Way to go Georgia!

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    Looks like both senate races in Georgia are going to the dems. Still a bit close, but the votes still out are in democratic areas. If this holds the dems regain the senate.


    Senate majority leader Schumer has a nice ring to it.

    But not as nice as senate minority leader McConnell.


    Huge upside for the Democrats to control the Senate, obviously, but they aren’t going to get much legislation passed unless they get rid of the filibuster (doubt it). In that case, the huge upside is for cabinet secretaries and judges/justices – Biden will actually be able to get many/most of his choices without burning much political capital. And once a year, there will be a big budget reconciliation bill they can pass with a simple majority in the Senate – so they can raise taxes on the wealthy, which will be important.

    But Republicans are going to filibuster almost everything else – again.

    Andy Brown

    Not to mention Senate committee chairpersons.


    It will be interesting how the 50-50 power sharing arrangement will work. This last happened back in 2001, with Dick Cheney breaking ties (for a few months, anyway, until Jim Jeffords defected from the GOP and gave the Democrats a 51-49 majority). Although the VP broke the tie then and will again, they made the committee memberships equal vs. the majority having extra members when one party has more than a 50-50 majority. The Democrats will have the chairmanships but an equal number of members as Republicans. So when nominations are reported out of committees, they would need a Republican vote in each committee to go along. That is, if they choose the same arrangement as in 2001.


    Honestly, after the Nov 3 elections, I really didn’t give the Dems much hope to pull this off. Stacey Abrams and her constituency deserve lots a credit with the grassroots efforts. She is one smart politician. And to have it be Georgia, of all states, bringing it home for the Dems.

    But now we have to get past the riots/thugs on the Capital grounds, find some way to create that peaceful transition we’re known for. But I also believe things have changed forever, just like the virus will forever change what we knew as normal. We may see threads of our former selves from time to time…but we are in a different world politically moving forward. IMHO.


    Dems can thank Trump for handing them those two Senate seats.


    The State of Georgia certified the election results for both Democratic victors.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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