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    It looks like Watch TV has been sold to a new ownership. HC2 Stations Group out of New York.

    This information comes late due the FCC shutdown back in January.

    HC2 has been buying a lot of lower power stations over the last couple years. And yes they are full of diginet programing. That have yet to be seen in Portland.

    Also HC2 has ownership stake in Azteca America. Making them the primary Spanish Network. On some LPTV and full power stations they currently own.



    Then, I wonder if Ch28 Astoria may come on?



    Channel 37.1 KPWC currently carries Azteca in the Portland/Salem market. I’ve noticed HC2 stations turning up in the RabbitEars listings in several cities over the last year or two. Many of them carry things like Buzzer, Retro TV (recently dropped by KSLM 27.1), Heartland (aka TNN/Heartland), WeatherNation, and Movies, among others. Some carry UniMas (Univision’s sister network) as well. Most of the HC2 stations carry 10 or 12 streams of programming. I’d say the odds are now increasing that MyTV may get a full time station here this year. Estrella has a space on some BC2 stations as well, so they may land on KOXO or one of its sisters after being dropped by KGW late last year. Having those stations sold to HC2 May turn out to be a good thing. It’ll be interesting to see, depending on what deals they get (or take over from WTV), how many of HC2’s channels get picked up by Comcast. I’d say the odds might be good that they might pick up a few. And they still have to work out with KWVT who gets YouToo America eventually.



    When I click on the link, all I get is a nearly empty form with only the Facility ID of 71074 filled in. Backspacing the URL to see more, All I get is a request for name and password; apparently a confidential part of the FCC’s site.

    Facility 71074 is KOXI-CD RF channel 20. Are there similar forms for the other four Portland WatchTV stations?.




    Thanks for the updated URL.

    So, the sale includes only KOXI-CD RF 20 in Portland and KORY-CD RF 15 in Eugene. Has the sale been approved by the FCC? WatchTV apparently retains the other four Portland Stations, three of which have been silent now for more than a year.

    It’s interesting that the sales contract goes into some detail about the Portland real estate (tower and transmitter site leases, etc.) but no words about Eugene. Does the buyer already have suitable facilities in Eugene? Or is there nothing for HC2 to buy in Eugene?



    I wonder how long a lot of these smaller companies are going to even invest in translators. The main ones will, but I checked on Roku/Firestick the other day that so many of the religious ones like 3ABN or TBN stream their whole lineup, including separate streams for each network for free. More and more diginet programming is now streaming, Sinclair’s TBD, Comet, Charge!, etc all stream on STIRR, Buzzr is all over several apps.I wonder if Watch TV will be looking into getting their programming out to more by a streaming app? It sure would be less expensive.



    I wonder if Watch TV will be looking into getting their programming out to more by a streaming app? It sure would be less expensive.

    Did Watch TV ever have programming? I haven’t seen them on the air in my area in about 20 years. When they were first licensed in the late 1990s they aired scantily clad exotic dancers, and maybe something after that, I don’t remember for sure.



    Ch28 Astoria tested out here in the 90s with Shopping. I figured some of their channels ran that. Ch 42 (3ABN) tested too, but have never signed on. They had a slate up in the early 2000’s for a Summer, but then disappeared.With 3ABN streaming all of their channels, and also most every shopping channel streams, I wonder if there is a need for these?



    In checking Ch 28 Astoria is still listed as Jeffery Herman as owner. However there is Ch36 & 38 listed for Astoria (CPs) that are owned by HC2. Those two have never tested, as far as I know.




    Watch TV was an independent “network”, if you could even have called it that, that goes back to the early 90s. I remember first seeing it on channel 19 and penetration into this side of the river was so lousy I had to be at my auntie’s place in Camas to get any signal (where it blew in crystal clear). A couple years later they gave up on that and started carrying satellite-fed programming from N1 (“Network 1”), a primarily teen-oriented service. As a horny-ass pre-teenager in the mid 90s with no access to Cinemax or a sense of quality, N1 (“Network 1”) was a gold mine!

    Then they flipped to Telemundo, then Home Shopping Club, then America’s Store, then they opened up all the other UHF channels so they could carry more shopping and Spanish programming and you know the story from there. I remember coming home from high school one day in the early 2000s and did a band scan on my parents’ then new RCA television (which had a REALLY hot tuner, good for DXing… it could actually pull a halfway usable signal off the KBTC translator on 15 on the back end of a log-yagi pointed south) and came across KORK-CA on 35. First thing that entered my mind was “they’re issuing… call letters for… cable channels now? WTF?” but not long afterwards noticed the screen background on their station ident card through the static and the color killer going in and out before it cut to the weather map. “Watch TV? They’re still around? Shit, I haven’t heard that name in 10 years”.

    FYI, that was around 2000-2002 or so.


    Master of Disaster

    I’d say the odds are now increasing that MyTV may get a full time station here this year.

    Just a heads-up; since 2009 MyNetworkTV hasn’t been considered a network, it’s considered a “programming service”. The Wikipedia article cites four sources and currently contains “indiscriminate, excessive, or irrelevant examples” of stations moving the MyNetworkTV programming out of prime-time blocks, including on their Los Angeles station.

    Also, MyNetwork TV only provides two hours of programming every weeknight.



    msndrspdx frequently speculates like that without taking inconvenient things like facts and history into account, and in the end comes off looking a fool withlimited credibility. Things that have lower than zero percent chance of happening in reality have “good odds” of happening within “the next few months” in his fantasy world. Just ignore it. Honestly I’ve given up trying to teach him because it’s so pointless.



    What’s wrong with a little bit of speculation once in awhile? Especially since so many subchannel networks hsven’t found a home here yet. Now with three stations about to begin repack related antenna work that will take place over the next year or so, I think there will be some action once that process is completed.

    Meanwhile, I got to thinking. HC2 is a new name around here, and I wondred how they program their stations. Most of them are LPTVs serving midsized and smaller markets. Generally they two stations in a market, usually with 7 to 10 streams of programming each.

    I chose at random thru the RabbitEars listings, and picked out four stations to give an idea of what they usually have. It varies depending on what’s available, but here are the four examples I chose…

    KAJF-LD Topeka, KS – Virtual Ch. 21; RF 16
    21.1 The Country Network
    21.2 Get TV
    21.3 SonLife (religion)
    21.4 Shop LC (shopping)
    21.5 CBN News
    21.6 QVC (shopping)
    21.7 Evine Live (shopping)

    KCMN-LD Topeka, KS – Virtual Ch. 42; RF 38 -> 28
    42.1 Decades
    42.2 Hereoes & Icons
    42.3 Movies
    42.4 Stadium Sports
    42.5 Quest
    42.6 QVC2 (shopping)
    42.7 Tuff TV

    WOSC-CD Pittsburgh, PA – Virtual Ch. 61; RF 26

    61.1 HSN (shopping)
    61.2 Movies
    61.3 Buzzer
    62.4 SonLife (religion)
    61.5 Escape

    KZCZ-LD College Station, TX – Virtual Ch. 34; RF 34

    34.1 The Country Network
    34.2 Comet
    34.3 Shop LC (shopping)
    34.4 QVC (shopping)
    34.5 Buzzer
    34.6 SonLife (religion)
    34.7 Get TV




    It will interesting to see. How HC2 Station Group is going to program. There LPTV’s in western Washington/Oregon.

    Azteca America would be considered a default network. Since they already have an ownership stake.

    Here are the stations they have.

    VC 46 (RF 12) KUSE-LP Seattle
    VC 20 (RF 20) KOXI-CA Portland
    VC 15 (RF 15) KORY-CA Eugene

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