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    How many of the Portland area Watch TV stations are still on the air? I have heard some are now off.
    The stations listed (there may be more) are:
    16 – KORS Shopping
    20 – KOXI America One
    35 – KORK Shopping
    38 – KKEI Telemundo
    51 – KOXO Unimas



    I have not seen any of those stations in years.

    Just checked with the Icom 8500… NO signals were heard on the frequencies for those channels. By contrast, I can easily hear the digital carrier for K18EL Newberg on 494.310 mhz (in CW mode).


    I don’t think the Watch TV company even exists anymore, does it?


    Yes, Watch TV does exist. They have offices in NW Portland. In fact I called them last week and was told they are looking into turning on the ch 28 near Astoria. But it is interesting that there are no Watch TV channels on the air in the Portland area any longer, yet they are still listed. I wonder then what means for any CP’s they may have? No stations on the air, doesn’t seem like they are going to do anything out here. How many of the LPTV channels are in in Portland now? I know KUNP is.


    Fresh list fron the FCC of stations within 50 km of Hillsboro (rounded off coordinates):

    of those marked “LD” 5,18,26,32,36,42,46,47,48&49 are watchable from my Hillsboro location, with the proper antenna (5, 32 and 48 require extra effort in the antenna department).


    Thanks for the list. I would then say no Watch TV outlets are operating any longer in the Portland area as you would get at least some of them. I guess I would not hold my breath to get one out here. I see you get a ch 49 Salem, owned by Michael Mattson. He also has a CP out here for ch 5. We are hoping with fiber now feeding Megler Mt, where the translators are, from Portland and 2-6-8-10-12 are all fed by fiber, more stations from Portland we put up translators to serve us. We really want 32.


    RabbitEars has a full list of the Watch TV stations. Several downstate.


    No Watch TV station has been on the air in Portland for about five years. No KORS 16 etc. What’s odd is why TV guides still list those stations. When I first started watching OTA, KORS 16 had about 5 subchannels. I sent the FCC a complaint last year asking why these stations are silent while holding licenses to broadcast. No response. Reactivating KORS 16 would provide enough subchannel space for most of the major diginets not carried in Portland. If KGWZ 46 doesn’t pan out.


    Out here on the coast, several translators are listed as “on the air”, 4 & 5 (Never have been), 28 (tested in the 90s). 42 3ABN (tested in the 90s too, but seem to have lost their license). Then there are several CPs 15, 36, & 38, as well as 51. I called Frank Digital out of Florida that has the CPs for 15, 36, & 38 and I got a message back from David Frank stating that do DO indeed have plans for the use of the translators, but he did not say what. With the repacking of the spectrum I think some are waiting to see the outcome before going ahead. I was told there should be some information coming down the pike by March or April from the FCC, and March is coming up fast. I have heard two stories that anything above ch 32 or ch 38 will not be used any longer as that spectrum is going to the cel phone industry. So who knows as yet? Then the translator changes may be delayed for some time. However, I doubt the FCC will okay any new ones above the limit, whatever limit they impose. If the limit is 32, then 34 (KOIN) will have to move down. Fortunately out here, there are a lot of choices. But some have stated that nothing may b e forthcoming for years. So I guess we wait and see. Anyway you spell it, the outcome will be more cost for the TV stations.


    Portland has a pretty decent bunch of good diginet fare for the size. Bigger cities have more, but the population is a lot higher too.


    Has anyone noticed. That there are currently 7 LPTV station off the air in Portland area. Displayed ID/UHF Channel with calls and class.

    All the Watch TV Class A stations

    16 (16) KORS-CD – Salem
    20 (20) KOXI-CD – Portland
    35 (35) KORK-CD – Portland
    38 (38) KKEI-CD – Portland
    51 (41) KOXO-CD – Portland

    Rumor has it these station may go up for sale in spectrum auction.

    Also recently added to this list are.

    42 (42) KPXG-LD – Portland
    This station is currently off the air. Daystar has owned the station for a year now. And is expected to come back soon.

    26 (26) KJYY-LD – Portland
    Not sure why this station is off the air. It is run by Northwest Christian Broadcasting in Salem. KJYY is broadcasting from Mt Scott.


    Watch TV, in fact, owns 15 LOTV stations in all, according to RabbitEars. They show each of them as showing two streams of programs, but that data is likely to be wrong. Here’s the complete list, according to RabbitEars. Virtual channel, actual channel shown in (00), call letters, and city of license:

    28 (28) K28FP-D, Astoria
    16 (16) KORS-CD, Portland
    20 (20) KOXI-CD, Portland
    35 (35) KORK-CD, Portland
    38 (38) KKEI-CD, Portland
    51 (41) KOXO-CD, Portland
    49 (49) K49DM-D, Coos Bay
    15 (15) KORY-CD, Eugene
    25 (28) K28KI-D, Roseburg
    20 (38) K38LJ-D, Grants Pass
    28 (28) K28GG-D, Medford
    39 (39) K39EF-D, Ashland
    17 (17) KABH-CD, Bend
    25 (25) K25GA-D, Redmond / Prineville
    39 (39) K39DP-D, Klamath Falls

    Assuming all of them were on-air at the same time, RabbitEars estimates that these channels would be available to some 4,166,561 people across Oregon.

    And just for historic purposes, RabbitEars says that KORS-CD was originally founded as an analog station in 1997 as K25EP, running originally on Ch. 25, moved later over to Ch. 16.


    26 (26) KJYY-LD – Portland
    Not sure why this station is off the air. It is run by Northwest Christian Broadcasting in Salem. KJYY is broadcasting from Mt Scott.

    Must have been just a temporary outage… just checked and 26 is indeed on.


    You don’t need television to hear God, so for a while there, 26 was on to something. Now that they broadcasting again, they quit listening to Him.


    By what I have read none of the watch TV stations in Portland are currently on the air and 28 is not on out here (Astoria). So I wonder if any of the others are on?

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