Westboro Baptist Church invading Oregon soon

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    Big schedule coming this weekend…pick your place of protest…they’re going to be all over the place at the same time!


    They won’t do well here. Oregon has laughed them away a couple times now.


    Westboro has a lot in common with Broadway, Herb, and F&B.

    I might just show up with a stinging sign to object to these jerks.


    They also say that they’re going to be in a lot of places, but don’t always show.


    I’d like to see them run screaming from Astoria.


    >>Westboro has a lot in common with Broadway
    Just to put the record straight…I object to EVERYTHING they espouse!!! EVERYTHING!!! I have one word for them…say “Projection”. Talk about someone that needs to disappear.


    Are you going to be there protesting?


    Broadway will be busy doing what he does EVERY week: feeding the homeless under the bridges in Salem. Maybe some of his detractors here ought to try it sometime.

    Westboro Baptist “Church” is not a church, it’s a family of attorneys who do this for one reason only: lawsuits. They thrive and survive on big settlements from idiots that lose their cool at one of the WBC “protests”.
    NO one needs to counter their “protests”. Just ignore them.

    There’s a lot that you don’t know about Broadway cause he lives the life the way it’s supposed to be lived.


    Are you sure about broadway, dodger? From what I gather from the good people on this forum, he’s an evil man and sometimes he kills people.

    I’ve learned the same thing about Westboro. They aren’t ideologues. They are sue-ers. They should be ignored.


    Great. I’ve got tickets to the Blazer game for Saturday. Hopefully they’ll be out of the way before we get there. If they even show up.


    Westboro and the likes of Herb, Broadway, F&B are all on the same team.


    Westboro Baptist was supposed to come to Portland about four years ago but was a no-show. I had a passing thought to go by the protest site, just to see the carnival.

    It is probably best to stay away from any Westboro Baptist events because these people are manipulative. They know that their antics are guaranteed to stir counter protests because they are poking a sharp stick in the eyes of patriots, pro-gay people, and most people who believe in the existence of a deity. No amount of counter-protesting will make them back down.

    Take-away question: When people live in little bubbles with fabricated extreme rhetoric, do they eventually start to believe that the rhetoric is true? Do the Westboro Baptist people really believe their own message? Do dictators believe their own rhetoric (because people in their governments validate it in order to keep their jobs and lives)?


    I certainly don’t put Broadway, Herb or Jerry with the same crowd as WBC. As mentioned by dodger, WBC are lawyers and opportunists of the worst caliber.

    I also don’t put those with agnostic, atheistic or non-belief’s into the same category. Same goes with all GOP and Dems. It’s just too easy to and lacks any real thought.

    WBC did protest at my kids, then, high school a few years ago. They arrived earlier than planned and were gone by the time most of the students had arrived to protest.

    @Alfredo – WBC is now a very small “church.” I suspect when the money gets tight they find places to practice their filth. But many who used to be attendees have left the church and renounce it.

    We give WBC credence when we react stupidly.

    On a different note:

    Those who give of their time to help others is worthy. However, I have found that there is no need to broadcast ones good deeds. It draws the wrong kind of attention, IMHO. Quietly changing the lives of others is what I believe is the better way and what my own personal values hold too.


    Which is EXACTLY what Jesus said, isn’t it?


    I still maintain that it’s ultimately self serving to pat yourself on the back for helping the poor while blindly supporting policies that create more poor, all the while blaming them for their own plight.

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