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    When I first saw this, I was hesitant to add it here. But the arguments the author makes are pretty strong. Decide for yourself…



    Perhaps not for the reasons listed in the article, but I still put even money on Trump not completing his term – because he will leave of his own accord.

    I don’t think he ever really wanted the job, he just wanted to prove to the naysayers that he could win.

    I don’t think he wants the job now, knowing the complexity of the task.

    I think he’d love to simply be a figurehead and leave the running of the country to his loyalists, but that was a small group to begin with and it’s going to start shrinking.

    I don’t think he’s all that excited about living in public housing. 🙂

    And I believe, once the multitude of lawsuits about conflict of interest reach their stride in court, and Trump starts losing some of those cases, he’ll put his own financial interests above the presidency, and simply quit. He’ll bellow about how unfair it is that the courts would force him to give up his right to “life, liberty and property” then retire back to NY and his beloved Trump Tower penthouse. I think Melania is in over her head and has no love for her role as First Lady, and will help nudge Trump out the door.

    Or…it could be impeachment in two years, as the article said.


    Zero chance Democrats take either the Senate or House in 2018. So if impeachment happens, the GOP will have to initiate it. And they won’t, no matter what.


    I agree, I highly doubt Democrats can re-take either house in 2018. But that’s based on today. How will things look by mid-2018?


    There’s a possibility of a Republican super-majority in the Senate.


    There’s a possibility of a Republican 100% sweep of the House of Representatives: all 435 seats.


    There is a reasonable possibility of a Republican super-majority. The Democrats have many vulnerable seats.

    Paul’s article is written by another sad case who can’t face reality.


    Nah, the GOP will lose seats in both, but not enough to make a difference in regards to a majority. The House is so gerrymandered, 30 million more Dems could vote for their Dem and still lose nationally. I don’t think there is any chance the House changes colors until the gerrymandering rules are reversed.

    As for the Senate, states are becoming red or blue. The problem with the Senate is that states like Wyoming, Idaho, have the same representation as CA and NY, even though the difference in population is in the tens of millions.


    Too much power to the smallest and most uneducated states.

    I prefer a majority rules, with checks.


    Well, like I said, I was hesitant to add this op-ed because it does seem a bit extreme, but still think it is generally correct. Only time will tell. A lot to play out in the next 20 months.


    The Democrats do have many seats to defend in 2018, which is what makes it unlikely they’ll re-take the Senate.

    However, the mid-term elections are often a reflection of how the voters feel about the incumbent president. If somehow he is riding some new wave of popularity by October 2018, instead of the sweell of fear and anger that seems to be sweeping the country? Sure, Republicans could make make gains. But as of now, it seems unlikely.

    Just ask Utah’s Jason Chaffetz how his town hall went last week.

    Just look at how the last three mid-term elections turned out for the incumbent presidents.

    Republicans won’t have Hillary Clinton to “run against” in 2018, the only reason they won last year.


    The Revolution has just begun. I’m not buying the media smoke-screen and the protesters and rioters are going to eventually run out of steam and some of them might even get a job.

    And don’t forget that W gained seats in his first mid-term.


    Bush gained seats in 2002 because of the fallout over 9/11 and the fear being ginned up over Iraq. He had sky-high popularity numbers after 9/11, over 60% approval through 2002.

    What are Golden Boy’s approval ratings right now?


    I gotta go with Andrew’s 100%/435 sweep. 🙂

    Andy Brown

    “The Revolution has just begun.”

    Yes, but it’s not the revolution you’re thinking about, ace. It’s not fake news that GOP Representatives are having a rough go at their town halls because their base voters are about ready to have a cow. If the election were held today, GOP losses in both houses would be large but it is too early to predict anything. drumpf’s approval ratings are low and falling.
    Oh, that’s right, fake polls. Hey look, Vern, you spout the party talking points until you are blue in the face – no one here buys it. You shouldn’t either.



    In November, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) won reelection to one of the most Republican districts in the nation, with 73 percent of the vote.

    On Thursday night, he found himself facing a very different picture. Thousands of people crowded in and outside of what was supposed to be a run-of-the-mill town hall in Utah to boo him and chant, “You work for us” and “Do your job!” Reporters heard those who couldn’t get into the 1,080-person auditorium yelling: “Bring him out!”


    More than seven years after angry anti-Obamacare town halls erupted across the country, raw emotions are boiling over again — this time, as the Republican Party under President Donald Trump gears up to dismantle Barack Obama’s legacy.

    And the fury is flaring up in some of most conservative corners of the country.
    On Thursday night, two Republican members of Congress — Reps. Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Diane Black of Tennessee — were each confronted with impassioned constituents during simultaneous events. The shouted questions, emotional pleas and raucous protesters of the evening crystalized the GOP’s tough political road ahead as it forges ahead with rolling back Obama’s accomplishments, including the Affordable Care Act.


    Staff inside the White House are making outbound calls to reporters to report the chaos in the West Wing.


    Your golden boy-president is walking the halls of the White House in his bathrobe wondering WTF is going on. He won’t last four years without a lobotomy.

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