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    And KJYW is off the air again in Salem. Maybe the owners of KWVT can pick this up and turn it into something good.


    Just a thought. If I were Watch TV, I’d be getting the wheels turning on acquiring program sources and at least getting a testcard on the air. Installing the new 1.0 and 3.0 transmitters should be going at a furious pace right now. But they don’t seem to have a website and/or Facebook page so we can gauge their progress. And I’d be thinking about getting the promo wheels turning, too.

    More and more, I’m thinking they might use virtual Ch. 4 or Ch. 5. And I’d be on the phone to Comcast to start negotiations for channel spots.


    You mean a WatchTV-owned station is actually going to broadcast? That would be something.


    Watch TV even has a CP out here for Astoria ch 28. They tested back in the 90s.


    Per Andy’s suggestion, I am thread-bumping an ATSC 3.0 discussion. Below is a link that contains some information that I didn’t know before. ATSC 3.0 receivers will use both the over-the-air signals of local stations and an Internet connection so that targeted ads can be delivered to viewers. See:


    It’s not like that would be hard to defeat. That’s what firewalls are for. Can’t be too hard to get into a device with the dikes and clip a couple microwave antennas off of a printed circuit board either, or line the inside of a plastic chassis with foil tape.

    but eventually a cut-off date for ATSC 1.0 will arrive and those without new ATSC 3.0-enabled devices will be shut out.

    And by that time it’ll be too little too late. There’s barely anything worth watching on television as it is, today. Out of the 37 ATSC feeds available at my place only 5 or 6 are actually programmed in my receiver (and none of them are major network affiliates, nor OPB.) 15-20 years from now when 3.0ATSC takes off, it’ll be “why even bother”?


    KATU has filed FCC Form 399. The work envoles shared costs of replacement equipment. At current Sylvan site with KOIN and KRCW. KNMT has it own antenna system.

    Also KATU is looking to rebuilt it’s old analog location as backup site. While work at Skyline is being done. It will be interest to see how this affects KUNP-LD and KEVE-LD.

    Andy Brown

    I think it’s pretty clear that ATSC 3.0 is being force fed in order to establish that targeted advertising system.

    Once the public at large understands this, there will be repercussions.

    My guess is that what finally emerges at ATSC 3.x will not be what they’ve got on the bench right now.

    Also, it is highly unlikely that establishing a drop dead date for the current technology is anywhere close to happening because that means revealing the ‘you must buy a new TV’ paradigm. Last time that happened we ended up with converter boxes for free.

    With the TV spectrum so emaciated in total available bandwidth, multicasting old and new isn’t even a fantasy.

    This may end up being an ugly fight since they won’t be able to jam it all through the system fast enough and drumpf and company and his sycophant FCC chief will be long gone when this actually happens and the next leadership may put a kabash on the whole plan.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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