WA leads appeal on Trump ban

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    Washington State leads push to repeal Trump ban on Islamic travelers.


    Trump says they can’t do it. Wrong. Appeal coming from the feds. Circuit court next, Supreme Court possible. Good going Washington State!

    Andy Brown

    The judge issuing the temporary restraining order is a Republican appointed by Dubya. This takes away the first alternative fact that this is a result of a lefty judge legislating from the bench. Also, it shows that the judge believes the case has a high probability of prevailing in court, which is a requirement to grant the TRO.


    The 9th circuit arguments are done…lasted about an hour and the audio was broadcast on CNN, but not on Fox. Decision to come anytime but likely tomorrow or Thursday on this emergency stay.


    It did not appear that the 9th Circuit Court found the government’s reasoning to be particularly sound.

    The government’s argument basically came down to, because we said so/Trump fancies himself an autocrat, and/or, the states don’t have standing to challenge this in spite of the fact they’re able to provide proof of harm. The second point of which will likely negate the first.

    Amateur hour, thy name is Drumpf.


    Question for any/all conservatives: If you considered Obama’s actions as president to be tyrannical, why not Trump’s?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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