VW Chattanooga workers again reject UAW representation

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    I have nothing to add to this except I find it fascinating in a Mr. Spock raised eyebrow way. Perhaps noteworthy, VWoA recently announced expansion plans for Chattanooga to build new EVs coming soon from VW, adding up to 1000 new jobs.

    For those who don’t know, VW workers are unionized worldwide, with the exception of China and the US. VW corporate is not anti-union at all.


    Volkswagen workers in Tennessee have voted against joining the United Auto Workers, sending a strong rebuke to the country’s largest industrial union.

    Employees voted 833 to 776 to reject unionization, amid concerns that unionization could temper the German automaker’s interest in Tennessee, according to the automaker. Volkswagen employs about 1,700 workers and 3,200 temporary workers at its Chattanooga plant.

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