Westboro Baptist Church invading Oregon soon

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    As do I


    “Take-away question: When people live in little bubbles with fabricated extreme rhetoric, do they eventually start to believe that the rhetoric is true?”

    Of course they do. You’re an example.


    If that was directed at Alfredo, you’re way out of line!

    I suspect it was a case of mistaken identity.


    Indeed, Amus… a big WTF response from here as well!


    Yes, mistaken ID. I was responding as if Jerry had wrote that, not Alfredo.

    Which figures as it was too good of a softball to throw out there…


    Dodger says “There’s a lot that you don’t know about Broadway cause he lives the life the way it’s supposed to be lived.”

    If broadway (and people of his ilk) was less of a @sshole, there would be less homeless kids to feed.

    See how that works? There’s a lot about life you don’t know. So you ought to stop quoting Rush Limbaugh re: how life is supposed to be lived.


    Greedy monopolistic unions help keep people poor by unfairly sucking up a disproportionate amount of the labor dollars, driving up prices and forcing others to have lower paying jobs and or less purchasing power. Union bosses and their minions live high on the hog at the expense of lower pay and poverty for others.

    They shut people out of the labor force by demanding an unrealisitic minimum wage (which is for their own benefit), which locks some into welfare and no means to advance.

    It’s ridiculous that a man who feeds the poor is also blamed for making them poor, especially by hypocrites whose solution is to shake dollars out of “the rich”, while patting themselves on the back for being so compassionate.


    WTF are you talking about, and how does it apply to this thread?


    bat shit nuts


    I won’t be able to attend any of WBC’s announced appearances in my town due to I am always busy Sunday mornings at my own church. There are other blogs about this and most of my Christians friends agree what is best…just ignore…their lives have been reduced to suing over site incidents…very sad people and not helping anyone. I only mention what I do to help people because others here have severely disparaged me and my faith as nothing…just saying otherwise.


    It’s a lot less nutty than blaming broadway for the poverty of the people he helps.

    And it’s really crappy the way some of you bully broadway and that so many turn a blind eye towards it. It’s disgraceful.


    Here’s the deal:

    1. Broadway helps feed people, and he cares about that.

    This is a good thing.

    2. Broadway, and a lot of others, who help people in need, and who care about that, also happen to support policy visions that aren’t shown to combat poverty, and have been shown in a lot of cases to increase it.

    This is not a good thing. We have a problem with poverty, and it’s growing, and it’s expensive.

    3. Some people make a big deal out of any help they give. Others simply give the help. When people make a big deal out of the help they give, it can be in the context of something related to giving help, or it can be held up as a badge or shield of some sort.

    The former case is simply people taking pride in the help they give. And it’s benign in most cases.

    The latter case, where giving help is used as a badge is the self-serving case mentioned above. Still, good things get done, but the poverty cycle isn’t being remedied, which means the net good, or cost of those good things is dubious, yet the people attempting to do a net good thing still feel really good about it.

    Not benign, though well intentioned, and hobbled by frequent and sometimes profound willful ignorance.

    None of that is establishing blame.

    Now, F&B, your rant above?

    Like I said, bat shit nuts. Not even worth responding to frankly.


    …and there is a case where:

    4. People give help to atone for various bad things they have done.

    Not benign at all. Very self-serving and enabling for whatever bad things they have chosen to do.

    Not only do they want a shield, they seek an out, some cleansing, or purge to right wrongs in their own minds. Society may well beg to differ.

    Giving help is good, but it’s not a badge or shield, or entitlement to some end. It’s just help.

    …unless it comes with strings, then it could be help, or control, or an abuse of some sort too.

    Point being, the various things being discussed are atomic in the sense that doing one, say the help, isn’t really material to doing another, say promoting discrimination against gay people, for another example.


    Bat shit nutty says: “And it’s really crappy the way some of you bully broadway”

    Bullying? Don’t you mean like how broadway and his ilk bully kids to death:

    Andy Brown

    “And it’s really crappy the way some of you bully broadway and that so many turn a blind eye towards it. It’s disgraceful.”

    What’s really crappy is your attitude, Vern. It’s phony. You’re phony. Your estimate of your self worth and accuracy in posting is phony. What’s disgraceful is you really don’t get it. Your annoyance at the cacophony of responses only underscores your limitations. You post from the hip, you don’t know how to do proper research (neither does Broadway but at least he doesn’t try and fake it like you do) and you think that a plethora of references contrary to your point(s) are all wrong.

    And the only responses you can come up with are grade school similes like “it’s a lot less nutty” and “it’s really crappy.”

    Hardly. It’s the proper treatment of an unsubstantiated one sided argument and vacuous rejection of real facts, not fictional rhetoric and dogma. At least Broadway realizes it’s about faith and lets it go at that. For the umpteenth time, it’s not his faith that is being challenged here but rather his practices. You really need to pay closer attention or hire a tutor. It isn’t about feeding the poor but what and how you communicate with them as they accept the handouts. It’s all part of the evangelical approach to proselytizing the vulnerable and that is despicable and not at all honorable. Here, starving poor person, take this food but you’ll have to listen to my sales pitch about my religion. What a joke. No one really thinks a hungry person is paying the least bit attention to that kind of bullshit. Not anyone sane, anyway. You and Broadway have watched too many old westerns in black and white. Life is in color. Open your eyes.

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