is an 8 to 1 sure shot winner only to wake up Wednesday morning to watch/hear Trump win.
    There are three sides to every story and there are three ways to persuade and argue. As during the Revolutionary War, one third of folks didn’t know or didn’t care. Ripe for the Pied Piper of Hamelin effect.
    ‘Main stream’ media lies. Been in enough news rooms to realize “If it bleeds it leads”. There is tremendous competition for attention and people will say or do anything. It’s working.

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