Washington Post gives Hillary Clinton not one but FOUR pinnochios

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    Clinton said “I did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified materials. I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time. I had not sent classified material nor received anything marked classified.” Wallace then said that FBI director James Comey “said none of those things you told the American public were true.”

    Hillary is getting herself into more hot water by continuing to lie to the american people. Apparently her brain short circuited.
    . One thing Ive noticed about Hillary clinton is she is terrible at answering questions by the media, absolutely awful. She slipped up by almost calling Trump her husband, and said that she will be raising taxes on the middle class. I sure hope that was a mistake, but the damage has already begun.
    Here is the video of her saying she will be raising taxes on the middleclass. Her supporters cheer when they hear this. Too funny!


    Politifact Scorecard of the 2016 campaign as of 8/8/16

    Trump has said 150 things (70% of statements checked) rated “Mostly False”, “False”, or “Pants on Fire”

    Clinton has said 66 things (27% of statements checked) rated in those three categories.

    “Pants of Fire” statements: Trump 40, Clinton 5


    So dork, tell us why you won’t be voting for Trump this year either. Based on the things that concern you, he looks like a much worse candidate than Clinton.


    Clinton’s Fibs vs. Trump’s Huge Lies

    ONE persistent narrative in American politics is that Hillary Clinton is a slippery, compulsive liar while Donald Trump is a gutsy truth-teller.

    Over all, the latest CBS News poll finds the public similarly repulsed by each candidate: 34% of registered voters say Clinton is honest and trustworthy compared with 36% for Trump.

    Yet the idea that they are even in the same league is preposterous. If deception were a sport, Trump would be the Olympic gold medalist; Clinton would be an honorable mention at her local Y.

    Let’s investigate.

    One metric comes from independent fact-checking websites.

    As of Friday, PolitiFact had found27% of Clinton’s statements that it had looked into were mostly false or worse, compared with70% of Trump’s. It said 2% of Clinton’s statements it had reviewed were egregious “pants on fire” lies, compared with 19% of Trump’s. So Trump has nine times the share of flat-out lies as Clinton.

    Likewise, The Washington Post Fact-Checker has awarded its worst ranking, Four Pinocchios, to 16% of Clinton’s statements that it checked and to 64% of Trump’s.

    “Essentially, Clinton is in the norm for a typical politician,” says Glenn Kessler, who runs Fact-Checker, while Trump “is just off the charts.

    There’s never been anyone like him, at least in the six years I have been doing this.”



    So what you are saying is that Trump is Pinnochio.


    At least in a round-about way, Democrats are finally admitting that Hillary looked in the camera and deliberately lied to the American people about her emails.

    Can they take it a step further and really admit it without excusing it with “but Trump…”? Can they further admit that she then had the nerve to lie about lying?

    Charles Krauthammer:

    “The original sin, apart from the act itself, was the press conference she held at the U.N. when the story broke, which was fundamentally untrue at about 12 levels, Krauthammer said. “And she has never been able to admit that.”

    Krauthammer said Clinton simply has no charisma – and thus, can’t move past the scandal.

    “What she needs are lying lessons from her husband, who was one of the great liars of all time, could do it with a smile and charm, and kind of, in a way that was sort of wizardly,” Krauthammer said. “She may still win the presidency, but will never be able to escape the original set of lies.”


    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our friends in low places will shed some more light on her evil ways the next wikileaks dump.


    By any objective measure, Trump is completely unfit for the presidency. There’s a long line of people of every political persuasion that will strongly assert that’s the case. He’s a boob. And so are you for supporting him.

    Trump is wholly ignorant of both domestic and foreign policy. He routinely says things that are astoundingly stupid and uninformed. He has the vocabulary of a middle schooler and the temperament to match. He’s a bigot. He’s a misogynist. He’s a serial lying, thin skinned, blustering bully. Every one of these assertions can be empirically supported by statements out of Trump’s mouth and by his own actions.

    As for the honesty issue, equating anything Hillary Clinton has ever said or done with the cavalcade of lies that pours out of Trump’s mouth on the daily is false equivalency and hypocritical idiocy of the worst sort. What’s worse, I think Pope Bacon and The Dork (and their ilk) know very well that’s true. The former is such an ideological hack and lying hypocrite, and the latter is such a dullard, that they simply don’t care. How many times do you have to have the fact comparison laid out in black and white, using solely the facts, to show that Trump is a far bigger and far more habitual liar than Hillary Clinton?

    Did Hillary lie and/or obfuscate about the use of her email server? Probably. It was likely for political optic reasons as opposed to any of the nefarious nonsense spewed by the right, but she’ll have to live with the consequences regardless.

    News alert: I don’t care. Nor does the majority of the electorate.

    Why? Because it’s simply not that big of a deal to anyone that’s either not out to destroy her politically or is convinced of every dark, lunatic, conspiratorial theory whiffing around the right wing internet and media bubble.

    And you dips don’t care about the truth, either. If truth and honesty were paramount to you, or even a consideration in your factoring, you’d be unable to support Donald Trump.

    Let’s not forget, the only reason any of this became public in the first place is the multi-year, multi million tax dollar funded, Benghazi witch hunt created by The Republican for the express purpose of damaging Hillary Clinton politically. There’s never been a shred of evidence to support any of the lunatic accusations that have been made. Nor will there ever be. Because you have to be a special kind of hate filled, ideologically blind hack and/or a credulous moron to think than anyone who holds higher office in the United States, of any political party, is secretly out to destroy said United States.

    That’s all the right has. Nutty conspiracy theorizing and dark speculation. She’s evil! She’s awful! She’s terrible! She’s in league with Satan! She’s a murderer! No wait, she’s a lesbian-murderer!

    Right. Of course she is. She probably learned all of that in Kenya with President Obama while he was cavorting with Islamic terrorists and plotting on how to take away your guns and religiously convert you.

    There’s not a word for how fucking stupid you people sound.

    Andy Brown

    “So dork, tell us why you won’t be voting for Trump this year either. Based on the things that concern you, he looks like a much worse candidate than Clinton.”

    Yes, dorque, you continue to portray Clinton by assigning her all the attributes that the overwhelming majority of fact check organizations report as belonging to donald.

    So do tell us why you support him?

    “Krauthammer said”

    Meanwhile in Baconland, F&B posts again something said by staunch conservative and notorious liar and bozo, Chuck Krauthammer. Bacon is losing what little common sense he may have had. No one is forgetting the fact that Krautboy has a long history of telling more lies per minute then any politician.




    Is that the best you got, Baconboy?


    Apparently so.

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