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    I cannot remember the name of the guy who kept complaining about KUFO and active rock being gone. What I do recall is that he posted some links to some political commentary videos that he had made, and he always appeared in a motorcycle jacket without a shirt underneath.

    …And that’s what got him booted. It was found that he was monetising his Youtube posts and misusing this forum as a link-through to generate personal income. Not OK. Not going to mention his handle so as not to promo him any more than he’s done himself. You can find it easily enough if you go through the backlogs of IIRC late 2017 or early 2018.

    That, and he was posting political opinions that went against the herd and people disagreed with, which as you know is absolutely frowned on in Portland. (Which is why I do it so much.)

    I also recall he would get hardons over Burgerville’s nasty-ass petrified greasebombs they call “onion rings”, and Imagine Dragons.



    Another is the licensee but I don’t recall ever hearing it. In a related area, I’m guessing that you can no longer ID as “KOIN, channel six, Portland”, since that isn’t the actual channel.


    Andy Brown

    That may not be true. It’s difficult to discern.

    Quoting from the rules: “the name of the licensee, the station’s frequency, the station’s channel number, as stated on the station’s license, and/or the station’s network affiliation may be inserted between the call letters and station location.”

    “DTV stations, or DAB Stations, choosing to include the station’s channel number in the station identification must use the station’s major channel number and may distinguish multicast program streams.”


    For an explanation of what “major channel number” means, go here:


    It appears that the answer may be that they can use the number that isn’t their real channel assignment, but the text of DA 15-662 is at the minimum difficult to parse out into an answer.



    One could make a case that the station ID is in the public interest, convenience and necessity and since the public thinks that Channel 2 is actually on Channel 2, then that obligation has been fulfilled.



    I also recall he would get hardons over Burgerville’s nasty-ass petrified greasebombs they call “onion rings”, and Imagine Dragons.

    I did a search on the term “onion rings,” and that brought me to the idiotic, self-promoting dumpster fire that was this person. This person’s message board handle was aptly chosen.

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)

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