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    From the article: The Portland metro area is the most religiously unaffiliated city in the United States, with 42 percent of residents identifying as atheist, agnostic or no religion. That’s twice the size of the next largest minority: white evangelical Christians.

    See kids, if you define your terms carefully enough, you can somehow make the overwhelmingly dominant religious group in the country into some form of persecuted minority.

    Stop it. Enough. Just because not everybody believes exactly what you believe doesn’t make YOU persecuted. Just because not everybody looks and speaks exactly like YOU does not make you special, or them wrong.

    Stop it. Grow up. Enough.



    I wonder how soon this is happening? Immediately? I will need to change WAY-FM’s listing in the Media Guide in the regional newspaper I publish, Christian News Northwest.



    This is the most disturbing thing I’ve heard that has nothing to do with Trump, not counting the various tragedies that have occurred! I thought it was awful when 97.9 came to town and promptly became K-Love, not because I don’t like Christian Contemporary music but because it deprives the area of another commercial outlet. I took some solace in the fact that we still would have 96.3 but now, we won’t have either one of them! While I was typing this, I happened to think that Alpha might want to save WE by moving it to another frequency. The only one that makes any sense at all is 101.1! Live is out of the question as is seemingly, The Bull and KINK is slowly trending down but still a pretty good money maker. KXL will eventually need to be at least adjusted and I don’t know that it can be. The timing is bad but I don’t see any other alternative. If they want to save We, they can move KXL back to 750, merging it with Freedom 970 and move The Game to 970. The only other option would be to abandon WE and that makes no sense at all! With a good signal, they have the potential for growth and to be a major player.



    Besides the K283BL translator. Way FM is currently heard on KFBW Second HD Channel.

    The Media Group also has some active license on file.

    K272EL – KKRZ Second HD Channel
    K236BV – Recently filed STA. For moving translator to Longview.

    There are four new license around Portland area. That Way FM has not build out

    Way Media is also heard in Spokane. On translator K206CQ at 89.1 FM



    Forget The Bull its 96.3 The Preacher



    I don’t care for KWEE’s programming, so in that respect, I say that this is no big loss. The part that is a shame is that the purpose that this signal will serve will be to re-broadcast satellite-delivered programming virtually 24 hours per day, as 97.9 has been doing for the last few years.



    Way too many religious broadcasters on the air. Years ago we had KPDQ, but now the dial has them everywhere. I agree with 97.9 as I even get it out here on the coast near Astoria. Not strong, but it still strong enough. Lots of religious stations and translators out here on the coast too. No high powered ones, but still enough to block a lot of frequencies. Used to like listening to the public station out of Newport, KLCO but there is a rel station on 90.5 in Spanish that block them, Add to that they even have a translator on 90.1 that is about the same strength. Just too many of them.



    There’s no denying that when it comes to Christian radio signals in Oregon and southwest Washington, there are now a TON of them. In Christian News Northwest newspaper we have a VERY detailed Christian Media Guide, with the listings in SMALL print, and it is a MAJOR task to keep it all current.

    Between primary radio stations, low-power radio stations and translators, guess how many we have listed?

    More than 170!

    And that doesn’t even include the roughly 50 TV signals in Oregon and southwest Washington that we list (primary signals and translators)



    For some reason that really doesn’t surprise me with how many we have here is SW WA/NW OR. There are so many that repeat the same service. What a waste of the airwaves.



    The paperwork has been filed with the FCC and the sale price is $3.5 million. A side point: The construction permit for the White Salmon station expires on June 27th, so Way-FM may have to abandon 104.5 before they can move to 96.3.



    One thing I will say, the religious organizations sure have a lot of money…But not from me!



    I wonder why Alpha Media didn’t buy KWEE directly from 3 horizon medís instead of LMA for that last 3 years? Is Alpha Media is in the similar financial situation as I-heart media and cumulus media?


    Andy Brown

    The corporate giants are discovering that what made the Portland radio market great is the very thing they have eliminated, i.e., a highly diverse competitive landscape with lots of local people involved in programming.

    Or maybe they aren’t discovering it but for sure the lack of diversity in ownership has turned the market sideways. It’s country 1 or country 2, classic rock 1 or classic rock 2, etc. etc. competing with basically the same consultant driven programming, use of syndication, and use of voice tracking implementing “talent” from out of market. Frankly, I just got done listening around and there isn’t much worth listening to out there on the commercial stations sans maybe KNRK which although somewhat unique has fallen into the realm of a tighter playlist and too much repetition. Truth is that there is not an owner with any desire to do anything that might rock the boat. They are happy to maintain their share of commercial buys and the ratings might go up or down a little but in the bigger picture that is not a driving force until there is a huge loss in listenership. Actually, I still think that total listenership is a jiggled number that overstates the obvious: mostly people just aren’t listening anymore. I ask a lot of people, they all say that they don’t listen anymore or in the case of younger folks, never did at all. R.I.P.



    Not sure if the 104.5 translator will have go off or just re-engineer their antenna paytern… BTW I heard the WAY FM signal on 104.5 today just south of Amity on 99W

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