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    Andy Brown

    LPFM CP granted in WA to:

    Jupiter City Media, Brinnon, WA 101.1 MHz

    LPFM Application for CP dismissed:

    University Of Washington Bothell, Bothell, WA 104.9 MHz

    Andy Brown

    LPFM Application for CP granted in WA to:

    The Tulalip Tribes Of Washington, Tulalip, WA 96.9 MHz

    Master of Disaster

    Spokane Public Radio (91.1 KPBX, 91.9 KSFC, 90.3 KPBZ) moving to new digs “by June 30, 2015.”


    Linked article explains how a previous deal fell through due to the economy so the organization changed their plans, involving changing their fundraising goals and purchasing a less expensive building.

    Andy Brown

    LPFM Application for CP granted in WA to:

    Our Lady Of The Snows Catholic Church, Leavenworth, WA 103.3 MHz.


    This from All Access:

    SUNNYLANDS BROADCASTING LLC has closed on the sale of Spanish Religion KYXE/UNION GAP-YAKIMA, WA to CENTRO FAMILIAR CRISTIANO for $10,750 plus an LMA before closing.

    Andy Brown

    LPFM Application for CP granted in WA to:

    Calvary Chapel of Bremerton, WA 95.3 MHz

    Andy Brown

    LPFM Application for CP granted in WA to:

    Lewis County Educational Broadcasting, Centralia, WA 106.7 MHz.


    I should have posted this here originally, my apologies.

    Tweets, Posts & Chat: Progressive Radio in the Social Media Age – Wednesday, March 26 at 7:00 pm

    Impact Hub Seattle 220 Second Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104 Contact Impact Hub Seattle – 1-206-430-6007

    Independent journalist Mark Taylor-Canfield leads the next in our series of free community forums. Taylor-Canfield, whose news articles and editorials have been published at Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Truth-out.org, and other major news sources, is a regular contributor to national progressive radio shows headlined by Thom Hartmann, Mike Papantonio/Ring of Fire Radio, Sam Seder/Majority Report, Norman Goldman, Jeff Santos/Revolution Radio Network, Nicole Sandler/Radio or Not and others.

    Joining him for a lively panel discussion on how social networking is being used to access, produce and promote progressive media are:

    Jacob Dean, host and creator of the Portland-based Filter Free Radio and former producer for The Thom Hartmann Program; and Seattle based Space Dog Radio, “a fully independent radio station that provides entertaining sounds about a wide spectrum of topics while taking the art of radio to a new level.”

    While progressive cities are losing their progressive radio stations (Portland’s KPOJ), the digital universe is alive with a rich spectrum of progressive talkers — from familiar national voices to lesser known but equally impassioned radio talents.

    PRNW is working to bringing strong-signal radio back to the greater Seattle area. In the meantime, the extreme right isn’t going away. Join us to explore the power of social networking in building progressive networks and promoting online progressive media. Get your progressive tweet on! Contact Progressive Radio Northwest at ProgressiveRadioNorthwest@gmail.com and RSVP by Friday, March 21 Seating is FREE, and limited!

    Find out more information here: http://www.progressiveradionorthwest.org/upcoming-events/23-tweets-posts-chats-progressive-radio-in-the-social-media-age

    Hope to see you there! – JD

    Andy Brown

    The Petition For Reconsideration filed by University Of Washington Bothell, Bothell, WA 104.9 MHz has been granted and their LPFM application has been reinstated.


    In re Application of: ) ) UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON BOTHELL ) ) For An Original Construction Permit for a New ) Low Power FM Station at Bothell, WA )

    To: Media Bureau, Audio Division

    File No. BNPL-20131114BFU Facility ID No. 197326


    The University of Washington Bothell (“UW Bothell”), by its counsel and pursuant to Section 1.106 of the Commission’s rules, petitions for reconsideration of the dismissal, and reinstatement nunc pro tunc, of the above-captioned original construction permit application (the “Application”) for a new low power FM station at Bothell, Washington.

    By letter dated February 20, 2014 (copy attached), the FCC dismissed the Application because it failed to meet the minimum spacing requirements of 47 C.F.R. § 73.807, specifically with respect to short-spacing to the second adjacent facilities for KMCQ(FM), Covington, Washington and KCMS(FM), Edmonds, Washington. The letter further indicated that the Application recognized these short-spacings and requested a second-adjacent waiver, but that the waiver request did not adequately demonstrate that no interference will occur. The letter further indicated that the Application could be amended within 30 days of the letter to cure acceptance defects under the FCC’s nunc pro tunc reinstatement policies.

    In response, UW Bothell timely submits this Petition for Reconsideration with a minor change engineering amendment to the Application which resolves the issue identified by the

    letter. The technical amendment proposes a different transmitter site (moving from one building on the UW Bothell campus to another), along with changes in power and antenna height. Moreover, the second adjacent channel waiver request has been expanded to fully demonstrate the complete lack of potential listeners in the interference area, with appropriate documentation including a transmitter site map, a tower diagram, free space calculations, and additional details, materials, figures and explanation.

    UW Bothell therefore submits that reconsideration and reinstatement nunc pro tunc is appropriate in this instance given the minor nature of this curative amendment and its submission within 30 days of the initial dismissal of the minor change application. See Commission Statement of Future Policy on Incomplete and Patently Defective AM and FM Construction Permit Applications, Public Notice, 56 RR 2d 776 (July 27, 1984).

    For these reasons, UW Bothell submits that the Application, as amended, fully resolves the issue identified by the Audio Division in the February 20, 2014 dismissal letter, such that the Application is now acceptable for filing. UW Bothell further submits that reinstatement of the Application will serve the public interest by hastening the inauguration of a new noncommercial low power radio service to the Bothell, Washington area. UW Bothell therefore respectfully requests nunc pro tunc reinstatement of the Application, as amended, and its continued processing.


    Gray Miller Persh LLP 1200 New Hampshire Ave., NW Washington, DC 20036 (202) 776-2458

    March 19, 2014


    Respectfully submitted,


    By: /s/ Barry S. Persh Margaret L. Miller

    Barry S. Persh Its Counsel

    MEDIA BUREAU AUDIO DIVISION APPLICATION STATUS: (202)418-2730 HOME PAGE: http://www.fcc.gov/mb/audio/

    University of Washington Bothell Box 351242 214 Gerberding Hall Seattle, WA 98 195-1242

    Dear Applicant:

    FEB 2 0 2014


    ENGINEER: James Bradshaw

    TELEPHONE: (202) 418-2700 FACSIMILE: (202) 418-1410/1411 MAIL STOP: 1800B3

    INTERNET ADDRESS: james.bradshaw@fcc.gov

    NEW-LP, Bothell, WA Facility ID No. 197326 Univeristy of Washington Bothell File No. BNPL-20131114BFU

    cc: Donald E. Mussell Jr.


    The staff has under consideration the above-captioned application for a new low power FM (LPFM) station.

    An engineering study has revealed that the proposed transmitter site specified in the application fails to meet the minimum spacing requirements of 47 C.F.R. § 73.807. Specifically, the site proposed is short-spaced to the second adjacent facility for KIvICQ(FM) (BLH-2O10012SAEW), Covington, WA and KCMS(FM) (BLH- 200IO212AAE), Edmonds, WA. The application recognizes these short-spacings and requests a second- adjacent waiver. However, the waiver request does not adequately demonstrate that no interference will occur. The application includes plots showing the extent of the interference area, and a statement that the interference area “is a normally un-occupied campus building and private driveway.” However, based on this statement, we must assume the buildings are occupied at some times. This is not sufficient to demonstrate the complete lack of potential listeners in the interference area. Therefore, the application is unacceptable for filing and will be dismissed. Please note that an adequate demonstration of no interference should contain items such as a map of the proposed interference area, a tower diagram, a satellite or aerial photograph, the antenna manufacture’s vertical radiation pattern, and/or any details about any nearby structures or major roadways.

    Accordingly, in light of the above, application BNPL-20l31 I I4BFU is unacceptable for filing pursuant to 47 C.F.R. § 73.3566(a) and IS HEREBY DISMISSED. This action is taken pursuant to 47 C.F.R. § 0.283

    Under the Public Notice entitled “Commission States Future Policy on Incomplete and Patently Defective AM and FM Construction Permit Applications,” FCC 84-366, released August 2, 1984, the Commission indicated that it would reinstate applications nunc pro tunc where the original application was dismissed and where a minor curative amendment was filed within thirty days. Please note that any amendment submitted for this purpose must be received within 30 days of the Public Notice of the dismissal of the application and must correct ALL acceptance defects with the application. This includes any defects that may not have been identified in the dismissal letter.


    James D. Bradshaw Deputy Chief Audio Division Media Bureau

    Andy Brown

    Those of you that wonder how the process of “creating” a new allotment transpires, here’s a current example. Remember, if approved, during the next appropriate window anyone can apply for this opening. Mr. Miller’s application is basically on ice until then. I doubt the deep pockets would have any interest in this location, about a 45 minute drive out of Walla Walla. In the pre-1996 scenario, in an MX situation Mr. Miller would receive pioneering points that with all other factors being equal, would ensure he got the CP. Not any more.



    A sign of the times: The Palace That Dorothy Built to be sold.

    The home of KING/TV/AM/FM and headquarters for the old KING Broadcasting Company on Aurora (technically Dexter) will be sold as it is too big for the current operation. I worked there during the remodel in 1979-80, and it WAS extravagent, with a multi-story open lobby that made it feel like a luxury hotel. Apparently the real estate (in the rapidly growing South Lake Union section) has become very valuable.



    To big for the current operation ! Boy isn’t that a sign of the times..

    all you need is an IT room, 6 studios and 2000 squ feet for the front office some storage and parking..and you can have 3 TV signals and a couple of Radio Stations..


    I’m thinking that there aren’t any radio stations anymore and it’s just KING and KONG. Am I missing anything?


    There is also NWCN broadcasting from there as well.

    Meanwhile down in California. KRON-TV in San Francisco (which is owned by Media General). Is moving from it’s long time home on Van Ness St.

    Over to some empty space at KGO-TV by the Embarcadero. KRON-TV is moving to third floor of KGO building. As part of a lease agreement. Both stations will be still be separate entities.

    The extra space at KGO-TV has sat empty for sometime. Now that KGO AM was sold to a new owner, a few years back.


    To address the issue of when radio left the King Broadcasting Building, I did some research. I believe 1090 AM continued to operate at KING’s HQ’s until 1995. Shortly before, the younger Bullitt sisters had given up on the frequency and switched to an automated AP news service. For almost 20 years, the station has bounced around with numerous formats and call letters.

    From Wikipedia:

    “On October 4, 1982, at 4 AM,[2] KING adopted a news-talk format, primarily with local personalities, and branded simply as “KING NewsTalk 1090”. Personalities included Jim Althoff, Carl Dombek, Jeff Ray, Randy Rowland, Mike and Candace Siegel and Pat Cashman. This format did decent in the ratings, though they were never at the level that they were as a Top 40.

    On September 2, 1994, at Noon, the station fired all on-air personalities and began carrying AP News’ radio service “All News Radio.” Shortly after this, the Bullitts sold the station to Bonneville, and then EZ Communications in 1995. The long-running KING call letters would be dropped for KINF, then KKNG shortly after, followed by KNWX. The station switched formats (but not call letters) with KULL (who was simulcasting KRPM) and became KRPM, an AM simulcast for one of three country stations that would be acquired by Infinity Broadcasting (which bought the station in 1996) in the mid-’90s, which included KRPM (then KCIN, now KBKS), KMPS, and KYCW (now KJAQ). 1090 also carried the call letters KMPS, and then KYCW. The simulcasting stopped in 1999 and 1090 flipped to a locally programmed Classic Country station. The station began broadcasting in AM Stereo in March 2001.

    Beginning August 4, 2001, the station ran promos promoting a new format that advised listeners to “listen at their own risk”. At 5 AM on Monday, August 6, the station flipped to hot talk as “Extreme Radio 1090” featuring Bob Rivers’ “Twisted Radio” in mornings (who was also simulcasted on KZOK-FM), Opie & Anthony, Jim Rome, Ron and Fez, Don and Mike, and Phil Hendrie. The station was also a Sporting News Radio affiliate. The station’s ratings were abyssmal, usually peaking at a 0.4 share. KYCW would return to classic country at 11 PM on May 19, 2002. The station’s second version would include the return of personalites previously heard on the first incarnation of the format, including “Tall” Paul Fredericks from 5-9 AM, Mike Preston from 9-noon, PD Becky Brenner from Noon-3 PM, “Buffalo” Phil Harper from 3-7 PM, and Sheldon Smith from 7-Midnight. The station, however, still had low ratings, usually peaking at a 1.3.

    On October 25, 2004, at Midnight, the station flipped to its progressive talk format and changed call letters to KPTK days later.[3] During its tenure as “Seattle’s Progressive Talk,” KPTK broadcast syndicated progressive/liberal talk programs hosted by personalities such as Ed Schultz, Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann, Norman Goldman, Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Miller, Leslie Marshall, and Bill Press. KPTK was also the flagship station of Air America Radio’s Ron Reagan Show.[4][5] Beginning in 2011, KPTK became the flagship station of Seattle Storm and Seattle Thunderbirds broadcasts, though it was met with some controversy. The station’s weekend programming included a mix of specialty syndicated and local programs, such as “The Ric Edelman Show” (a financial advice show), “Ring of Fire”, “Democracy Now”, “Swirl Radio” (a show targeting the LGBT community), “Community Matters” with CBS Seattle’s director of public affairs and morning traffic reporter Lee Callahan, “Gardening In the Northwest with Scott Conner”, “The Tina and Drew Show”, and “Crash Talk with Mike Harber”.

    In July 2012, CBS and Cumulus Media announced a new sports radio network dubbed “CBS Sports Radio”. The initial affiliate list that would carry the network’s full lineup included most of CBS O&O low-performing AM stations (predominantly talk radio stations), while others would be affiliates and carry certain programs and hourly “CBS Sports Minute” updates. After much speculation, CBS announced on November 14, 2012, that KPTK would flip to the new network on January 2, 2013, branded as “1090 The Fan” (this would be further confirmed by the station changing call letters to KFNQ on the same day). This was met with much controversy on the station’s Facebook page, as well as being brought up by several of the station’s hosts. To please displaced listeners, Lakewood radio station KLAY (1180 AM) would announce they would carry Ed Schultz’ and Stephanie Miller’s programs after the station’s flip, as well as KBCS (91.3 FM) picking up Thom Hartmann’s program.

    In addition to carrying most of the network’s shows, the station will also carry an afternoon show hosted by Steve Sandmeyer and Bill Swartz.”

    The station is currently based at 1000 Dexter Ave. North in with KSTW-TV, about eight blocks north of it’s longtime studio location between Aurora and Dexter.

    KING-FM was donated to a non-profit after KING TV/AM/FM was sold to The Providence Journal Co. in 1991, later to become Belo and operated at HQ’s until 1999 before moving a few blocks away.

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